20 Best Places That Hire You at 15 Years Old or Less

If you’re under 16, finding a job can be difficult. You don’t want to be thrown in at the deep end with no training or experience, so it’s important to start early and get some work experience before you apply for positions at other companies.

No matter how old we get, there always seems to be something new waiting around every corner. Let us indulge you in the 20 best places that hire you at 15 years old or less

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Best Places That Hire You at 15 Years Old or Less

As much as it may sound like a daunting task, finding a job when you’re under 16 may be challenging, but it can be done. You’ll need to research and ask your parents or guardians for help if they cannot consent. 

If they are comfortable allowing their child to work and helping with the process, this should go smoothly enough. Here are 20 places where employers hire 15-year-olds or younger:

1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, a global pizza delivery company, is among the best places to work at 15 years old or less. They have a training program that teaches you how to make pizzas and deliver them in your area. You can also learn how to take orders and make salads in this program too. 

Pizza Hut has many jobs available for those looking for flexible hours and works within the public eye (i.e., not behind closed doors).

2. Walmart

Walmart is a great place to work, and it’s no surprise that the retailer hires 15-year-olds. Walmart has one of the highest hiring rates for people under 18 in America. Suppose you’re looking for an opportunity with flexible hours or even just a chance to start your career at one of the biggest companies in America. This could be it.

If you’re ready for some excitement in your life and want something new after high school graduation (or maybe even before), consider applying at Walmart. 

3. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in chicken sandwiches. As of 2018, it is the largest fast-food chicken restaurant chain in the United States and has over 1600 locations across 46 states. Chick-fil-A’s corporate culture is based on Christian values, which include being polite to customers and coworkers.

Chick-fil-A does not allow its employees to work on Sundays due to religious beliefs; however, any employee who chooses can choose not to work that day instead of making up hours lost from other days during their shift if they wish (i.e., if you want off because it’s your birthday).

4. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a great place to start your career in food service. They have a great training program and have been hiring 15-year-olds all over the country for years.

If you’re looking for more than minimum wage and part-time work, then Mcdonald’s might be the best fit. 

5. Bob Evans

Bob Evans is a family-style restaurant chain that was founded in 1948 by Bob Evans. Today, the company has over 500 restaurants and 12,000 employees worldwide.

The first location opened in Columbus, Ohio, in 1949. Since then, Bob Evans has expanded across the country to become one of America’s largest casual dining chains, with more than 1 million guests served every day at their restaurants across the United States and Canada.

6. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a Mexican-style fast food chain based in Irvine, California. The company has over 6,000 restaurants in the United States and over 350 franchisee-owned restaurants as well.

Taco Bell hiring at 15 years old or less includes being able to work at any of these locations:

  • Taco Bell on College Ave in Northridge, CA.
  • Taco Bell on Van Nuys Blvd just off I-10 near Burbank, CA.

7. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a fast-food restaurant chain known for its square hamburgers. It was established in 1969 by Thomas Dave, who is also the founder of Arby’s, which he started with $2,000 and a roadside stand in Columbus, Ohio.

The company’s headquarters are based in Dublin, Ohio. However, it has many stores throughout the United States and international locations, including Australia and Canada.

8. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in tacos and burritos. Steve Ells founded it in 1993, and the first restaurant opened in Denver, Colorado. The company has grown to have over 2,600 destinations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The menu features a broad selection of items, including burritos (including vegetarian options), quesadillas, salads, and nachos. Customers can customize their meals with different ingredients, such as cheese or meat.

9. Denny’s

Denny’s is an excellent option for those looking for a place to work. The company has a training program that allows teens to learn more about the restaurant industry and get hired at 15 years old or less.

Denny’s offers positions across all levels of management, including management traineeships and hourly positions in restaurants.

They also have several other opportunities available, including Assistant Manager. This position requires experience working with customers through guest services; it pays $15 per hour plus bonuses based on performance (up to $500). You must be below 18 years old with no criminal record or drug-related offenses within the past five years. 

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10. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is a great workplace because it offers employee benefits. Their employees receive free ice cream, and their managers get paid well. There are also opportunities for advancement within the company, including becoming an owner or executive director.

Ben & Jerry’s hires people at all stages of their careers — from teens who have always wanted to be scoopers, through college students looking for summer jobs, right up through retired folks who want a little extra spending money each month without having to go back into retirement mode again after reaching age 65 (which means no Social Security checks). You can apply online here or call them at 1-800-BENJAMINANDJERRY’S.

11. Long John Silvers

Long John Silvers is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States and Canada. You can work as an assistant manager, cook, or cashier at Long John Silvers. The age requirements for these positions are 16 to 23 years old.

The pay rate for these jobs is $8.25 an hour plus tips if you’re working on Sundays or holidays; however, some cities have different minimum hourly rates depending on where you live or work (i.e., New York City).

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12. The Home Depot

The Home Depot is an amazing place to work if you’re looking for an entry-level job. It has many different positions available, including:

  • Cashier
  • Stocker (selling items)
  • Order selector (helping customers find the right products)

The company also offers training and career development opportunities through its PeopleMatter program, which gives high school students a chance to earn college credit while working at The Home Depot.

13. Panera Bread Company

Panera Bread Company, an employee-owned national chain with more than 2,000 locations across the U.S., has a program that allows high school students to work part-time while in school.

The company also offers college students opportunities to gain experience working at Panera and possibly earn money for their tuition after graduation. Adults can also apply for positions at Panera and have been hired as recently as age 15.

The average age of employees is 29 years old, so if you’re looking for a job that will give you valuable experience but doesn’t require much education beyond high school requirements (or if your goals are more focused on getting into medical school), this could be an excellent place for you. 

14. The UPS Store (UPS)

The UPS Store is a franchise establishment, which means you can work at one of the company’s more than 10,000 locations across the country. This could be your best option if you are searching for a job that pays well and offers flexible hours.

The UPS Store hires individuals who are 15 years old or older (or have passed their 16th birthday) as full-time employees. They also hire individuals who are 17 years old as full-time employees but only if they’ve completed high school and college courses leading up to graduation from high school or GED programs. The company does not offer paid internships; however, it does allow entry-level positions with stipulations such as passing drug tests before starting work each day at any given location.

15. Dairy Queen International (DQ)

You’ll find Dairy Queen restaurants all over the United States, with more than 5,800 locations. They’re open year-round and serve ice cream cones, frozen custard, and other treats you can’t get elsewhere.

16. Office Depot (ODP)

Office Depot (ODP) is a great place to work at 15 years old or less. They have programs that allow you to get your education paid for and even give you scholarships!

The office depot foundation provides funding for college scholarships in addition to providing funding for high school students who need help paying for their tuition.

17. Burger King (BKC)

Burger King is a wonderful fast-food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1953, and there are over 13,000 locations in 80 countries today.

Burger King is owned by Restaurant Brands International (RBI), which also owns Tim Hortons and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. RBI also has a joint venture with 3G Capital to develop new concepts under the name Restaurant Brands International.

18. CVS Pharmacy (CVS)

CVS Pharmacy is a great place to work if you’re under 16. With over 9,000 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, one will surely be near where you live. 

CVS offers many different types of jobs that are ideal for teens who want to get their hands dirty while making money. If working in retail isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of opportunities at their call center or IT department.

Additionally, CVS offers benefits such as health insurance coverage and tuition reimbursement programs which means no matter what path your career takes after high school (or even before), this company will have your back when it comes time for college applications or getting ready for life after graduation.

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19. Gap Inc. (GPS)

Gap Inc. (GPS) is a multi-brand American multinational retailer specializing in casual clothing, accessories, and activewear for young adults.

The company operates over 3,500 stores in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher in 1969 as Gap, Inc., with its headquarters located at San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria until 2004, when it moved to Redwood City.

20. Baskin Robbins

If you’re looking for a job at Baskin Robbins, they’ll hire people as early as 14 years old. Their minimum age is 15, and they will hire you even if your birthday is after that.

You must be able to work weekends and nights, but there are no other requirements besides passing a drug test and getting background checks done by the police department in your area.


Hiring someone who’s 15 years old or younger is a difficult task. But it can be done, and it’s not impossible to find employment at this young age.

We hope our list has provided you with some ideas on where to look for jobs that would suit someone your age. If we missed other companies, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments section below.

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