Top 15 Jobs for 17-Year-Olds That Pay Well

Frankly, searching for jobs for 17-years-olds that pay well sounds laughable. 

But is it possible?

Yes! Actually, in a world where services and competence are above credentials, it is possible to find a job for 17-years-olds that pays well.

Some jobs are off age limits and do not demand a college degree.

The only challenge they might have would be planning a good schedule to accommodate their educational activities and work time.

Let us consider some of the top 15 jobs for 17-Year-Olds that pay well.

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Jobs For 17-Year-Olds That Pay Well

There are many jobs for 17-Year-Olds, but everyone, including kids, wants a job that pays well. Here are jobs for 17-Year-Olds that pay well:

1. Nannies

Nannies are responsible for keeping the playground and cafeteria clean and putting the children to bed late at night.

The nanny’s primary responsibilities include bathing and dressing the children, feeding them by preparing meals, helping with homework when needed, and keeping them busy with games.

The average nanny’s salary is $20.97 per hour.

2. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a freelance job where you have control over your schedule.

They earn around $25.13 an hour.

If you enjoy spending time on different platforms while learning new ones as they come out, a job as a social media manager can be a great option.

During the day, you would create content, schedule posts, respond to comments, and handle other similar duties.

3. Lifeguard

A lifeguard must be an excellent swimmer.

A lifeguard works near a natural or artificial body of water, such as a swimming pool or the ocean.

They are responsible for monitoring the area for signs of danger, responding to calls for help, rescuing swimmers, following safety rules and regulations around the swimming facility, assisting in providing swimming lessons, and providing first aid.

The average lifeguard salary is $13.78 per hour.

4. Youth Sports Referee

A youth sports referee keeps track of start and finish times, ensures that all players follow the game’s rules, awards penalties when necessary, conducts matches, and inspects team equipment.

He also oversees games between sports teams in a youth league, usually at the high school level.

The average youth sports referee’s salary is $17.14 per hour.

5. Actor

Actors read scripts and interpret them to play a particular character.

If you enjoy acting and have participated in school or local theater productions, you may want to consider paid acting roles.

An actor portrays a specific role in a movie, television show, play, or commercial.

They have to study their lines and take cues from the director.

The average salary for an actor is $14.97 per hour.

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6. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselors earn around $24.00 per hour, ensuring younger children stay safe and involved.

You can help them with crafts, teach them fun skills, or take them through sporting events.

There may be other duties such as assisting with cooking and cleaning.

As more opportunities in this category are available during the summer, you can also find positions during holidays.

Day camps operate on holidays and teacher work days, ensuring that children are safe when their parents are working.

Some camp counselor jobs include staying overnight on site. 

7. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers earn around $32.27 an hour, all while having a lot of control over their work schedules.

You can advertise your works on social media or use other proactive approaches to find clients.

Many companies need Freelance writers to create a blog and social media posts or similar content.

If their target audience is kids, they may be willing to work with someone under 18 who can speak to their market.

8. Tutor

If you know a specific subject at school, tutoring in that subject may be a good job option for you.

A tutor will prepare a tutoring schedule to help your students succeed academically.

A tutor is responsible for teaching and helping students with their studies outside regular school hours.

They are responsible for checking their performance in class, handing out assignments, pointing out problem areas, and developing strategies to work on.

The average tutor’s salary is $24.79 per hour.

9. Customer Service Rep

A customer service representative earns around $17.23 per hour.

The work tends to be straightforward, and you have a set process to follow, so it’s easy to learn.

They provide direct customer assistance, usually over the phone, chat software, or email.

As a customer service representative, you deal primarily with incoming contacts who need some help.

For example, they may have questions about their account, an order, or a product your employer sells.

10. Cashier

A cashier checks prices, bags items, validates coupons or gift cards, takes cash or processes card payments, and dispenses change when needed.

The average cashier’s salary is $12.98 per hour.

11. Server

The server clears the tables after the customer has finished and resets the space for new guests. They can also help clean up the restaurant at the end of the day.

Servers work in restaurants and fast food establishments.

They take orders from customers, communicate those orders to the kitchen, deliver prepared food to customers, refill drinks and collect payments.

The average server salary is $15.21 per hour.

12. Automotive Technician

An automotive technician is a great job to pursue if you have experience working on cars in your spare time.

They also perform maintenance tasks and diagnostic tests.

Other duties include conducting test drives, vehicle safety inspections, and maintaining accurate customer records.

An automotive technician is responsible for repairing automotive machinery such as automobiles.

The average salary for an automotive technician is $23.01 per hour.

13. Delivery Service Driver

A delivery driver’s responsibilities include checking orders before and after delivery, accepting payments, providing excellent customer service, handling complaints, and maintaining delivery-related documentation such as receipts, delivery notes, and more.

The delivery driver delivers orders to customers, including fast food or retail orders.

The average pay for a delivery driver is $17.68 per hour.

14. Dog Walker

If you love animals, this can be an easy and rewarding job.

You can post on social media to let people in your area know you are looking for work.

The dog walker is responsible for walking other people’s dogs.

These walks help exercise dogs, especially when their owners don’t have time to walk them.

The average salary for a dog walker is $17.13 an hour.

15. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters take sick animals to the vet if necessary.

They are responsible for feeding the pets, walking them, and keeping their living quarters clean.

A pet sitter looks after animals – primarily dogs – while their owners are away.

The average security guard’s salary is $13.52 per hour.

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From getting savings, purchasing an item, paying college fees, and saving for an event or a particular person, there are many reasons 17-Year-Olds would want a job that pays well.

Some jobs that pay well also can help you start a career early, while others can be good ways to enter the workforce for the first time.

It is essential to consider which job best meets your needs and explore opportunities in your area.

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