Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria

Writers who work for themselves are known as freelancers. There are freelance writing jobs in Nigeria where writers can write for just one magazine, or more frequently, they will write simultaneously for numerous.

A writer is more likely to be published and compensated for their work if they are more diversified.

If you’re wondering if you really need to have a certain set of credentials in order to launch a freelancing job, the answer is no! Without any professional training, you can begin a freelance writing business.

There are numerous strategies to hone these abilities so that you can land high-paying jobs. The first is through working hard and practicing; the more you deal with clients, the better you will be able to comprehend the kind of writing they need.

However, there are additional techniques to improve your abilities as a freelance writer, including:

  • taking classes on writing online
  • reading blogs related to your industry
  • launching a blog experimenting with your revelation rate
  • reading books on the subject
  • studying other writers’ writing styles
  • joining a community of independent /freelance writers
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If you’re considering freelancing, and have some reservations on doubts? Here are some reasons you need to start freelancing now.

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Some Benefits Of Freelancing

Being a freelancer does require some self-reliance because there is no regular monthly salary, sick pay, or holiday pay to rely on. 

As a result, I’d advise against freelance alone; instead, combine it with other important jobs. It can only be an additional source of cash for you.

However, there are tremendous advantages for every writer who has the courage to work alone. They:

1. Can Set Their Own Hours, Choose Who To Work With, And Leave The Traditional 9 To 5 Job Behind.

One of the best things about freelancing is that you have complete discretion over who you choose to work with. It differs from typical 9-to-5 employment where you are compelled to work for one employer and are unable to pick your coworkers.

Even though they don’t have actual coworkers, freelance writers have complete discretion over who they choose to collaborate with.

If a client doesn’t have the money to pay them or they aren’t interested in writing for them, they can decide to reject them. With full-time work, that is not feasible.

2. Use Their Home As Their Office

Do not need to commute to work every day because the majority of independent authors utilize space in their house as an office.

individuals customize their working environment to suit their needs with features like ergonomic chairs and daylight simulation bulbs that are likely unavailable in a typical office.

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3. Can Take Vacations However And Whenever

As a freelancer, you can travel and explore without taking permission from anyone. You don’t need to plan a vacation with co-workers and have to put up with a lot of things.

4. Can Pick The Number Of Hours They’d like To Work Each Week – Flexible Routine

Your schedule is relatively flexible as you work freelance.

A freelance writer’s schedule is adaptable because they have complete control over who they work for.

When you ask a freelance writer why they left their employment to work for themselves, “flexibility” will likely be near the top of their list.

The final product is what clients pay freelancers for. They can choose to take the day off and make up the time at 11 p.m. if they’d like, which means their job is entirely flexible.

Because of this, many people find that working as a freelance writer is an excellent career choice, especially for those who have young children and need to be available for other vital commitments. 

The client doesn’t care when (or what time of day) you completed the work as long as it was completed on schedule and to a high standard.

Major Duties Of A Freelance Writer

Have you ever wondered what a freelance writer does on a daily basis? The kind of firm you’re writing for will determine this.

To give you an idea of what a freelance writer does on a general basis, aside from content writing, here are some other things a freelance writer can do.

  • Find new customers
  • Networking
  • answering client calls
  • obtaining quotes through interviews
  • Researching
  • Making content changes and updates and sending invoices (and chasing payments)
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5 Major Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria

1. Content Writing/Writer

The process of developing, creating, and editing web material is known as content writing, and it is often done for digital marketing goals.

Creating content for certain platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit can also include authoring blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, and content for blogs and websites.

The majority of people simply think of “content writing” as “writing articles.” But it involves more. Writing content is crucial for more than simply blog articles, though.

Almost all of the content you post on your social media starts with writing.

content writing is crucial for all kinds of content formats, including:

  • YouTube scripts
  • email bulletins
  • Keynote addresses
  • posts on social media
  • Names of podcasts
  • White papers
  • Web content
  • Landing pages
  • YouTube video descriptions

2. Business Writer/Writing

A kind of Writing that is employed in a professional setting is known as business writing. It is an intentional piece of writing that effectively, succinctly, and clearly conveys pertinent information to the reader.

Client proposals, reports, notes, emails, and notices are all included in this kind of writing.

Effective communication in the workplace depends on having strong business writing skills.

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3. Digital News Writer

Our world has totally gone digital and you would agree with me that lots of people don’t actually read the newspapers anymore, because with our mobile phones we can receive loads of information online. That’s what digital news writing is all about

It is a modern style of writing in which, as opposed to print or broadcast publishing, editorial information is disseminated online.

Digital media technology is used to present and distribute journalism’s main output, news, and features on current events, whether alone or in combination with audio, video, or certain interactive formats like scroll-telling stories or news games.

4. Finance Content Writer

An inbound marketing solution for banking organizations specifically, who can have restrictions on the marketing tactics they are allowed to employ.

When firms develop content, they are delivering free and advantageous information to their audience, drawing newer clients to the website, and maintaining existing ones through first engagement.

Conclusion – Some Advice For Intending Freelancers

Thinking of going into freelancing, the tips and information in this article are definitely all you need.

While freelance writing has lots of Unique benefits, I’d advise that you keep improving yourself if you want to attract high-paying gigs.

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