Top Best Overnight Shift Jobs

There are many different types of jobs available for people who prefer overnight shifts.

If you are a parent who wants to reduce the cost of child care, a student studying during the day, someone in need of extra money, or someone very productive at night like a ‘night owl,’ this article about the top best overnight shift jobs will be great for you.

Of course, the job you deserve depends on your skills, interests, education, training, and prior experience. Some of the activities below do not require much expertise. For some, like an emergency room doctor, you will need specialized training and advanced qualifications.

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Top Best Overnight Jobs

Here is a summary of some available positions for employees looking for overnight shift jobs. If you are looking for a part-time or weekend job, there are plenty of options to consider.

Remember that your working hours may vary depending on your employer and the type of position you hold.

Medical Assistant

Paramedics evaluate patients’ symptoms, adjust medications, and perform procedures. They also consult with doctors and specialists to adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Career Requirements: They must complete an undergraduate degree in science and have a master’s degree in an accredited doctoral assistant program.

Salary: According to BLS, medical assistants receive an average annual salary of $ 112,260.

A Policeman

Policemen can work shifts night and day. They patrol the streets and surrounding areas and respond to accidents, crime, and other emergencies.

The police must understand and apply the law in changing circumstances through perception and empathy.

They maintain relationships with community members in their area to help prevent crime and protect leads when investigating crime.

Career Requirements: Police require at least a high school diploma. College work in law or criminal justice is useful and necessary for the federal government and other regional or municipal positions.

Salary: According to BLS, police earn an average annual salary of $ 65,170.

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Emergency Room Physician

The night is a very busy time for emergency rooms, so there is an urgent need for doctors to work overnight shifts.

The emergency room doctors must immediately diagnose and prioritize a wide range of diseases and injuries. They should determine what tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis and refer them to a specialist as needed.

Career Requirements: Emergency room doctors must complete a medical degree and meet the requirements for licenses in their province. They must also be familiar with the rules of the emergency room.

Salary: According to Salary.com, emergency room doctors receive an average annual salary of $ 292,645.

Air Traffic Personnel

Air traffic personnel operate at all hours at the airport, including evenings and weekends. They monitor ground traffic and the airport area. Air traffic controllers consult with flight attendants about the correct and appropriate routes for departure.

Some controllers monitor flights on routes from one airport to another. Notify pilots of weather and airport conditions and closures.

There are also some great airport activities with changing hours.

Job Requirements: Air traffic personnel should generally have a bachelor’s degree and complete a Federal Aviation Administration training program that includes aviation regulations, weather, permit, map reading, and similar topics.

Salary: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), air traffic controllers receive an average annual salary of $ 122,990.


Firefighters should always be available to respond to fires and related emergencies. Most firefighters work 24 hours daily, so they should be ready for daily and night emergencies.

They inspect and repair equipment and perform exercises to prepare for emergencies in various locations. Firefighters should be prepared to take dangerous assignments and risk even injury and death.

Career Requirements: A high school diploma is required to become a firefighter. Some are trained at fire training centers, and others are on-the-job training. Many firefighters are completing EMT training again.

Salary: BLS reports that firefighters receive an average annual salary of $ 50,850.

Paramedic / EMT

Emergency services, paramedics, and EMTs staff emergency medical services work day and night. They respond to emergencies and assess the condition of sick and injured patients.

They provide emergency care and consult a doctor at a time about complex cases. EMTs transport patients safely to health care facilities as needed.

Career Requirements: Paramedics and EMTs complete second-degree programs in emergency medical technology, and some paramedics need an associate degree. High-level paramedics are completing programs that require 1,200 hours of training.

Salary: According to BLS, paramedics and EMTs receive an average annual salary of $ 35,400.

The Security Guard

Night patrol guards are tasked with patrolling all hours of the day and night. The guards must protect the buildings where they work and monitor what is happening.

They inspect visitors and ensure that hazardous substances are not allowed in the facilities. Security guards monitor the visual activity of the work, arrest violators, and record reports of violations.

Career Requirements: Guards usually have a high school diploma, and managers often have associate or bachelor’s degrees as well as legal or criminal justice work. Retired law enforcement professionals often take up positions in the security sector.

Salary: According to BLS, security guards receive an average annual salary of $ 29,680.

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Medical Sonographer

Ultrasound specialists and other medical imaging specialists interpret doctors’ instructions and use imaging equipment to determine the type and extent of injury, disease, and abnormalities.

Career Requirements: Medical sonographers must complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree with the coursework of anatomy, medical terms, and applied science and must have clinical knowledge in the imaging field.

Most employers select candidates who have been approved by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Salary: According to BLS, medical sonographers receive an average annual salary of $ 68,750.

Registered Nurse

Nurses can usually work when and where they desire, and an overnight shift is usually an option. They must be patient and compassionate in helping people who are often depressed and difficult to manage.

Good judgment is needed when deciding whether to call on other healthcare professionals based on emerging symptoms.

There are also non-nursing jobs that you may want to consider if you are interested in changing careers.

Career Requirements: Registered nurses must complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing school or college, including courses in anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, and behavioral science. Further study is needed to keep up with current health issues and procedures.

Salary: BLS reports that registered nurses receive an average annual salary of $ 73,300.

Taxi Driver/Ridesharing

There are many opportunities for drivers to transport people from airports, bars, and restaurants. Ridesharing service drivers are always rated by customers based on the quality of their interaction with passengers and the level of customer service.

Job Requirements: Drivers are tested for their driving skills and history and must have clean records to be employed. They need a valid driver’s license and, in some cases, a special license. There are also minimal insurance requirements.

Salary: According to the BLS, taxi and passenger drivers receive an average annual salary of $ 25,980.


This article has highlighted the top best overnight shift jobs, the job requirements, and possible average earnings. We hope this article will prove helpful if you are interested in any job listing above.

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