What overnight job pays the most? 

There have been different reasons why people look for a night job rather than working during the day.

It may be because they need to take of their kids during the day, a student who wants to work and also study and feels taking the night shifts is a better option to enable him or her to attend classes

during the day, someone who needs additional income may want work also at night so as make extra income or a person feels he is not productive during the day but only at night.

Most overnight jobs don’t require much experience, all you need is just to know the right kind of job for your skill. Just like any other job in the daytime the night job may require you to have the skill suitable for the job.

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Here is a list of overnight jobs that will excite you, the average annual pay or per hour pay, and the job requirements.

  • Registered Nurse: The health profession is very delicate and as such proper attention is paid to the sector.

As a registered nurse, you have the liberty to work when you work and where you will work. There is an option to choose when to work which is either during the day or during the night.

The night is usually the best because you have time to do whatever you want and work only at night.

As a nurse who works at night, you must be sensitive and have the patience to handle individually distressed and difficult ailments.

  • Job Requirements: Registered nurses must complete either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a nursing school or college. Also, constant training and retraining are required to keep up with the latest nursing issues and practices.

Salary: The annual average salary of a nurse is $73,300. Mouthwatering isn’t it

  • Police Officers: The night shift for the police is the most delicate because a lot of robberies, accidents, and a host of other emergencies happen during the night. They respond to distress calls, respond to accidents, and do a patrol the highways. Police officers must understand and apply the laws regarding each situation and be sensitive so as not to be caught off guard. They must maintain good relationships with the community where they are assigned to gain trust in case investigations.

Job Requirements: As a police officer you must have a high school diploma. Knowledgeable in the law of criminal justice.

Salary: Police officers earn an average of $65,170 annually.

  • Firefighters: They most often run a 24hour service and night shifts are very important in their profession. They must be ready to attend to all emergency calls within their jurisdiction. They test their equipment and run maintenance tests on them. They must be ready to undertake dangerous assignments and take risks. Fire accidents are most dangerous at night because people have slept and might be unaware of what is happening. This makes the night job riskier and as such attaches a higher price.

Job Requirements: A firefighter should have a high school diploma and you can attend a fire training academy to become a firefighter and you can learn on the job.

Salary:  The average salary of a firefighter is $50.850.

  • Security Guard: This job comes with a high level of responsibility because if any happens within the area you are to secure, you will be held accountable. As a security guard, you are to be vigilant, especially at night when strange movement happens. The security guard must screen visitors going in and out of premises. They take records of visitors and also check for dangerous materials and they also give reports when there is a violation of rules by visitors.

Job Requirements: A security guard should have a high school diploma and supervisors should have bachelor’s degrees in law enforcement or criminal justice or another related field.

Salary:  A security earns an average of $29.680 per year.

  • Residential Counselor: Residential counselors supervise troubled young people, persons with special needs, substance abusers, and others who require monitoring and support in overnight facilities such as group homes. They observe behavior and report changes or concerns to professional staff. They also model appropriate communication, intercede to diffuse conflicts and provide emotional support. They carry out a mentorship program for young people and they also help with the rehabilitation of teens who are crime driven. They are available even at night because busy people during the day cannot come so they would have to work the night shift to accommodate those sets of persons.

Job Requirements: Must have a high school diploma and a strong level of interpersonal communication skills. You must also be knowledgeable in Psychology.

Salary: A residential counselor earns up to an average of $38.551 per anum

  • Truck Driver:  This is another delicate work and requires risk-taking. Most truck drivers operate at night because the road has become free by then and there would be nothing delaying them from reaching their destination on time.

Another reason why most truck drivers prefer the night is that the day is used for loading goods and they use that opportunity to rest and prepare for work at night.

Job Requirements: A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a driver’s license required to operate large, heavy, or placarded hazardous material vehicles in commerce, including trucks, buses, and trailers. Also, experience is important in this job because you must know how to navigate through the cities and know possible short routes to your destination.

Salary: A truck driver you could end up earning $45,260 a year, making this one of the more lucrative night jobs around.

  • Correctional Officer: If you live near a jail or prison, you might be able to find overnight shift jobs as a correctional officer. These security professionals ensure that those who are incarcerated are following rules and maintaining safety standards, something that has to happen all day and all night. As a correctional officer, you are in charge of inmates’ safety and you are to make sure there are kept in check so as not to pick up fights with fellow inmates and prompt a riot within the prison environment.

Job Requirements: A high school diploma is required as well as undergoing some training before you are employed.

Salary: The average salary of a correctional officer is about $45.300 yearly plus other bonuses that you earn.

Conclusively, if you are looking for an overnight job, you may have to consider your qualification and the skill you have and any of the above-listed jobs can help.

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