How To Survive A 60-Hour Work Week Without Going Insane

Working long hours week in week out is not something new. Most times people find themselves working long hours occasionally, maybe due to the many responsibilities surrounding the person.

If you find yourself in that category know that it can affect you both mentally and physically. Aside from that, your productivity level begins to go down gradually.

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That notwithstanding there are things you can do that will relieve you of the pressure.

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Jobs That Requires 60-hour workweek

Some jobs can drive someone crazy, those types of jobs are time-consuming, strenuous, and often require your physical presence.

The good thing about this kind of job is that it pays you well that you may not even care about the stress you go through.

Here are a few jobs that have 60-hour workweek:

  • Farming: Farming is one of the most tedious jobs, you have to put in a lot of effort if you want a good harvest. Farmers can go into livestock farming, where you have to rear livestock such as pigs, sheep, and cattle. A farmer can also decide to cultivate crops such as cassava, yam, cone, and a whole lot of others. Also, a farmer is tasked with many responsibilities such as maintaining the farm, building the fence, maintenance of farming implements, operating and maintaining farm machinery, maintaining records of production, and keeping the farming environment clean.
  • Firefighters: They run a 24-hour service, this kind of job leaves you with little or no time for yourself. A firefighter extinguishes fire and also carries out fire prevention training. They administer first aid treatment to injured people from the fire accident. They carry out a routine check on public properties to ensure all the safety measures are adhered to.

Other duties of a firefighter are driving a fire truck, maintenance of fire tools and equipment, outreach programs to teach about first aid and fire prevention measures.

  • General Manager: The job of a general manager is quite demanding, he/she has to handle the day-to-day activities of the company and also handle finances. They are like a link between the staff and the upper management because they do a daily report of the organization’s activities, and they also assist in the recruitment process of the organization.
  • Truck Driver: A truck driver is always busy, he is always on the road. The primary responsibility of a truck driver is to deliver goods with a truck, which can be either livestock or food. The truck driving job is one of the riskiest jobs out there, why because you drive all day and even at night.
  • Production Manager: A production manager is responsible for the quality of goods or services. He/she is held accountable for any decline in production. That’s why they ensure there is proper monitoring in the production process as well as efficiency in the production equipment.
  • Chief Executive Officer: As the position is high so is the responsibility. The chief executive officer acts as the head of the company and his/her primary duties are creating and implementing business strategies, formulation of good policies that will help the organization achieve its goals and objectives. They work hand in hand with the managers in overseeing the company’s budget and managing the company’s operations.

Benefits of 60hour work week

There is always a better side to everything in life and a 60hour workweek is one with such benefits. The benefits are explained below

More Money: Working extra hours brings more for you. When you have a lot of money coming in, you need not worry about the expenses and responsibilities.

You pay your bills and still have extra cash to spare, you can either invest it or stash it in the bank.

Productivity: When you engage in extra hours of work, it yields results for you. Output becomes massive as your level of productivity increases, this is due to the long hours you dedicated to your work. All those long hours you put into your work are no waste of time because you stand a big chance of reaping big.

It’s better than having a second job: When you have a second job your attention is divided and you wouldn’t know which one to focus on, this reduces your productivity level.

But when you are focused and dedicated to your current job you see yourself excelling. Sticking to your current job makes it easy for you in the sense that you become better at what you do and you will be known for it.

It can help you advance in your career: Long hours of work require a high level of consistency and dedication, use it to your advantage, impress your boss and your promotion is closer to you than you think.

Helps you gain experience: Experience doesn’t come in a day, it requires one’s dedication to his work to gather a wealth of experience.

When you gather experience, you become an expert in your field which makes you an asset to the organization.

You cannot be laid off like others: What organizations are looking for is people who can be productive and useful to them.

When you commit yourself to long hours of work you become a professional at what you do, by doing you have stamped your feet in your organization, and the organization cannot let you go at any price.

Disadvantages of 60hours work week

Most times people work without taking cognizance of the risk involved.

Whether you are working for the money on working based on instructions from your superior you have to know the consequences of overstretching yourself.

Below are some disadvantages to consider

Gives you Little or no time: a 60-hour workweek eats deep into your time without you even knowing, you may say you enjoy what you do but the question is do you have time for yourself first, not to think of others around you.

This may, in turn, affect your relationship with people as you no longer have time to relate with them.

It causes dissatisfaction: Imagine you sitting in the office all alone trying to fix one or two things, with no one to talk to and this continues like this and it becomes a routine, you become bored.

From that point, dissatisfaction starts setting in and you begin to lose interest in your job.

It affects your mental wellbeing: When you strain yourself and you don’t rest, you begin to drain mentally and lose focus at work.

How to survive a 60hour workweek without Going Insane

For every problem, there is a solution. Have you found yourself in a tight work situation and you are looking for a way out, here are a few things you can do to relieve yourself of the pressure.

  • Take a break: When you see that your work schedule is becoming tight, all you have to do is take a few minutes off work, take a walk down the road, listen to music and relieve yourself from the pressure of work.
  • Take time to sleep: Sleep is very good for our mental well-being, an adult is expected to sleep for an average of 8hours at night. Do not work all through the night, find time to sleep so by the time you wake up, you become refreshed.
  • Regular Exercise: There are light exercises you can do when you want to free yourself from the pressure of work. You can do exercises like jogging, swimming, cycling, skipping, etc.
  • Recreational Activities: It’s not all about work all the time, you have to take some time off work. Visit places like the beach, cinema, zoo, etc. Make sure you have fun and forget about work for that period you will be out.
  • Avoid junk food:Most times people are so busy that they can’t make good food to eat, they end up eating junk. Avoid junk food like snacks and you will see the difference when you do.
  • Avoid Taking Caffeine and Soda: When people have something important they want to achieve and they begin to feel sleepy, they take things that would take the sleep away unknown to them that they are causing harm to themselves.
  • Keep One full Day Off Work: You must not work 7days a week, take a full day to rest, and spend time with your family and friends.
  • Prioritize your task: Make a proper schedule of all you need to achieve each day and work strictly with it. Arrange your schedule in order of importance so you don’t start doing things that are not necessary.
  • Drink Enough Water: It is important to stay hydrated not just for your body but also for your mind. Water helps the body to function properly, so you must take a water break. If you find water taste boring you can take the juice.
  • Manage your time: Time is important and as such whatever you are doing should be timed.

Conclusively, working extra hours is very good but you have to take cognizance of your health and well-being, do not be chasing after money, and lose your life in the process.

Always find time to rest and exercise regularly which keeps you physically fit.

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