Legal Administrative Assistant Job Description (2022).

Do you know how busy lawyers can get? They work so hard to defend their clients, give legal advice, and interpret the law.

This is why they need a legal administrator, but sadly not so many people are aware of the legal administrative assistant job description.

A lot of companies rely on the legal assistant to be in charge of administrative tasks to enable lawyers to concentrate on more complex legal proceedings.

You don’t need a law degree to be a legal assistant all you need is a bachelor’s degree, some managerial experience, and a passion for law.   

However, this article would take you through the duties, skills, and job descriptions of a legal administrator.

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Who Is A Legal Administrative Assistant?

A legal administrative assistant is a person who supports lawyers and paralegal firms to carry out the day-to-day office tasks. 

As a legal assistant, you would work in an office, courthouse, and any legal setting.

Your job description involves drifting legal paperwork and company document without supervision from anybody.

Furthermore, a legal assistant is also expected to enter data, proofread and conduct basic research about a case.

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Legal Administrative Assitant Job Description

This legal assistant job description outline is perfect for those looking forward to hiring a legal assistant or pursuing a career as a legal assistant.

The duties of a legal administrative assistant include:

  • One key legal administrative assistant job description is rendering support to lawyers in the office and ensuring that the affairs of your workplace run smoothly. 
  • Communicate effectively with your clients and other firms that you are in partnership with.
  • Offer administrative support to your employers and attend trials with them.
  • Another important legal administrative assistant job description is the preparation of case briefs, record deposits, interrogatories, and testimonies.
  • You are expected to Conduct research and investigations that are relevant to the cases your firm is handling.
  • You are expected to communicate with other legal administrative assistants daily.
  • Again you should have a little knowledge about the legal world and how it operates.

You should always jot down, and file correspondence and legal documents regularly.

  • You are expected to answer clients’ phone calls as well as answer the questions of those who are interested in your company.
  • Another important legal administrative assistant job description is maintaining your company’s contact list.
  • Furthermore, a legal administrative assistant is expected to monitor the schedules and the calendar of his/her employer, spot deadlines, and book an appointment with the boss for clients.
  • You should ensure that emails are conveyed to the appropriate personnel.
  • A legal assistant’s job description is making sure that notes are taken during meetings, creating a digital document, and ensuring that these meetings are scheduled at the appropriate time.
  • Maintenance of office equipment, resources, supplies, record, and other important needs of the company,  is another important duty that is drafted in a legal administrative assistant job description.

Now that you are aware of the legal assistant job description let’s take a look at who a legal practitioner is.

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Skills Needed To Be A Professional Legal Administrative Assitant.

As a legal administrative assistant, you must have the following, potential, aptitude, and skills to be a professional legal administrative assistant.

Let us check out some of these skills in the list below:

  • You must have strong communication skills. A legal assistant is expected to interact with clients and other firms daily. 
  • So if you know how to communicate with people, taking a career as a legal administrative assistant would be as easy as ABC.
  • Do you know how to use PC law? If yes, the knowledge of PC law would increase your chances of getting a job as a legal administrative assistant.  
  • You should have the ability to work in different environments, this is because you might have a case that would require you to travel or leave your place of residence.
  • The accomplishment of multiple tasks simultaneously and flexibility in carrying out your duties is one skill you need to have if you are looking forward to becoming a legal administrative assistant.
  • You must be a critical thinker. Since you have to conduct research, strong analytical and logical skills are required for a legal administrative assistant to carry out their duties effectively.
  • A legal assistant must be able to function both independently as well as working as a team with other people to accomplish a task.
  • A legal assistant must be computer literate. You should be able to use Microsoft office applications, outlook, and word packages.
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Legal Administrative Assistant Requirements

To be a professional legal assistant there are some qualifications that you need, keep reading this piece and find them out.

Qualified candidates should have the following:

  • You must have a work record and experience working as a legal secretary or legal assistant.
  • A legal assistant aspirant must be acquainted with the court system, ligation documents, procedures, protocols, and the law peculiar to the firm’s specialty.
  • You also know the regulation and laws guiding the affairs of the company you intend to work for.
  • Furthermore, you should be able to speak the prominent language of the country where your dream firm is located.
  • Being computer literate cannot be over emphasis. The world has gone digital, files and now stored as soft copies in a system rather than storing files in your office. If you know how to use a computer, finding a job as a legal assistant wouldn’t be a problem.
  • A legal administrative assistant should be aware of and understand the firm’s case management software.
  • Again, one of the legal administrative assistant job descriptions is solid organizational and secretarial skills.
  • At some point, the duties of a legal assistant might become overwhelming. At this point, you have to be able to work under pressure and multitask productively.
  • Finally, You must have a proof/ document to show that you completed your high school education or bachelor’s degree. 

This is the most important requirement if you are chasing a legal administrative assistant career.

  •  Most firms also require you to have a certified program in office administration and management.


I’m convinced that you are now aware of the legal administrative assistant job description.

Use this piece to encourage yourself as you walk through your career path of becoming a professional legal administrative assistant.

Nonetheless, if you have any questions regarding this article please drop your comment in the comment section.

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