Help Desk Job Description Examples.

The cooperative world has remarkably raised the help desk position as an important aspect of a company, but unfortunately, most people are not aware of the help desk job description.

Fortunately for you, as you have come across this piece you would now be enlightened on everything you need to know about the position of a help desk operator. 

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Help Desk Job Description.

When it comes to running a company, its no doubt that the role of a help desk is very essential. 

Below is a list that showcases some of the help desk job descriptions.

  • One of the key help desk job descriptions is answering incoming customer calls in a very professional manner.
  • You should be able to respond to customers’ questions and concerns via email or any of the prescribed procedures.
  • You should be able able to analyze and resolve clients’ grievances.
  • Organization and maintenance of your company’s file system are one of the help desk job descriptions.
  • One of the most important help desk job descriptions is to have a working knowledge of products and services that the workplace offers.
  •   A help desk operative should be able to take note of the request of clients. These notes should be sent to your employer or supervisor. 
  •  Computer literacy is very important if you are searching for a help desk operator. A help desk operator should be able to maintain and set up computer equipment.
  • Another essential help desk job description is the performance of other duties assigned by your employer.

Now that you are aware of the help desk job description let’s take a look at what a help desk is.


What Is A Help Desk?

A help desk is a person or group of people that handle the inquiry and issues of IT users whenever they have a problem.

A help desk can be an individual that you can walk up to. It can also be a group of persons that handles customer query requests and issues online from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, knowing the help desk job discretion is not enough, there is also essential skill a help desk aspirant must have in other to succeed in this career.

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Key Skills And Competencies That Should Be Stated In A Help Desk Job Description.

To carry out your duties effectively as a help desk operator, you should demonstrate the following competencies and skills.

  • You should be open to other ideas and develop new strategies that would aid in the growth of your workplace. A help desk operator must give feedback to the company and also the clients.
  • Integrity is one key skill that is stated in the help desk job description. A help desk operator works with principle and integrity.
  •  Adherence to the rules, policies, and procedures of your workplace is an important role that is stated in a help desk job description.
  • As a help desk operator, you should be able to make decisions, carry out the right judgment, and include the right persons in your decision-making process.
  • During your interview session, your employer asked you if you can work under pressure right? A help desk operator is excepted to act well when under pressure. 

Customers can be overwhelming at times, during this period you shouldn’t overreact but rather be calm and keep a smiling face.

  • One skill a help desk operator should have is taking responsibility for his/her actions. Do not shift blames on people rather, you should look for solutions to solve any issue you may have.
  • Furthermore, another essential help desk job description is Treating your clients and employer with dignity and respect.
  • A help desk operator must Meet the standards and increase the productivity of your company.
  •  You should be ready at all times to improve and promote the quality of your company. 
  • Your company should be able to trust you in terms of properly handling their equipment and tools
  • Additionally, you must always be at work on time, you should be ready to dedicate your time and energy to the work, in other to reach your company’s goals at the appropriate time.
  • The company should be able to rely on you whenever you are called upon to give suggestions and advice on the issues of the company.
  • Evaluation of results is another important role that is stated in a help desk job description. You should be able to calculate, assess and monitor the transition.
  •  Looks for ways to improve and promote the output and service of the company towards their clients.
  •   Finally, you must be able to work with little or no supervision.
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Qualifications A Help Desk Operator Must Have.

To carry out this job effectively there are key qualifications a help desk operator must have.

The qualifications listed below are representative of the knowledge you would need to be a professional help desk operator.

1. Education and Experience: 

You must have a minimum of two years of experience in the field or must have worked as a customer care representative before.

2. Language Skills: 

Can a help desk operator perform his/her duties effectively without communicating properly?

Excellent customer service and good communication skills are one of the help desk job descriptions.

3. Reasoning Ability: 

As a help desk operator, you should be able to apply common sense when there is an issue on the ground and carry out the right decisions for your company.

Furthermore, you should know how to subtract, divide, and multiply. As well as having basic mathematical skills.

You should be able to deal with problems using sound judgment, without letting them escalate.

4. Computer Skills: 

Who is a help desk operator without computer skills?

You should be able to run Microsoft Office programs like excel, word, outlook, access, and PowerPoint effectively.

5. Physical Demands: 

The physical demands described here, are some of the important duties that must be met by a help desk operator.

While performing your duties you might be required to sit, walk, stand, and talk. Etc. the help desk operator might be asked to lift items. You should be aware of all these duties during your application process.

6. Work Environment.

 One of the key help desk job descriptions is the awareness of your working environment.

You should be aware of the do’s and don’t of your workplace as well as the services and products that they provide to the public.


If you hope to follow the path of being a help desk personnel, this article is a great place to begin as it details everything about who a help desk personnel is, and the job description.

However, if you have any questions regarding this article, please drop your comment in the comment section.

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