Expert Shipping Clerk Job Description Examples.

The manufacturing and shipping sector are always in search of a shipping clerk, but those who are interested in the job offer do not know the job description of a shipping clerk.

Nonetheless, the boiled-down shipping clerk job description summarizes the general duties and responsibilities, qualifications, and skill requirements for shipping clerks around the world.

Go through this composition and find them out.

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Who Is A Shipping Clerk?

A shipping clerk is a person that is in charge of the company’s shipment. They are assigned to monitor packages from their production day to the day they would be shipped out.

As stated above, a shipping clerk keeps good records for the company in other to keep inventory figures up to date.

Because of these processes involved in the shipment of goods, shipping clerks are always on alert to maximize performance.

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 Shipping Clerk Job Description

  • One of the key shipping clerk job descriptions is to ensure that all goods that are shipped into and out of the company receive the right labeling, and postal charges and are packaged to the proper location.
  • The company should always be aware of shortages in products as well as goods that came in damaged. This is to ensure that the information about the total product is accurate.
  • Another notable shipping clerk job description is packaging and storing of goods in the warehouse for shipment.
  • A shipping clerk must be able to interact with other clients and businesses regarding the manufacturing and delivery of goods to their various destinations. 
  • It’s your duty to maintain a good relationship with all those you are doing business with.
  • Furthermore, another shipping clerk’s job description is the role of supervising shipment, updating production records, and collating monthly, weekly, and even yearly reports for the management team.
  • As a shipping clerk, you are in charge of sorting, organizing, and transferring goods from one place to another.
  • Again, a shipping clerk’s job description is the verification of outgoing and incoming shipments to be accurate by crosschecking that all goods are in acceptable conduction.
  • You should be able to package, label and even weigh goods to be shipped out and make sure proper shipping process and charges are carried out.
  • One key shipping clerk job description is taking note of customers’ orders. This is to ensure that you deliver the right item to the right customer.

In addition, you should ensure that all the goods are shipped according to your company’s standards.

  • finally, a shipping clerk’s job description is the storing of goods that were shipped into the company are stored properly.  
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Skills A Shipping Clerk Must Have

Knowing a shipping clerk’s job description is not enough. There are also important skills a shipping clerk must have to make his/her job perfectly.

Keep reading this piece, and find out the skills a shipping clerk must have.

  • You need to have primary arithmetic and analytical skill to work as a shipping clerk.
  • You must be to organize goods and multitask.
  • You need to be calm even when you are under pressure.
  • You should know how to enter data into a system. Having computer knowledge is very important in terms of hiring a shipping clerk.
  • Communication and listening skills are very essential because you need to interact with your customers and clients.
  • You must have administrative, Integrity, and leadership skills that would help you perform well
  • Finally, you should have the necessary packaging skills and know the best method for shipment.
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Qualifications For Shipping Clerk

  • A shipping clerk must have a minimum of a high school diploma.
  • You should be able to lift more than 40 pounds because many items are large.
  • You should have experience working as a shipping clerk  
  • A Shipping clerk should be able to withstand pressure from work.
  • A shipping clerk must be able to work with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs that the company might be in need of
  • You should be able to work freely with your teammates. Working together as a team results in better inputs for the company and it makes it easier to organize the warehouse.
  • You should know how to use lifting equipment because sometime you might be asked to transfer heavy goods.
  • You should be able to handle issues at the office, without letting it escalate. Problem-solving is in a shipping clerk’s job description.
  • Your company should be able to trust and rely on you. Integrity is foremost when it comes to hiring a shipping clerk.
  • A shipping clerk should be ready to give his/her customers the best. You might be required to work for some extended time to complete a task
  • You should be able to relate with your customers in a professional manner because most times you interact with them to replace lost or damaged goods.
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Some Of The Key Tools Used By A Shipping Clerk

Shipping clerks use a wide range of tools to assist them in getting the job done.

It’s important that you learn how to use the following tools if you are planning on pursuing your career as a shipping clerk.

Orders – your record should have relevant information about the product, quantity, and delivery location.

Invoices –  This is a record that has the information on the prices of goods

Packing Slips –a record of what is contained in your package

Inventory – products that have been manufactured, and are ready to be shipped.

Scanners – this equipment reads the code labels that are attached to your goods.

Scales – These are Devices that checkmate the weight of your package to determine the cost of shipping.

Forklifts – These are used to transport heavy goods from one location to the order.

Dollies – This is a tool that has wheels. It is also used to transport heavy goods or multiple boxes.

Computers –  A Shipping clerk would use the computer to enter data, print postage, track the delivery status of goods, monitor inventions, and respond to customers’ queries.

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I’m convinced that you are now aware of the shipping clerk job description.

Use this composition to encourage yourself as you walk through your career path of becoming a professional shipping clerk.

Nonetheless, if you have any questions regarding this article please drop your comment in the comment section.


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