Top 10 Jobs in the LGBTQ Community

Research suggests that people in the LGBTQ community are drawn to occupations where they have a different skill set than heterosexuals.

These skills have been developed as a result of adapting to social discrimination.

If you identify as part of or you’re a supporter of the LGBTQ community, there are various jobs available.

These jobs where your work is needed are close than you think.

This article provides all information on top jobs in the LGBTQ community.

From wedding chapels to community centers, civil rights organizations to adoption agencies, counsellors to event planners, there are various job opportunities in the LGBTQ community.

Social work practice has ties with the LGBTQ community.

Multiple jobs are focused specifically on supporting LGBTQ-centered issues and community.

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Here’s a list of top 10 jobs that you can work in that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community.

1. Gender and Sexuality Therapist

Many gender and sexual therapist, work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer patients.

LGBTQ sexual therapists counsel patients about issues related to their sexuality. 

LGBTQ gender therapists work with their transgender patients to help them in the emotional and psychological aspects of the transition.

2. Event organizer

If you are a people person who is business-minded but also loves having a good time, an event organizer might be the field for you. 

There are gay pride events all over the world that attracts many people and you can organize one of these events.

many cities host events for the LGBTQ community.

All these events require organization and promotion, leading to a variety of jobs as an event organizer.

3. Civil Rights Lawyer 

The legal web weaving through the LQBTQ community is a very complex one. 

A lot of legal issues still plague the LGBTQ community like basic civil rights in marriage, adoption, and the workplace, and the need for lawyers to fight these battles has arisen.

While some LGBTQ civil rights lawyers work for private firms, others are employed by non-profit organizations.

As a civil rights lawyer, you could create change by working to support the equity and freedom of LGBTQ individuals.

 You could also work as an attorney for an LGBTQ-centered public interest law firm, like the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

4. Communication specialist

There are many opportunities for LGBTQ media professionals in communication fields.

The LGBTQ community’s push for total equality has gained a distinguished voice in the media.

So they hire LGBTQ communication specialists to craft their campaigns and make their messages effective.

Also, individuals who are communication specialists in the LGBTQ community tend to be in high demand during election season. 

5. Queer Studies Professor

Students interested in academics and pursuing an advanced degree in the study of sexuality might find being a queer studies professor to be an interesting option.

Many colleges and universities offer courses related to sexuality and gender courses.

Obtaining a postgraduate degree, either Master’s or Doctorate, in these fields opens up professional opportunities in academics.

6. Youth counselor

Most cities have LGBTQ community centers that serve as meeting points for members of the community. 

These organizations offer services for adolescents and teenagers who are interested in the details of a sexual transition. 

If you have a background in psychology or social work and you are interested in helping youths, you should try applying at an LGBTQ community center. 

A job as an LGBTQ youth counselor can be a fulfilling opportunity to do meaningful work and adds to your resume. 

By being a part of the LGBTQ community center’s efforts, you will be able to build personal connections and cause change at different levels.

7. LGBTQ news reporter

If you are a news person who’s well-versed in the LGBTQ community, you might want to consider working as a journalist.

 There are news outlets such as Huffington Post Gay Voices, The Advocate, Autostraddle, and Pink News that cater to the LGBTQ community.

Many cities around the world print out physical and online material dedicated to connecting queer communities. 

You can contact them directly for any job information as long as you have the talents and skills, you can get a suitable position. 

8. The same-sex marriage official

As more countries in the world legalize gay marriage and same-sex marriage, LGBTQ officiants are in increasingly high demand. 

While some officials are related to churches or religious organizations, there are still those who are nondenominational officials who have obtained their ordination independently.

Online organizations offer certification programs for individuals looking to become LGBTQ marriage officiants.

But before you pay for these online programs, you should research them to make sure they’re legitimate, accredited, and accepted in the country where you would eventually practice.

9. Adoption caseworker

Individuals who work with adoption agencies are mostly social workers who have an advanced Master of Social Work degree or a degree background in adoption law.

Even if you do not have these qualifications, there are still available entry-level positions while you finish your studies.

LGBTQ adoption caseworkers help families through the various legal laws, financial burdens, and emotional stress associated with adopting a child.

Some adoption counselors that specifically help same-sex couples may work in government agencies, while others work with private adoption agencies. 

Most LGBTQ adoption agents who work with same-sex couples looking to adopt children are employed at private adoption agencies.

 They are also experienced with the complicated laws of same-sex adoption in cases where there are discriminatory.

Adopting a child already requires you to go through a lot of legal processes and conditions which might be even worse as an LGBTQ-identifying couple, that’s where an LGBTQ adoption caseworker is needed.

As an LGBTQ adoption caseworker centered around the LGBTQ community, you’ll help in making the process of adopting easier.

10. LGBTQ NGO Employee

There are jobs available at LGBTQ advocacy nonprofits in different countries all around the world. 

Many LGBTQ community nonprofits organization needs qualified and eligible candidates.

Available positions include data entry, account manager, graphic designer, administrative secretary, human resources, and many more.

These LGBTQ nonprofit groups exist at the city, state, national, and even international levels.

So there is a wide range of different employment opportunities available, from entry-level positions to managerial roles. 

If you want to relocate from your current location, Europe or Asia could be for you.

LGBTQ nonprofits organizations range from independent to local groups, like Mass Equality in Boston, to National Institutions like GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. 

Some international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), like Amnesty International, also support and are involved in LGBTQ-related issues worldwide.

Companies Where You Can Get Job In LGBTQ Community

Various companies advocates for the LGBTQ community; especially if you identify as one and you need a company that will accept and support your decision.

Companies support LGBTQ by partnering with LGBTQ organizations, to develop a safe and accepting workforce.

From marketing campaigns, core company values, and equality, to hiring and health care benefits, these companies support the LGBTQ community.

To support the LGBTQ community, here’s a list of top companies that champion LGBTQ equality below. 

1. Intuit

The Intuit Pride Network is one of the LGBTQ employee resource groups.

 The Pride Network is an important part of the Intuit culture to their accomplishments.


Visa has expressed support for the LGBTQ community.

They also follow the United Nations Standards for LGBTQ, a  guide for policies and practices for LGBTQ employees and inclusive workplaces. 

3. Coca-cola

Coca-cola offers LGBTQ health insurance coverage and assists with the costs of taxes imposed on eligible same-sex employees.

Coca-Cola is among the first companies to support LGBTQ rights. 

They have an active LGBTQ Business Resource Group (BRG) that ensures equality for its LGBTQ associates.

4. Paypal

Paypal promotes and advocates for equality LGBTQ rights and inclusion.

PayPal’s LGBTQ network, PayPal Pride, celebrates and commits to the inclusion, diversity, and support of LGBTQ employees and supporters. 

5. Uber

Uber actively promotes LGBTQ rights in the cities they operate.

Uber has a diverse and inclusive workplace specifically focused on making LGBTQ individuals feel welcomed. 

6. Simmons and Simmons LLP

“The Simmons & Simmons has a network set up for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) employees.

This network is aimed at providing support to members of the LGBT community and provides the firm with practical assistance in solving LGBTQ-related issues.

7. Google

Google partners 

 with various LGBTQ organizations and protects workers from employment discrimination.

The Gayglers is comprised of LGBTQ Googlers and their supporters.

8. HP Inc

HP Inc. was the first company to start an Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ employees.

They operate within the Human Rights and Labor Policy to commit to fair treatment of all employees. 

 HP Inc. draws from different viewpoints to improve its products and services. 

9. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners.

They consistently earn good rates 

 with HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and constantly advocate for the LGBTQ community. 

GLEAM is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) employee resource group at Microsoft. 

10. IKEA

IKEA Group celebrates IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, And Transphobia) to support the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people of different sexual and gender identities. 

IKEA is also focused on transgender inclusion.

Have a great day.

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