Merch by Amazon vs. Redbubble [Better comparison] 2022

Print-on-demand websites Redbubble and Merch by Amazon are extremely distinct from one another. 

Print on demand (POD) is a method used to create copies of books, t-shirts, mug designs, stickers, laptop coverings, and other items using websites like Merch by Amazon and Redbubble. 

These items are not printed until the business gets a request and regardless of the product the consumer chooses, the design is printed on it.

This article provides the distinction between Redbubble and Merch by Amazon, to help you choose the better website.

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About Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is an exclusive print-on-demand service provided by Amazon with no up-front charges associated with this business, making it a great method to earn money. 

To sell your design to customers, you must submit an original graphic and establish a price for the product category.

Anything that normally belongs in the area of merchandise products, such as hoodies, long and half-sleeved t-shirts, pop-sockets, etc., can be the product.

The best candidates for Merch by Amazon are well-known brands and others who already have a following. 

But as long as you put in the effort and dedicate enough time to marketing your designs, you can use this service even if your company is not well-known.

If you’re an artist, you can sell the designs you’ve made or even hire a pro to design for you. You can also purchase already created designs and market them.

To stay current with the times, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank provides all the data you require to determine which designs are in demand.

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How Merch By Amazon Works For Sellers

Without paying any upfront costs, Merch by Amazon enables designers or merchants to list and sell their artwork and designers on Amazon. 

You only need to submit your design along with your color and pricing choices, the rest is up to Amazon.

You can design a t-shirt, upload it to Amazon, and get a cut of every shirt sale, but depending on the price you decide to charge for your shirt, the royalties change.

Now, when it comes to the actual design, pay attention to the symmetry of the pieces and make use of color contrasts to efficiently draw attention to the entire design or a particular aspect of it.

Upload the design while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines and set pricing for the items that you want to sell that feature your design.

Following that, Amazon will build a product listing for users to view and purchase from, and when a customer makes a purchase, Amazon handles the shipping, packaging, and printing.

Depending on your pricing and the types of things you sell, you can make good money with Merch by Amazon. 

If your brand is well-known, you can get away with charging more because you already have a devoted clientele.

A Merch Dashboard aids in the analysis of your product’s sales and marketing, and it is where you upload your designs.

How To Find What Sells On Merch By Amazon

Because Amazon sites are so competitive, sellers need to know which products to concentrate on more to increase sales. 

You can take the following actions to find out what sells on Merch by Amazon:

  • Recognize and use the Amazon BSR.
  • You can also use MerchInformer, which in comparison to BSR, is a faster method.
  • Target medium BSR products and modify the settings.
  • Examine the niches you’ve identified.

Additionally, you’ll eventually gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the market, so you can determine what sells quickly.

How Much Can You Make With Merch By Amazon?

Merch by Amazon can provide you with a respectable side income, depending on several variables.

Ten spaces will be available for you when you first receive Merch by Amazon approval, so just fill the spaces up.

You’ll have to abide by all of Amazon’s rules and regulations concerning the designs you post to avoid being suspended.

Selling your goods can be a little difficult, but fortunately, Amazon has one of the biggest global customer bases. 

Just do some basic keyword research first and consider what someone may type into the search bar. 

Similar to ranking on Google, your title and description might affect how you rank on Amazon.

Your first sale might not happen for a few days or weeks, but you will eventually witness an increase.

About Redbubble

Redbubble is a print-on-demand website that uses an art license model. They sell the final item bearing an artist’s artwork, and after each sale, the artist receives a royalty payment.

To post and display creative artwork that is original to you on their items, all you need is a PayPal account.

Redbubble gives you control over the products on which you want your art to be sold, so if all you want is for it to be sold on t-shirts, you can get it there. 

You are free to decide how much to markup their selling price, however, a decent guideline is to keep your markup within 20% because you are up against thousands of other artists on the site.

Hosting your photographs, printing them when someone places an order, and shipping are all covered by Redbubble. 

You must care about attracting customers to your store because all marketing and advertising is your responsibility.

Redbubble, like other Print on Demand companies, is not a quick way to get rich, so it may take months for that first transaction to be completed.

Additionally, you must consistently publish new content; You cannot post ten designs in a single day, do nothing for six months, then post one or two items, and then disappear once more.

How Redbubble Works For Sellers

Cartoon t-shirts, mugs, and stickers dominate the market, and Redbubble sells mostly generic goods. 

Redbubble sales are only possible if you take them seriously, so you need to be a committed artist who creates unique work and markets it to your target audience.

It is NOT about the product, but the artwork on the product is what makes it special, thus if you want to sell, you need to be very clear that you are an artist and not a t-shirt vendor.

Redbubble won’t attempt to have a new artist appear first in search results because what Redbubble wants is to expand its customer base.

They hire new artists because of the possibility of new clients that a modern artist will offer them.

Redbubble desires active users, and although it isn’t stated explicitly, they prefer artists that upload frequently. 

Therefore, you must strive to upload at least 1-2 designs per week and maintain a very steady pace. It’s about quality and consistency rather than quantity.

Importance Of Redbubble

The following are important reasons why you should sell on Redbubble:

  • Beginners will find it easier to use and more approachable.
  • There’s a simple process for signing up.
  • Redbubble also sells simple designs.
  • Redbubble offers a wide range of goods.
  • Redbubble offers more options for color.
  • The customizer tool can be used to add text or images to a large number of objects on the website.
  • The store will instantly display your design.
  • There’s a low level of rivalry compared to other websites.
  • There’s simple brand cooperation
  • Redbubble has an easy method of advertising

How Much Can You Make With Redbubble

Redbubble does not require any special knowledge to make money there, you may just need your graphic design abilities. 

Even though the graphic design abilities required to develop it are not particularly difficult if your idea is great and in demand, you can still make good sales.

A part of the purchase price, often between 10% and 20%, will go to the Redbubble designers and you’ll have a degree of control over the royalty percentage.

Redbubble is completely free to use and join, just open an account, submit material, and get paid royalties.

Redbubble will transfer your money to you via Paypal or directly into your bank account if your royalties account reaches $20.  

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Merch By Amazon Vs. Redbubble  

1. Accessibility

Anyone can register for a Redbubble account and begin selling right away. Within five minutes, you can upload designs after signing up and learning about the website for the first time.

Merch by Amazon, on the other side, has a rigorous interviewing procedure, and even after spending up to 20 minutes on the application, there is no assurance that you will be accepted.

2. Customer Base  

5.4 million clients were served by Redbubble and its sibling business TeePublic together in 2019, this works for roughly 450,000 clients each month.

However, Amazon is a massive creature that, according to numerous reports, handles between 150 and 200 million clients each month.

3. Product Choice

Redbubble offers the chance to publish over 70 different goods from a single design, such as T-shirts, hoodies, pillows, laptops, phone covers, prints, shower curtains, mugs, skirts, backpacks, novels, and face masks. 

Redbubble may display all of these products on your artwork if you upload just one design, increasing your chances of making sales.  

There are only 14 goods available on Amazon.com, and unlike a website like Redbubble, they also do not have the choice to resize your design.

4. Color Choices

Redbubble’s traditional print clothing has 18 color variations provided by default, so buyers may choose what they like most. 

On all of their goods, you may also choose a custom color from millions of options, which can lead to some amazing combinations that draw customers.

There are 21 colors available on Amazon, which allows you to select 10 of your works after you’ve posted them so that customers can see them.

5. Profits

Redbubble and Amazon both let you decide the pricing of your products, so you get to choose the profit margin as long as buyers would pay.

Redbubble’s regular t-shirts have a base price of $16.87, after which you can choose your profit margin.

For their regular t-shirts, Amazon only charges $13.07; on top of that, you can add your profit margin.

6. Copyright Infringement

Redbubble has a comprehensive copyright infringement policy, but they still appear to rely on users reporting content that violates copyright to remove it. 

If you consistently infringe the rules, they may result in the removal of your product or, in rare cases, the suspension of your account.

Amazon also has a comprehensive and stringent policy against copyright infringement and it may take days for the manual uploads to launch your design.

Both the designs and the keywords you used to describe it are checked by Amazon and copyright violations result in your work being rejected or taken down.

If you break those guidelines too frequently, Amazon will immediately suspend you.


Redbubble and Merch by Amazon provides a wide range of products, enables sellers to sell their goods online, provides excellent customer service, and allows users to develop as businesspeople.

It depends on what you’re searching for in a print-on-demand website because both Amazon and Redbubble have advantages and disadvantages. 

Fortunately, you can sign up for both for free and sell the same artwork to increase your clientele and passive income.

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