How To Get Approved By Amazon Merch (Fast) 2024

Amazon Merch is a program that allows you to sell your designs on Amazon. 

You can get approved by this program within two weeks and start selling your products immediately. 

One thing about the MBA is that it doesn’t take any money upfront. 

You just need an account with Amazon Payments and then an Amazon Developer account. 

There are no fees involved with starting up an MBA store via this method.

If you’re looking to get approved by Amazon Merch, we’ve got everything you need right here!

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What Is Amazon Merch By Amazon (MBA)?

Amazon Merch is a print-on-demand program that allows you to create and sell your designs on Amazon. 

It is a great way to make money online, but it can be difficult to start. 

Using your designs is the best way to earn money from Amazon Merch.

There are many other ways you can use this service as well:

  • You can also do an affiliate program where you earn a commission based on the sales of products through your links.
  • You can set up a storefront page where people can browse through all of their products without having any shopping cart functionality.
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Getting Approved By Amazon Merch

If you wish to get approved by Amazon Merch, you must follow these steps:

Merch By Amazon Step 1: Create A Business Plan

Before creating your business plan, you will need to have a niche. 

This is the topic that people are searching for when they look at Merch By Amazon (MBAM).

You can develop a list of keywords and phrases related to your niche.

It will enable people to easily search online for merchandise related to those keywords and phrases, and then they will see your listings pop up in the search results.

Once you’ve decided on which keywords or phrases you should use on each page of your website and what potential products to fit into those niches, you must create one single business plan.

Merch By Amazon Step 2: Pick A Niche That Has Interest

It is vital to pick an interesting niche.

The designs you enter into Amazon Merch By Amazon must be relevant and interesting. 

This can improve your chances of being successful on the platform.

The best way is by looking at the competition in different niches and seeing what other people are doing with their listings. 

If there aren’t many designs in the different niches you see, you can create something unique instead of using an existing design from someone.

If too many designs are available, it could lead some potential customers away because they won’t find anything useful about them when searching through all those products listed on Amazon Merch By Amazon’s search bar.

It will be the case, especially since people already know how easy it can be for companies to accidentally remove listings without even realizing it happened until after getting paid!

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Merch By Amazon Step 3: Design Your First Shirt

Now that you’ve got your Amazon Merch account, it’s time to design a t-shirt. 

You can use the template as in step 2, or if you have an idea of what you want to do and don’t mind spending some time getting creative.

Here are some tips for designing a shirt:

  • Make sure the niche is relevant to what the shirt sells (e.g., if your niche is “television shows,” then make sure all of your shirts feature characters from those shows). 
  • If there isn’t anything specific about how they relate, consider using multiple niches instead of just one big theme like “TV Shows.”
  • Ensure titles are catchy and descriptive enough so people can understand what they’re buying before clicking through.
  • Use strong keywords in titles like “Footie” or “Disney Princesses” since these words might not be easy for everyone else who sees them on an Amazon page (or even just browsing around).

Merch By Amazon Step 4: Get Approved To Tiers Of The Program

When you submit your designs, the Amazon Merch team will look at them and determine if they meet their standards. 

If they do, you’ll be approved for the next program tier. 

You can only get approved to the program’s tiers if you have a good design, but you mustn’t rush or make mistakes in your submission.

If Amazon Merch rejects your design because they think it doesn’t meet their quality requirements (for example: using improper fonts), try again when they’re more likely to accept it!

How Do I Earn Money From Merch By Amazon (MBA)

  • How Much Can You Earn?

You can make anywhere from $0.01 to $100 per sale, depending on your product and the number of units you sell. 

You will also get a commission every time someone buys one of your designs!

  • How To Get Paid?

The best way is by uploading an invoice after each sale, which Amazon will process and pay out automatically (no more waiting around). 

If this sounds cumbersome, consider using PayPal instead: they offer payments directly into your account; just log in and click “Payment Orders” under “Account Settings.” 

Then select “Accept payments” at checkout, so buyers see their purchase reflected on this page immediately after purchase—and don’t forget about fulfillment costs!

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How Does Amazon Merch Work?

Amazon Merch is an Amazon platform for selling t-shirts. 

You can make and upload your designs, then make money from the designs you sell on the Amazon marketplace. 

You can also sell your designs on Merch by Amazon, which is a separate merch store within the main website of Amazon.

You must ensure that your designs sell before you start selling on this platform.

Many things make a good product, such as ensuring it aligns with your niche and whether or not people are interested in buying it!

Importance Of Getting Approved By Amazon Merch

There are many reasons you should get approved by Amazon Merch. 

The benefits and advantages of being approved by Amazon Merch are:

  • Amazon will sell most designs within 24 hours of uploading, so you can start making money immediately after uploading your design.
  • You must not be an expert designer or have prior experience designing clothes before selling them on Amazon.
  • Your products are guaranteed to sell if they meet the requirements set by Amazon (e.g., size and color). 

If your product does not meet all the requirements, Amazon will still ensure that it gets approved by the team that checks how well each product fits into its category.

It will prevent people from wasting time checking similar products that might not fit well into what customers want at all times!

What Does Getting Approved By Amazon Merch Mean?

Getting approved by Amazon merch means you are eligible to make money by selling your designs.

You must know that getting approved by Amazon Merch is that it’s not easy. 

Most people who try to apply for this program don’t make it through because they don’t understand how the system works or how long it takes.

So what do I mean when I say “getting approved”? Well, let me explain. 

When a designer submits their design for approval (after they’ve created their product), Amazon will send them an email with details on what needs fixing.

The email will also inquire if a user wants more information from Amazon before making any changes because sometimes these things can be tricky! 

But if everything goes well, hopefully, Amazon will accept your art onto the platform within 24 hours! 

It means that within just one day after submitting your artwork, those who have purchased items featuring yours will receive full refunds without being charged anything extra.

This means even more profit potential later down the line!


Hopefully, this blog post will help you start with Merch by Amazon. 

The application process is simple, but it can be intimidating if you’ve never used Amazon. 

You must understand that patience is the key to success. 

If you keep your head up and focus on making the right decisions, you will eventually see the rewards of working through this process. 

Good luck!

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