How To Find Saved Jobs On Linkedin? 

Are you looking for saved jobs on Linkedin?

Well, as years pass by, getting good jobs with great pay is becoming more difficult.

There are too many people qualified for jobs but not enough jobs to go around and even worse, many people can’t seem to get access to apply for these jobs. 

Well, there’s help for job seekers worldwide; LinkedIn! 

Linkedin is a social networking site that lets recruiters connect with millions of job seekers.

As a job seeker, when you sign up you can create an account and search through job titles and salaries to find the perfect position. 

You can also compare salaries and see which companies are hiring. LinkedIn has helped so many people to find well-paying jobs that they love. 

LinkedIn does all it can to make it very easy for job seekers to get jobs and for recruiters to find qualified individuals for their companies and firms. 

One of the features on LinkedIn that has proven helpful to millions of users is the “Saved Jobs” section which is found under the “Jobs” section. 

The saved jobs feature is where you’ll find all the jobs you have saved beforehand so you could view them later. 

This article will show how you can make use of this feature and how to find the saved jobs on LinkedIn when you log into the app.

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Article Road Map

How To Save A Job Search On LinkedIn On Your Phone?

To get started on looking for a job on your LinkedIn app, follow these steps: 

  • Search for the job you desire to apply for and add your selected filters.
  • If you find a job that matches your given criteria, tap the “Save” button from the details of the post’s page.

Step By Step Process To Find LinkedIn Saved Jobs From Your Device 

LinkedIn can operate just fine on many kinds of devices, from laptops to android and IOS devices. However, sometimes the layout may be different, as it varies with each type of device. 

So, now we’re going to be looking at how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn from an Android device. 

  • The first thing you need to do is log in to the Google Play Store and download the LinkedIn app. 
  • Next, click on the LinkedIn app on your home computer, Android phone, tablet, or Notepad. 
  • When you’ve logged into the app, the third step is to select the option of “Jobs” which is located on the bottom right side of the LinkedIn homepage.
  •  Thereafter, click on the three vertical dots next to the search box, this will cause various options of what to do to appear. 
  • You can select “Saved Jobs” from the choices listed below. This will display all the relevant jobs that were saved previously.

Tips To Help You Increase Your Chances Of Getting Jobs On LinkedIn

We discussed above that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms to find a job. It helps to manage saved jobs. 

This option saves much time while finding good jobs. There are some ways by which you fetch more job opportunities on the LinkedIn site. 

Some of the tips for this are shown below:

1. Keep Your Profile Professional

Generally endeavouring for your profile to seem appealing to recruiters increases the odds of opportunities.

 Try to update your LinkedIn profile as frequently as possible. It’s crucial to feature your abilities, qualifications, former careers, and previous engagements. 

Updating this information will retain web traffic. 

2. Use A Good Profile Image 

Profile pictures are important for any social media app you use. So, even if you intend to make use of a different picture on your LinkedIn profile, it’s critical to use a professional photo. 

Whether you are uploading the picture yourself or want to include a picture from your system, it is crucial to use a nice professional picture.

When using a professional image, your profile will get better views, and it will raise your odds of obtaining a job.

Do not use a special or colorful image on your LinkedIn profile since potential employers are on the receiving end and would rather see you looking professional than flimsy or casual. 

3. Select Your Skills Wisely 

Recruiters will consider the applicant’s qualifications during the process of recruiting.

Most social networking pages allow an individual to rate no less than 50 skills. Nevertheless, no recruiter or company will go through 50 skills. 

The best thing is to list the skills which meet the requirements of one’s job. This will make it much easier for the organizations to select the applicant’s candidacy from those particular skills.

4. Properly State Your Job Experience 

Companies and recruiters want to know your experience level. To do this, they are going to evaluate the experience level that you already have.

Also, they are looking for some information regarding personal growth in your career.

To make your experience section more personal, you can add anything about the personal development you’ve gone through.

You can mention how prior jobs have helped you develop into a professional from your previously ordinary self and personality. 

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5. Create A Quality Network 

Countless recruiters and firms utilize the LinkedIn platform every day to hire the newest employees for their companies.

Many individuals think that building a large network will help them find one job. But this is not true. Before constructing a network, it’s crucial to investigate the kind of company or recruiter you wish to target. 

Making quality interactions is better than building connections with multiple people.

6. Maintain And Follow LinkedIn Ethics 

LinkedIn is a highly effective platform if you know how to use it correctly. You should firmly follow its professional standards on the platform, LinkedIn is not like other casual social media sites. 

 Ensure you project a positive image, even during lively discourse that takes place on the platform.

7. Ensure You Fill In Correct Information On Your Profile 

Users must always update their profile and area info.

 The company will study the user’s profile for mistakes and decide whether or not they are on the appropriate website. 

It will help determine that the user has the experience needed for the position.

8. Get And Provide Recommendations 

The recommendation feature on LinkedIn may elevate your professional relationships. This can help you to get recommendations from your professional connections.

 In the same way, you should also recommend your connections to receive endorsements; this process will similarly improve your connections and get you the good jobs you desire. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Using The LinkedIn Saved Jobs Feature?

LinkedIn’s Saved Jobs function helps talented individuals find an appropriate jobs. It additionally makes it possible to discover many other opportunities.

The most important advantage of making use of the Saved Jobs function is it allows positive outcomes. Let’s look at other benefits of using the saved jobs option on LinkedIn. 

1. It’s Time-saving  

Browsing through millions of prospective jobs on LinkedIn is among the biggest obstacles you will find when trying to find a job. 

Saving jobs that address your skill profile will let you view them at a later time, without needing to waste time when you want to locate them because these saved jobs are available at any time.

2. It Helps You To Apply For The Job Quickly 

Saving your jobs will help you apply for jobs immediately. You can view the details of the job and company at the bottom of this page while applying for any job.

3. It Upholds User’s Privacy 

Users can save multiple saved jobs in the Saved Jobs folder. Applicants can then apply for the job that best suits their preferences.

 All such activities will not be connected to recruiters or other people on LinkedIn seeking jobs. The function of the Saved Jobs folder keeps the utmost privacy of any candidate.

4. Helps You Manage The Jobs 

Jobs frequently have time constraints. The settings of Saved Jobs allow you to wait for jobs based on the deadline.

 You can streamline the process of assessing priorities in different jobs by simply saving them.

5. Ensures Job Security 

You need to stay ahead of the curve if you want to remain in the competition. A large number of business establishments are eagerly attempting to obtain top employees for available positions in their firms. 

 The function of Saved Jobs makes it easier for you to reserve your preferred job positions as soon as possible.

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It is important to remember that finding a job on Linkedin is not as difficult as it may seem. 

With the steps shown in this article, you can easily find “Saved Jobs” on LinkedIn anytime. 

Many recruiters are looking for qualified individuals to employ. By using the right features on LinkedIn such as the “Saved Jobs” feature, you stand a chance of landing your dream job in no time. 

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