7 Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed

Do you still ask yourself why you are still unemployed? Getting a brand new job may be a difficult task, but trying to search for one with the strain of being unemployed is even harder!

Many folks think that blasting out a resume to each employer in town with an open position is the handiest thanks to finding a brand new job, but it’s not.

There are numerous actions unemployed job-seekers can want to improve their search and plenty are often neglected. If you’re combating finding a brand new job, here are some reasons you will be having trouble.

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Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed

1. You’re not Networking

One of the foremost valuable tools in your job search is your network. From relations to former colleagues, reach bent all of them!

Everyone you recognize should bear in mind that you’re trying to find work so that they can keep you in mind for any positions they are available across.

Since you’re unemployed, you ought to be out there every day to reprimand people, attend networking events, and get your name out there in your industry. it’s going to seem to be plenty of labor, and it is, but it’s invaluable as an employment seeker. Sitting behind your video display won’t get you very far!

The solution: Prioritize networking. Attend job fairs. On LinkedIn, reach out to staff at businesses where you’d like to live. Begin engaging, professional talks with them. Now, you’re a one-man show. The more aggressively you sell yourself to clients, the more career openings you’re expected to get.

2. You’re not presenting yourself very well

From your resume to your letter to your phone interview skills, you have got to hone in on every detail an employer sees. Confirm that every and communication with a possible employer is error-free.

It takes plenty of labor, rather than networking, but presenting yourself professionally at every step of the process is important to getting your new job.

The Solution: Tailor your resume to each work application. By taking the time to tailor your resume with appropriate skill sets and unique keywords from the job listing, you can increase your chances of landing an interview and, as a result, have more viable job prospects.

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3. You’re Soliciting or an Excessive Pay

If you were at a particular level at your last job and you’re unwilling to budge on a cut, rethink this. Every company has different budgets and salary levels and if you’re asking an excessive amount from the get-go, it can hinder your chances of moving along through the interview process.

Research the maximum amount as you’ll be able to about the potential company’s salary requirements and what they’re offering, don’t go too far above. Sites like glassdoor.com offer some good insight into larger employers.

4. You are Unqualified

On the other hand, you may be unemployed because you lack the necessary skills or skill sets to perform the jobs you’ve been applying for. Maybe you’re a recent college graduate, and what you want right now is for someone to give you a chance. Whatever the case is, employers are making it abundantly clear that you are not eligible.

The Solution: Enroll in courses or obtain qualifications or try to learn new skills. Volunteer or volunteer to gain the career expertise that employers need. Concentrate on the skill sets you do possess to learn how to measure those talents on your resume to stand out to recruiting managers

5. You’re Applying Everywhere

Recruiters and hiring managers will see that you just blanket cover letters and resumes to each position they post. They won’t be more inclined to call you for an interview simply because you applied 10 times.

Applying to any and each position will only make recruiters think you’re desperate and they’ll begin to ignore your applications after they are available. Be picky about which jobs you apply for and where you apply.

You may think scouring job boards and applying to any decent position is all you wish to try and do, but you have got to be more strategic during a search. project potential titles, employers, positions, and qualifications you’re visiting persist within your search.

Join up for email alerts from sites like Indeed and apply strategically. This also goes together with networking, hooking up with people at the businesses you’re fascinated by, and taking a look at and methodically working you’re high to an interview.

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6. You Probably have a Negative Mindset

It’s easy to induce down when you’ve been unemployed and unsuccessful at finding your next job. It won’t help though! Being as optimistic as possible about potential jobs and your talents during your unemployed time can show in your interviews.

If you arrive for an interview defeated and downcast, the recruiting manager will remember. observe the upside of your job search and consider each interview or potential opportunity a step in the right direction.

The solution: Set targets and strive for them, even though they are modest ones. They may or may not be career-related objectives. Perhaps you’d like to be in better shape. Perhaps you’d like to learn a new talent. Setting targets for yourself will help you restore a sense of purpose—and improve yourself in the process.

7. You are Overqualified.

This is a particular issue for aging people searching for a new job. However, this can happen to someone with a lot of experience who is looking to get a foot in the door at another business.

The solution: Make it your task to communicate with the employer during an interview. Just tell me a story. Make it clear to them that you aren’t merely ticking the clock. If they inquire about your 5-year strategy, avoid mentioning retirement.

Your future is not yet over and finally, being unemployed is difficult. If you follow these tips, you’ll have the resources you need to solve the difficulties of the career hunting process.


What To Do If You Are Unemployed For A Long Time? 

  1. Upskill
  2. Be upfront
  3. Be enthusiastic and optimistic
  4. Consider temporary work/side jobs
  5. Consider ‘commonplace’ sectors
  6. Contact a former employer
  7. Get back into the work habit

 How Do You Introduce Yourself When You’re Unemployed?

Announce your industry or field with confidence. Let the other person know what you do without feeling the need to advise them of your employer. Discuss your experience and the type of work you do. Say it with conviction and enthusiasm.

What Are The Main Causes Of Unemployment? 

There are many reasons for unemployment. These include recessions, depressions, technological improvements and job outsourcing.

what Are The Challenges Of Unemployment?

The problem of unemployment gives rise to the problem of poverty. The government suffers because unemployment causes a decrease in the production and less consumption of goods and services by the people.

What To Say When You Haven’t Worked In Years?

Keep your statement short and simple

Samples –  “I left my previous position to raise a family,” “My position at my previous employer was eliminated in layoffs, after which I concentrated on volunteer opportunities”

Your interviewer might ask you to elaborate. Dont be surprised.

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