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Should you sell books on eBay? Amazon and eBay are known to be part of the very first e-commerce digital websites made for entrepreneurs to market their goods and services. 

They are both very financially rewarding, diverse, competitive, competent, and borderless, and they both connect a diverse force of buyers and sellers worldwide. 

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Amazon Vs. eBay

It may come as a shock to you that eBay, an established auction website, makes more income through its “Buy It Now” catalogues these days than it does via auctions. 

Still, Amazon is the go-to site for online shopping, has fewer sellers but acquires more income than eBay generally. 

On What Ground Is This Possible? Hence the question, Should books be sold via Amazon or Via eBay? Amazon may have fewer sellers, but as a bookseller, it is advisable to sell books Via Amazon rather than eBay. 

This is because all books basically sell for a low price on eBay, whether through their “Buy It Now Catalogues” or their auction sites & there are fewer book buyers on eBay. 

Meanwhile, all books sell for a more competitive price on Amazon & the site has a competitive number of book buyers, which also allows a bookseller to earn more on Amazon in the long run.

Should You Sell Books On Amazon Or eBay?

A Detailed Comparison Of Amazon And eBay

We will provide a comparison based on customer trust, market size, products sold, competitiveness, selling fees of each e-commerce website, and shipping and delivering abilities of each e-commerce website for you to choose which entrepreneurship website would be more efficient to sell on.

1. Based On Customer Trust: Amazon

The Amazon website on the internet usually goes through attempted scam exploitations by hackers or thieves through the process of hacking emails with illegal links, selling ineligible gift cards, or simply taking orders without delivering the purchased goods. 

However, it is generally accepted as a safe sales platform and still has many users. 

This is because Amazon sites and product lines comply with security standards & policies to keep a user’s data safe and have no problem at all with keeping to their promises regarding their return and refund policy. 

Amazon sites also offer the simple act of accepting a returned good and refunding a customer has also gained the trust of millions of users worldwide, making Amazon the go-to site for online purchases.

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Based On Customer Trust: eBay

Unlike Amazon, eBay does not offer the customer perk of a return and refund policy when a sold item does not satisfy a customer.

This is actually bad for the company of a bookseller, whether experienced or new in the business, because enlisting your books for sale on the eBay platform with a “no return & no refund” policy drives the customer away with the impression that you are not to be trusted and your book will be disappointing.

Let’s say the tables are turned, and you are a customer attempting to buy a book on the eBay platform. Would you buy from a seller who provides a “no refund & no return” policy? 

Conclusion: Amazon seems to be a much better option because they offer satisfactory before & after-purchase support, which automatically earns the trust of customers. 

It also makes them purchase books with trust and confidence in what they are buying and an assurance that they are free to return a book they are dissatisfied with.

2. Based On Market Size: Amazon

As a bookseller, it is advisable to sell your books on a platform which can provide a satisfactory & large number of potential buyers, a platform which would render it more possible to sell your books based on their daily patronage rate. 

It is worth bringing to your notice that Amazon possesses a very impressive result based on raw customer traffic and website visits of up to 2.7 billion monthly, both on amazon prime and Amazon Regular, through either the use of mobile devices or desktops. 

Based On Market Size: eBay

With Amazon’s number of purchases and online visits ranking up to 13.7% on the worldwide e-commerce retail market and eBay’s number of purchases and online visits ranking up to 4.3% on the retail e-commerce market in the United States, So many people tend to as one question “Is eBay proficient and still well known”? 

The truth is that eBay website visits are still quite alright, with a total of at least 1.7 million monthly, based on statistics. However, Amazon still tops eBay regarding raw customer turn-up and online purchases.

Conclusion: It is preferable to sell your books on Amazon because they offer a platform through which your books could have the potential of getting massive views and multiple purchases which automatically enables you to earn massively. 

eBay, on the other hand, may be the right choice for you as a bookseller only if you own a specialized book for sale and an audience you are particularly targeting.

3. Based On the Type Of Products Sold: Amazon 

Having up to 119 million products enlisted for sale on Amazon and a sales outcome of over 4,000 goods each minute by customers, amazon offers good products to its buyers. Among other things, Amazon also has a good anti-counterfeiting Policy. 

The policy states that products offered on Amazon must be authentic, and the sale of counterfeit products is strictly prohibited. 

Failure to abide by this policy may result in Amazon losing selling privileges, withheld funds, and inventory disposal in their possession. 

The sale and trafficking of counterfeit products may also result in referral to law enforcement/criminal prosecution as well as civil action. 

Based on the Type of Products Sold: eBay

Compared to Amazon, products on eBay may prove authentic and real; however, as most sellers or owners of these products are incognito, questions the trustworthiness of these sales.

eBay is usually trusted and a good place to buy things online. But again, it’s important to do your homework on the item you’re buying and who you’re buying it from. 

Ask yourself questions like: 

  • Where does the seller ship from? 
  • Where does the seller ship to?

Conclusion: With its selling policy and product check, it s preferable to buy your product from Amazon as government policies guide them and face the risk of sanctions if anything short of authentic is shared on its web. As far as trust is concerned, Amazon is the right choice.

4. Based on Competition: Amazon

Amazon uses a consistent product chain to provide a good listing for each unique product. So no matter how many sellers offer the product, the best result will be sent to the buyer.

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Based on Competition: eBay

Among eBay’s competitors, the platform allows shoppers to compare multiple chains of products for the same item. Some will be new, some used, some in fairer condition than others, and most will have different delivery alternatives.

Additionally, due to eBay’s auction capability, ongoing listings will compete with those available for purchase now at a fixed price. This makes shopping at eBay a little bit more sophisticated and smart.

Conclusion: eBay has this one. It favours sellers when it comes to the competitive market. Amazon is rigidly competitive; however, the flexibility in Competition offers sellers on eBay the ability to make profits at a good rate despite the number of sellers there may be.

5. Based on Selling Fees: Amazon

Amazon has two types of selling plans; the individual and Professional selling fee. 

If you are new to trading online and don’t know how much you’ll sell, a custom plan is a great place to start. This plan allows you to sell up to 40 items per month with no monthly fee and only costs 99 cents.

The Professional plan is the way to go if you want to sell more items monthly. It costs you $39.99 per month and allows unlimited sales.

Amazon also has referral fees for every product you sell in addition to the purchased plan.

Based on selling Fees: eBay

Like Amazon, eBay has two types of selling plans; the insertion cost and the final value cost that is applied when a product is sold.

eBay pricing charges a listing fee of $0.35 per category. Setting up an eBay store entitles you to a monthly contribution. 

The Basic Store costs $28 per month and includes 250 free listings, with packages ranging from $28 monthly to $350 per month for the Anchor Store.

Unfortunately, if your item doesn’t sell, you still can’t receive the return fees. And you will pay the listing fee again every time you re-list your item.

Conclusion: Based on the analysis, Amazon and eBay selling fees strictly depend on the type and number of products offered on the e-commerce website.

6. Based on Shipping: Amazon

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) allows sellers to store their products in an Amazon warehouse. When the sale happens, Amazon picks, packs and ships for you.

This allows sellers to enjoy the convenience Amazon offers. In addition, FBA also provides customer service and marketing benefits for stores.

Amazon companies have seen a 30% to 50% increase in sales due to the benefits of FBA. Third-party sellers can package and ship orders to their buyers when items are sold.

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Based on Shipping: eBay

Unlike Amazon, eBay does not have an FBA program; it has a Managed Delivery system. This system allows sellers who sell in large amounts to fulfil orders more conveniently and quickly.

In addition, eBay has a Global Shipping Program that allows sellers to ship to eBay’s global shipping centre in Kentucky. They are charged with handling all customs formalities and shipping to buyers worldwide.

Conclusion: Anyone can see that Amazon offers more shipping options than eBay, and this has been seen in the many good reviews offered by sellers using Amazon to receive purchased goods. So until eBay launches a good programme like the FBA, Amazon has got this one.


Do Books Still Sell Well On Amazon?

While Amazon has expanded its reach into many other product categories, books remain its main focus. The company sells billions of dollars in books yearly, which is why many sellers have chosen to build their businesses on them.

Are Books Good Sellers On Ebay?

Selling books on eBay that are written for a niche audience can be a good source of money and are not necessarily rare. People interested in certain topics or hobbies like to have physical copies of books related to their interests.

Is Amazon A Good Place To Sell Used Books?

Whatever your reason for being here, selling used books on Amazon can be a good way to make money without investing your life savings in inventory, so it’s worth looking into. You can test the Amazon waters before venturing into your private-label products.

What Kind Of Books Sell Best On Amazon?

Collectables: First-edition books, signed books, and anything else considered “collectable” are also popular on Amazon. Nonfiction: Overall, nonfiction does much better than fiction on Amazon.

Do Books Make Money On Amazon?

Amazon is an excellent way to sell many different kinds of books online. If you’re a published author, it’s also a great way to get your work into the hands of millions of people.

What Sort Of Books Sell Best?

All things considered, the most popular book genre depends on the format and situation. The best-selling genre is romance, and the most profitable genre is fiction. Inspirational and religious books are the most popular nonfiction genre, while thrillers are the most popular audiobooks.

How Do I Sell My First Book?

Creating your brand is the first step to selling.

Can I Trust Selling On eBay?

An eBay seller can have good positive feedback if trustworthy. But don’t forget to see how many positive, neutral, and negative reviews they’ve received overall from other eBay users.

How Many Books Do You Need To Sell To Become An Amazon Bestseller?

Your fee is 60% of your list price. We then deduct the cost of printing, which depends on the number of pages, the type of ink and the Amazon marketplace from which your paperback was ordered.

What Is The Number One Best-Selling Book In The World?

The Bible


With the above-listed comparisons on customer trust, market size, products sold, competitiveness, selling fees of each e-commerce website, and shipping and delivering abilities of each e-commerce website, we arrived at the following conclusions:

  • Your books will breed more profits on Amazon
  • Your books sell faster on Amazon
  • Sellers do not have to invest as much time listing on Amazon

These are all sellers want from a noteworthy e-commerce website.

Should you sell books on Amazon or eBay? Well, as a good seller, the choice is yours. We do hope, however, that this article will be a good guide in making that choice.

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