Top 10 Businesses I Can Start With 100k In Nigeria?

It can be really tasking to figure out business ideas that are financially rewarding enough to start up with 100k in Nigeria. 

How about a promise that this blog post will offer you the most lucrative top 10 amongst all every other business you can start up with a 100k in Nigeria? 

After reading this article, be rest assured that you will undoubtedly pursue, materialize and monetize at least one of the business ideas enlisted here.

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Top Businesses I Can Start With 100k In Nigeria

Here are some businesses that you can start up with 100k in Nigeria.

1. The POS Transaction Business 

Individuals often overlook this business, but it provides amazing profitable benefits to entrepreneurs. 

The POS transaction business is one of all profitable businesses that will remain very profitable and last for a very long time.

This is because individuals consistently depend on making pos withdrawals / Transfers / GOTV & AIRTIME & PHCN BILL transactions for their daily needs, as they will always consider it stressful to go all the way to the bank just to make these withdrawals/transfers/payment of bills etc. when there is an alternative method such as the POS transaction method.

All one needs to start this business are;

  • A business strategy, like how much you will charge clients per every #50, #500, #1000, #5000, #10,000 withdrawal or transfer.
  • At least an 80k
  • A registered POS machine from maybe (Access Bank, GTB, Zenith Bank, United Bank of Africa, Polaris Bank or First Bank).
  • A good location should be (very security conscious, far as possible from a bank and has excellent network service) for the business.
  • A small container or a table/chair with a big umbrella shields you from the sun.

You will be making promising profits in no time when you have all of these setups. 

2. Plantain Chips Branding Business

If you love everything culinary, handling a plantain chips business in Nigeria in 2023 is ideal for you.

A 100k capital might even be much as you may need even less than that because all you need to start a plantain chips business are;

  • A capital of at least #20,000
  • The comfort of your home and a frying pan.
  • A plug from which you can get the items you need to start the business, such as; unripe plantains/vegetable oil/salt/cooking gas / Charcoal / and very beautiful plantain chips packaging bags at a low price. 
  • The phone numbers of two or more logistics bikers who will devotedly run deliveries for you.
  • Printed business labels allow customers to reach you to order more chips.
  • Marketing strategies include pricing, Quantity to package at a time, Shops/malls to supply to, and Advertisements such as; printed brand posters and labels.

There is an amazingly huge profit to gain if you consider taking the plantain chips business path. 

Once you have all your materials and marketing strategies in place, you can calculate all the capital it took and the profits you expect to earn per plantain chips package and see what we mean by “huge profit to gain”. 

3. Gadget Charging Business

It is no news that electricity in Nigeria is never stable or reliable, this situation can be very detrimental, especially to individuals who do not own a generator to use as an alternative to PHCN, and this is where you come in as a gadget charging entrepreneur.

If you already have a small store, you could use it to start running this business to gain extra income daily. 

If you don’t own a shop, you could use your home if it is located in an area where light is not so constant. Nigerian citizens who can barely afford a generator or fuel with their monthly earnings will look up to you for charging their gadgets. 

The items you would need to start a gadget charging business in Nigeria are barely up to 100k;

  • Litres of fuel.
  • Small generator
  • Original extensions with multiple charging points

You would also need an efficient business strategy.

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4. Thrift Store Business 

A thrift store business will definitely go a long way for you because clothes are basic needs, and people cannot do without them. A thrift business in Nigeria is very financially rewarding, and you can invest in it at least 100k.

If you are very into fashion, you would know that people only buy clothes according to trends, so if you choose to go into a thrift business, you have to keep an eye out for all the clothing trends and styles in Nigeria so that you won’t purchase clothes which are out of date. 

You will need to learn how to be persuasive enough to get clients to buy your thrift wears. You also need to grow your social media presence/network and an Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter account to be able to advertise your business at least every day. 

The clothes can be sold online, and you can sell them from your home if you do not have enough money to rent a store yet.

5. A Laundry Startup

Sometimes people that have no washing machine in their homes may get so tired or sick that they can’t do their laundry, they find their sheets and duvets too big to wash on their own, they have dirty teddy bears and centre rugs that they may find hard to scrub, or maybe they have work clothes that may need to be ironed thoroughly. 

All these are the expertise of a laundry service entrepreneur, and if you are up to the task, then be rest assured that you will make a good profit after investing your time in a laundry business.

If you are turning it down because you need a shop to run this business, please think again: How about your home? 

Yes, this business can be possible for you if you have a comfort zone in which you live alone and if you have a washing machine already. 

You may go ahead to use your 100k capital to purchase iron and a small generator, too, just in case (PHCN) power supply fails; when you make these items available, then you are all set to advertise your laundry business idea and start attending to clients of your own and voila! You’re making money in the comfort of your home.

Sounds great, yes? 

6. WhatsApp Tv Business

WhatsApp is a social media platform in which most people spend at least 60% of their day.

They engage themselves in activities such as advertising their businesses on their status, watching other people’s statuses, chatting with friends, sharing links for friends, and so on.

A WhatsApp TV entertain, updates, educates and serves as an intermediary to help strangers find love or become good friends. 

While meeting all of these requirements with your WhatsApp tv platform, you can monetize it too by setting aside some particular days to advertise the businesses of all entrepreneurs on your platform for a charge of at least #1,000 for a whole day. 

You can also monetize it by partnering with sellers of decluttering items, helping them to get buyers and then getting paid afterwards.

Suppose you are a brand advertising strategist, a persuasive talker, or a content creator, and you have the ability to grow your WhatsApp status viewers to at least 5000. 

In that case, a WhatsApp tv business will be ideal for you because it will render you capable of earning money even when you are asleep. 

All you need is an Android phone, a WhatsApp tv name/logo and more contacts on your WhatsApp (60% entrepreneurs, 40% basic individuals)

7. Parfait Business In Nigeria 

If you are someone who is very creative with cakes, yoghurt, fruits etc., starting a yoghurt or cake parfait business will be anything but stressful to you. 

Start up this business in the comfort of your own home; store up your commercial parfaits in your fridge to keep them frozen, and store up your fruit toppings and plain yoghurt in the fridge to keep them fresh. 

You can advertise your business to attract clients through WhatsApp tv platforms through your own social media platforms, and you can also partner with restaurants near you to be delivering parfaits for sale (the price has to be affordable so that when they are out of parfaits they will call you in order to restock). 

8. Fruit Salad Business

Believe it or not, the fruit salad business is a very lucrative business that can start with 100k in Nigeria or even less than 100k. 

Some people love a combination of fruit topped with some regular or condensed milk. Fruit salad can be taken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by individuals with little or no time to prepare it. 

If you are very familiar with the art of mixing fruits to the satisfaction of people around you, then the fruit salad business will be ideal for you.

You can start a fruit salad business from home / advertise the business on social media and deliver whenever you get an order, or you can get a small show glass, umbrella/chair and a perfect location in which you can sell your fruit salad every evening when people are coming back from their workplaces and are in search of healthy food options. 

You can make up to at least 5,000 Naira daily by charging #500 for every fruit salad dish.

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9. Selling Pure Water

No matter how many years or centuries pass, the pure water sachet business will always be one that will forever sell out every week.

Venturing into the pure water selling business does not attract any stress as all you need is to invest in a couple of sachet water bags and store them in your home or store if you already have one. You can also sell cold water for a retail price by cooling some in your fridge.

10. Selling Of Home Cooked Meals

Food is a basic need, and individuals cannot go without eating something to effortlessly carry on with their daily activities.

All you need is a very excellent online presence, foodstuffs, cooking gas, pots/pans, take-out plates and spoons; all these won’t cost more than 50k, and you are very good to go.


What Is The Fastest-Growing Business In Nigeria?

Export business in Nigeria is not only fast-growing but also very profitable. In this business, you just need to export products in high demand worldwide and make great money from them. You can export either natural resources or agricultural resources.

What Are The 3 Fastest Growing Industries In Nigeria?

In conclusion, the Nigerian economy has seen remarkable growth in several sectors, with mining and other minerals, aviation and financial institutions being the three fastest-growing sectors.

Which Sector Is Booming In Nigeria?

Data analysis shows that this growth is driven by the non-oil sector, with increased activity in the financial sector, transport, waste management, ICT, trade and construction representing the fastest-growing sectors in the economy for 2022.

How Much Is POS Sold?

A POS costs between $0 and $2,000, including hardware, software, and the first year’s installation fee. Depending on your business size, revenue stream, and feature upgrades, you can then pay $1,000 yearly to use the POS system later.

How Much Can I Make On POS Per Day?

POS businesses make money by collecting commissions for the services they offer. This is an average of N100-500 per transaction depending on the amount of money and the type of transaction.

What Is The Most Demanding Business In Nigeria?

The furniture business is among Nigeria’s most demanding and lucrative businesses. It has a huge market value, and the demand is high. People will always use furniture, and people sit on the furniture and sleep on the furniture.

Which Sector Is Best To Invest In Nigeria?

The oil and gas industry contributes greatly to the Nigerian economy. Both domestic and international investors can enter the Nigerian oil sector and see their investments grow. Nigeria is among the countries with the largest oil production in the world.

What Is The Strongest Industry In Nigeria?

In fact, it generates 80% of the country’s revenue and is Nigeria’s main wealth source. Therefore, it stands to reason that the country will continue investing in more skilled workers and managers to improve the sector.

Which Sector Will Go Up?

Healthcare and insurance sector. India’s demand for healthcare services is increasing due to an ageing population, an increase in chronic diseases and a growth in disposable income.

What Is The Cash Limit By CBN?

In December 2022, the CBN directed depository all financial institutions to ensure that over-the-counter withdrawals by corporate entities and individuals do not exceed N100,000 and N500,000 in a week.


We hope at least one of these businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria, described in this blog article, will catch your interest, and you will work consistently toward the one you have chosen in order to make some good income for yourself and your loved ones.

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