22 Best Part-Time Remote Tech Jobs (Hiring Now!)

This article serves to recommend tech specialities that are currently hiring interested candidates, and they are the best 100% part-time, legit, and remote tech jobs online today.

The links provided below every job position are to be clicked, and you will be required to fill in your details to apply. 

After applying, hold on for a message to be sent to you by the employer, and if you match all of the job descriptions, you will be hired successfully.

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22 Best Part-Time Remote Tech Jobs

1. A Virtual Office Administrator At Talk.orb Remote Wellness

Talk.orb is located in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. 

They are a goal-focused, solution-oriented, reality-based clinic that offers high-quality psychiatric & mental health therapy and behavior deterioration -due to drug addiction – therapy.

Their staff comprises high-quality psychiatrists, APNs, and other medical professionals. They offer therapies in different ways that are preferable to their clients, such as individual, group, and Virtual & Mixed reality therapies.

As a result of incessant & ceaseless demand for Medicare services from patients, Talk.orb is looking to hire more dedicated healthcare professionals for their branches worldwide in order to meet up with demands and satisfy their patients and one of the healthcare professionals they are in need of is a virtual administrator. 

Job Details

This is a part-time job vacancy, and the salary compensation offered for this job is $20 per hour.

In addition, there would be employee prerequisites such as; 

  • A working schedule that is gratifying, convenient for the employee, and extremely flexible.
  • An Hourly salary compensation that is worth the job’s responsibilities & demands.
  • Tuition reimbursement benefits
  • A competent workforce (expert teammates) that will have your back and provide support when needed.
  • Sponsored bonus payments
  • An ability to work remotely

Job Responsibilities

  • Always be available -within work hours- to instantly reply to emails, texts, and voice calls from patients making inquiries and from already registered patients.
  • You will be responsible for managing the clinic staff’s calendars and scheduling medical appointments for all the clinic staff. 
  • Work with regard to the clinic’s policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Always be polite enough to render assistance to patients who are in dire need of help.
  • Maintain and organize the clinic’s patient database
  • You will be responsible for managing all emails sent to the clinic. 

Skill, Career, And Experience Requirements

  • Organizational and competent customer service skills are required.
  • Google Drive/business/docs/word/sheets and Office suite expertise are required.
  • Must have knowledge of basic information technology.
  • Excellent writing, communication, bookkeeping, email management, and typing skills.
  • Ability to manage projects and meet up with deadlines.
  • Must acquire extensive VoIP phones, EHR systems, and customer service education.

2. A User Research Coordinator At Casetext

Casetext, Inc is a legal artificial intelligence research institute for law practitioners, both private and government employed, and for paralegals as well. Casetext Inc is located in San Francisco, California.

As a technology Co-counsel company, they offer extremely valuable skills to practitioners to help them build cases. 

They apply high-quality artificial intelligence to law practitioners to enable them to create quality representations to clients, and efficiency and accuracy in writing case files are 100% enhanced. Attorneys who use Casetext are at a very high advantage. 

Job Details

This is a part-time job, and the salary compensation offered for this job is within the range of $25.00 – $30.00 hourly.

Any individual can be employed regardless of age, race, gender, national origin, medical condition, veteran status, marital status, color, religion, etc. 

But, individuals will be employed considering their merits, level of competency, performance level, residency (must be United States Based), work permit (US work eligibility/authorization), and business goals. 

Job Responsibilities

  • You will identify, gather, create a contact list, and contact all product users who are interested in giving product and customer feedback comments on Casetext’s website.
  • You will schedule appointments and meetings and reach out to potential and current clients via email.
  • You will be willing to devote at least 10 to 20 hours per week to working for Casetext.
  • You will design websites with data you have, analyzed and tested.
  • You will optimize the case text website’s user experience by implementing UX/UI software application design skills.
  • Conduct surveys, review surveys analytically, conduct search log analysis, review product’s usability/efficiency/readability/interactivity, prototype feedback, and testing.

Skill, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Extensive database research knowledge
  • Mixpanel Expertise
  • Time management, analytical thinking, logical thinking, and active listening skills.
  • Expertise in agile/scrum methodologies and strategic planning skills. 
  • Must be technically skilled/proficient and have an understanding of user preferences and behaviors.

3. Waitlist: Grader-Tech sales (Career Track) At Springboard

Springboard aims to offer skill acquisition programs in online education form. The courses to be taught are data science, UI/UX designing, machine learning, and coding. 

These are technology-inclined courses that will definitely transform the lives of individuals. 

Springboard has also provided an array of technology experts, technology mentors, student counselors, and career choice coaches to engage with all the enrolled students and make them understand their dreams, aspirations, and purpose better, transforming them into professional tech specialists in the future. 

Springboard has helped many people understand different tech specialties better and change their careers to suit their personal goals, preferences, and interests. 

After participating in the skill acquisition tech program, the individuals present their certificates to high-quality tech companies and get employed successfully.

Job Details

Springboard offers 100% online and part-time job opportunities to detail-oriented interested detail-oriented individuals. 

The work will be done mostly during weekends, at least 5 – 10 hours every week consistently. 

Every (report-worthy) observation will be reported to the outcomes program manager.

An Hourly salary compensation of $25.00 and a flexible work schedule (employee perk) will be offered to the successful candidate. 

Job Responsibilities 

You will assess the tech skill acquisition students in this orderly manner;

  • Engage students to participate in live workshops regarding the provided curriculum and ensure they complete all projects.
  • See that the students actively engage with technology/sales experts during their workshop exercise.
  • See to it that the students complete their sales pipeline management training programs. 
  • Grade all their projects after submission before the given deadlines, and write necessary feedback (to enhance students’ skill development process) to each and every student before distributing the graded projects.
  • Before beginning a new curriculum, communicate with the students about their strengths and weaknesses and areas that need improvement.
  • Workshop projects will include continuous assessments like; Skillfully write a cold email, How would you prepare for an unscheduled call and leave a voicemail? How to send a LinkedIn request following RRR? Prepare relevant stories, Identify all parts of a QC.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Experience in teaching and managing tutorial training programs.
  • Experience in grading fairly and accurately, using time management skills to meet deadlines.
  • Experience in providing feedback to students after grading their exercises.
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in managing boot camp courses is a plus.
  • Machine learning and technology skills.

4. A Virtual Executive Assistant At Clicks Guard Software

Clickguard Software is a software as a service cyber security software that enables individuals to avoid clicking on fraudulent website links.

Their platform is used by several bloggers that pay for Google Adsense, and Clickguard Software protects their blogs or webpages by identifying and getting rid of threatening, fraudulent, invalid, wasteful, and illegal traffic/advertisement links on their ROI. 

PPC marketers mostly use Clickguard Software, and they would love to upgrade their software as a service platform by employing virtual executive assistants to optimize the user experience fully.

 Job Details 

This 100% remote and part-time job offers a salary compensation of $15.00 – $35.00 hourly. 

The virtual executive assistant will be offered certain employee perks such as; A flexible work schedule, Sponsored vacations, Paid time off, the ability to work remotely, and access to any equipment or software, or tech of your choice that will help optimize your work. 

The work schedule is a Monday – Friday, 4-hour shift.

Job Responsibilities 

The CEO of Clickguard Software is currently searching for a dedicated, energetic, committed, and proficient part-time executive assistant who will participate in everything pertaining to business and some personal-related duties. 

The CEO has a very tight schedule and is always busy trying to meet up with meeting schedules and project deadlines, coming up with new business ideas and strategies, putting up with distractions daily, and barely having a work-life balance as a result of incessant office duties and responsibilities. 

  • As his virtual executive assistant, your core focus will be to schedule meetings for the CEO, manage his calendar, organize his work table and sort his papers, and gather all the essential information and resources that will easily enable him to attain his primary hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly aspirations.
  • Bring all executives and staff together for a meeting with the CEO
  • Join the CEO to manage new staff recruitment, screening, employment & work ethics training processes. 
  • Manage the CEO’s social media lifestyles and activities.
  • Engage the CEO in brief informative conversations about meetings and events before he attends them.
  • In the absence of the CEO, attend scheduled meetings, respond to business calls and emails, and attend scheduled events. Take down notes to brief the CEO when he gets back.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Availability, proactivity, interactivity, and competency are required of the successful candidate.
  • Ability to be detail-oriented, professional & poise, and technically inclined on preferably software programs.
  • Ability to keep the CEO’s business meetings, personal life, and schedules confidential and discreet.
  • At least one year of working experience as a chief executive assistant.
  • At least one year of working experience in managing projects.
  • Ability to work under duress, time management skills, and multitasking skills.

5. An Author Event Startup And Bookclub Virtual Assistant At PBC Guru

PBC Guru is a book club located in Maryland, on the outskirts of Washington, DC.

Pbc guru uses advanced technology to create websites and upload virtual, scalable, and readable books for book lovers worldwide to read at their own convenience/leisure time. 

PBC Guru aims to enhance individuals’ thinking ability, help them advance in their careers, and help individuals acquire more intelligence and brilliance by providing quality books for them to read and online learning programs.

They are currently looking for someone interested in joining their renowned book club team to help individuals progress on their journey of acquiring knowledge from quality books.

Job Details

This job opportunity is 100% remote and part-time. The salary compensation offered starts at $18 hourly and gradually increases to a compensation of $22 hourly, considering the years you have spent working for PBC Guru.

This job offer can only be accepted by individuals who absolutely love books and managing libraries. A Lot of hard Work will be required, alongside new challenges and supporting an author event startup.

The virtual assistant will be offered employee perks such as; 401(k), 401(k) plans and matching, Health insurance benefits, life insurance benefits, ability to work remotely and choose your own work hours.

Job Responsibilities

  • Always be available to offer customer care services
  • Create and maintain current/potential reader’s contact list
  • Manage the library and online book communities.
  • Assist the CEO when he is having author talks in the evening.
  • Manage all appointment scheduling duties.
  • Try to improve online book user experiences by attending to their needs and interacting actively with them.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • Have worked as a book club assistant for at least 2-3 years.
  • A bachelor’s degree in any English and literature-related course.
  • Technically inclined, ability to manage projects without supervision.
  • At least one-year working experience in assisting with producing a live book club event
  • At least one year of working experience as a librarian.
  • Customer care service expertise.

6. A Content Moderator For K-12 Educational Sites At Miaplaza Inc

Miaplaza Inc operates an academy called Miacademy based in Silicon Valley.

The mission of Miaplaza is to optimize learning capabilities for children aged 8 months-5 years, no matter their size and physical/mental abilities, by providing virtual education via a website for strict kids. 

The website enhances their learning by enabling the kids access to educational videos, animated mathematics videos, English language learning videos, typing practices, creative games, and vocabulary-building videos/games.

Job Details

This 100% remote and part-time position offers a competitive salary compensation of $16.00 – $20.00 hourly.

The content moderator gets to have employee perks such as; Employee discount, paid time off, and the ability to work remotely. 

Miaplaza Inc will run a background check on all potential content moderators, and they expect consistent weekend availability. 

They do not expect you to have any additional part-time jobs, and your work schedule will be Mondays to Fridays and some weekends inclusive. 

Job Responsibilities 

  • You will upload moderate, age-appropriate, and educative artwork, videos, texts, and animations on the educational website for children.
  • You will work 3-hour shifts consistently.
  • For the sake of the children’s development, you will stay on track with the trending & current kids’ education curriculum.
  • The created websites should be engaging and fun enough to motivate the children to learn properly.
  • You will pay attention to little details in order to avoid uploading rated 18+ content.
  • You will work efficiently regarding Miaplaza Incs policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Ability to provide good customer service.
  • A BSc in the English language
  • Working Experience in typing and using computers.
  • Certified Proof Of UX/UI software training
  • A high school diploma/certificate
  • Expertise in using various technologies, software, and computer applications.

7. Remote Tech Sales Representative At Mass Text Pro

Mass text pro is a text message and sms marketing company that enhances productivity for various businesses by providing smart sms’ and text message advertisements and campaigns to their target market.

Job Details

This job position is a remote and part-time position. It is based on commissions and high phone sales. For every package sold, the sales representative will have a 50% commission and a 20% upfront commission for each passing month. 

The tech sales representative can choose his/her own work schedule, and there are no specified working hours for this job. 

The remote tech sales representative will be offered employee perks such as; Employee discounts, a flexible work schedule, profit-sharing benefits, bonus payments, commission payments, and the ability to work remotely. 

The salary compensation offered for this job is $19.00 – $21.00 hourly. 

 Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct sales of mass text pro’s sms and text messaging software.
  • Sell packages as instructed/given

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Proactiveness 
  • Marketing strategist
  • A high school diploma
  • A marketing degree is an asset to attaining the job
  • Ability to work consistently and hard

8. A Customer Care Representative At Miaplaza Inc

Miaplaza Inc is an educational body that runs an academy called Mi-academy. This academy provides excellent learning opportunities to children through visual learning websites. 

The children who can undergo educational training on this website are elementary and high school students, and Miacademy is a k-12 educational website.

The Mi-academy online platform can be accessed by children worldwide, and it is 100% safe as it does not include any rated 18+ visual content.

Job Details

The work setting of this position is 100% remote and part-time. The specific work schedule is Mondays to Fridays and some weekends inclusive, so the successful candidate must be available every weekend. 

The shifts associated with this job are Day & Night shifts. 

The salary compensation offered for this job is within the range of $16.00 – $22.00 hourly, and there are employee perks offered, too, such as; paid time off and the ability to work remotely.

Job Responsibilities 

  • You will engage in online live chats.
  • You will reply to all customer’s phone calls and emails
  • You will manage Miaplaza’s customer service social media platform by engaging current and potential customers with relevant content and replying to their comments and inboxes.
  • You will reply to customers’ inquiries and queries swiftly.
  • You will always be available to communicate with customers about the services they render and services they don’t render.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Technically inclined ability
  • Critical thinking ability
  • At least one-year working experience as a customer care representative
  • A complete criminal record check
  • Quick learning and conflict resolution ability
  • Excellent communication skills 

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9. Part-Time Project Coordinator Leven II Telecom Tech At Blue Sky IT Partners

Blue Sky IT Partners is an information technology company located in Houston, Texas, that offers computer-related services and support to users. 

It offers IT resources management, cloud solutions, consultations, telecommunication system management, and tech fieldwork support. 

They operate with different clients, field techs, and technology industries, making sure that they are of great value and help to the clients they work for.

Job Details

This part-time job offers a salary compensation of $20-$30 hourly. The work schedule is a 4-hour shift weekly, and it is a remote job. 

You have the right to opt-in for a full-time permanent job offer, having spent years working for them, if you wish. 

Job Responsibilities

  • You must participate in KPIs and project completion procedures daily
  • Collaborate with fellow technically inclined teammates to provide solutions for complex projects.
  • You will cross-connect lines, apply performance testing, and troubleshoot when you detect technical malfunctions.
  • Interview coworking field technicians to make sure they are competent enough to do their job
  • You will work to extend DMARCs 
  • You will ticket auto task and field nation platforms and also ticket Bluesky tools. 

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Experience in working with technology and electronics
  • Microsoft Office working experience
  • Skills in time management
  • IT environment working experience
  • Must have a working experience with router installations, and wireless devices

10. Part Time Bookkeeper / Office Administrative Assistant At Adapt Inc

Adapt Inc is a company that optimizes the user experience of researchers by offering technology-related services like image scanning, transcriptions, and inbound and outbound emailing. 

They survey check-ins, tape transcriptions, manage data entries, print surveys, and make tabulations.

Job Details

This job position being offered by Adapt Inc is 100% part-time and remote, but at least you should devote 20 hours per week to work for Adapt Inc. 

You will be granted flexible work hours when your on-the-job training is completed. The salary compensation is $22 – $25 hourly. 

 Job Responsibilities 

  • Cross-check all emails, voicemails, and client call to pick out the ones left unattended.
  • Make a monthly report of client open invoices.
  • Keep accurate records of items paid for and report to the management if they were underpaid/overpaid or you did not get any transaction alert.
  • If you have issues understanding payment information and invoice writing, use Microsoft Excel to compare them for accuracy.
  • Use QuickBooks to create and submit clients’ written invoices.
  • Respond to every customer’s inquiries and queries.

 Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • Expertise in Microsoft word, SFTP sites, Ms excel, and Ms. Access 
  • Customer Care service skills
  • Working Experience with QuickBooks, data entry, and computer skills
  • Ability to type a minimum of 20 words per minute
  • Ability to work for a long time while sitting
  • A one-year working experience, at least in an account payable/receivable role.

11. E-commerce Tech Contractor At JunoActive

JunoActive is an online marketing website that makes use of Shopify for its customers.

Juno Active E-commerce Tech Contractor Job Details

This is a Part-Time | Contract Job position. The salary compensation offered for this job is $20 – $25 hourly, and this will be dependent on the technician’s experience. 

The e-commerce contractor will use the JunoActive Shopify website to work. 

The first projects that the e-commerce tech contractor works on will focus on mobile speed increase, mobile and desktop typing speed improvement, error identification/fixing and reviewing, site auditing, and application auditing. 

This job is a day shift, remote job. 

Job Responsibilities 

  • You will be responsible for building organic traffic and Work regarding Google SEO policies
  • You will monitor all websites and fix errors observed
  • You will post engaging content and build the website’s visibility, usability, and interactivity through SEO 
  • Improve the user’s shopping experience by using google mapping and google analytics.
  • Always make sure the website is up to date to improve sales outcomes.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • Programming skills
  • Website designing technical skills

12. ACT Tutor (Part Time|Remote) At MP College Counseling

MP college counseling is a college counseling company. They work with students and their parents. Mp College also provides college advisors for students to enhance their development and growth.

Job Details 

This part-time, remote job offers a salary compensation of $25 an hour. They offer a very flexible schedule and a training program of 4-6 months. The work will start after school and some weekends inclusive.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Assist in growing the college with other co-workers
  • Respond to parent and student queries and inquiries swiftly
  • Operate the company’s Google documents, google drive, and Zoom meetings.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • At least one-year tutoring experience on SAT
  • Experience working with students, script marking experience, and communicating with parents about their children’s performance in the college
  • Working Experience with Google Documents, ACT tutoring, and google drive.

13. Radiology Exam Tutor At Frog Tutoring

Frog Tutoring is an educational platform that offers premium online and physical tutoring classes to students at a very affordable rate.

Job Details

This is a 100% part-time contract job. The radiology exam tutor will be paid a salary compensation of $20 – $25 hourly. Frog Tutoring will offer its radiology exam tutor a work-life balance by providing a very flexible schedule. They are offered bonus payments after tutoring students for a long period of time. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Engage students in online, remote, and physical radiology classes.
  • Encourage students to do assignments and perform well in continuous assessment tests
  • Ensure that their learning experience is excellent

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • An ARRT certification
  • Tutoring skills
  • Organizational and communication skills 

14. An Engagement Writing Specialist At Civic Science

Civic Science is a platform that gathers insights from thousands of customers that provide business growth insights to Apple, Microsoft, the Bank of America, telecom, and other well-renowned brands. 

Brands have to search for strategic marketing insights, and Civic Science provides the necessary information.

Job Details

The job is part-time, offering a salary of $41.4k – $52.4k yearly. The work entails a lot of survey writing, analytical thinking, strategic data collection, entry, and research, but the successful candidate will work remotely at his or her own convenience. 

Hourly salary compensations will only be paid considering the individual’s experience, knowledge, skills, capabilities, certificates, and degrees owned. 

 Job Responsibilities

  • Edit and write surveys about different topics and upload
  • The articles or surveys you write must be concise, accurate in grammar, engaging, and easy to understand
  • You must publish write-ups before the given deadlines.
  • Enhance visibility, usability, and interactivity using search engine optimization strategies.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • Editing, typing, and data entry skills
  • Great time management skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks daily

15. Part Time Resume Specialist At Pathrise 

This career enterprise gathers individuals searching for jobs, coaches them on how to make good career choices, and enables them to create and write their resumes.

Job Details

This job position is a 100% remote and part-time 1099 contractor position. The salary compensation is only paid considering the coaching sessions, session types, and the coach’s experience level. 

The salary ranges from $21.50 – $55.00 per client session and $50.2k – $63.5k yearly compensation.

You are offered a flexible working schedule and access to the resources of Pathrise to make your work easier and a whole community of mentors and coaches.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct classes on how to write resumes.
  • Conduct tests and exams to test the student’s resume writing skills
  • Assist students in lesson areas that they find a bit complex
  • Devote at least 10 – 25 hours a week to working for Pathrise

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • At least three years of working experience in optimizing profiles, writing relevant resumes, and branding job candidates.
  • At least 10 – 20 hours of availability every week 
  • At least 2-3 years of experience working with tech platforms like Asana and google suite. 

16. Mammography Technologist At Dalton Imaging

This is a clinic that specializes in the use of MRI scanners to scan patients that are sick with cancer.

Job Details

This is a part-time job (and can also be a time job if you wish) PRN. You earn $26 hourly. Employee perks include health insurance, dental insurance, 401(k) plans, Paid time off, eye care insurance, and life insurance. 

Your specialty must be radiology, and you are to work on outpatients during day shifts, and there are no compulsory travel requirements. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the outpatient clinic facility.
  • Ensure that breast cancer patients under your care are responding well to treatments
  • Ensure that every patient wears personal protective equipment before using MRI scanners on the patient.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements 

  • A four-year back degree in radiology completed course.

17. A Personal Assistant To Influencer At R Vision LLC

R Vision LLC is situated in Los Angeles, California. They are highly talented in the media, entertainment, and fashion sectors.

Job Details 

This part-time job is offered to individuals who are proactive enough to handle the job of a PA. The compensation benefits range from $20 – $25 hourly. 

R Vision LLC offers a flexible work schedule to their personal assistant. The personal assistant is expected to work from Monday to Friday, On call and some weekends inclusive.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage the calendar of R Vision LLC.
  • Schedule meetings, appointments, and events for R Vision LLC
  • Attend meetings, appointments, and events without R Vision LLC. Take down relevant reports on the important aspects of these meetings, events, and appointments.

18. Remote Frontend Engineer At Turing.com

Turing.com is a team collaboration platform trusted by various organizations that specialize in optimizing websites for users. 

They are very up-to-date with current technologies and implement agile and scrum frameworks to manage websites.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Implement high-quality graphic images and visual designs on the front end of the website.
  • You have the responsibility of creating applications that are user-friendly and stable.

Career Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • Working experience in using JavaScript-based SDKs

19. Coding Teacher At Strive Education 

Strive Education International is an online platform for kids to learn how to code, preferably those aged 8-16. 

The coding lessons are taught in very practical and engaging ways to motivate the kids to learn and understand better. 

The Job Details

Anyone residing in the US can apply for this job, and you can earn more money at your convenience. This part-time position demands at least 5 hours of devotion to work, meaning every applicant must have at least 5 hours of free time every week. 

All tutorial classes are online, and the salary is $10 – $25 hourly based on the individual’s working experience and location.

The Job Responsibilities 

  • Teach children how to code in Python.
  • Make the coding learning experience fun in order to make the kids more engaged in the learning process.
  • Exercise great patience and be compassionate while working with the kids
  • Give assessment tests at least weekly to test their capabilities; after marking, tell each of them how well they performed and let them in on areas that will require more hard work, focus, and improvement.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • Python Coding language fluency
  • Working experience in managing coding tutorials
  • Make sure you own an iPad or tablet with a fast internet connection to enable you to teach effectively.

20. Medical Laboratory Technologist At The University Of Alabama 

The University of Alabama is a well-renowned school of medicine and law, and it is a public research institute founded in 1831 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

The Job Details

This temporary/part-time position demands weekend availability, night shift availability, and Monday to Friday day shifts. The salary compensation offered is $17.35 – $25.33 hourly. The University of Alabama will run a criminal background check on every finalist after the job interview; only one candidate will be employed without a red flag in behavior patterns.

The Job Responsibilities

  • Run tests on patients and give them accurate updates on the test results.
  • Ensure that the medical laboratory and clinical equipment are always clean and ready for use.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the patient’s medical records.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory tech.
  • A certificate of successful internship in the related field.
  • Must be medically inclined enough to make use of test equipment 

21. Part-Time Radiology Tech At OrthoCarolina

This independent academy has been serving southeast North Carolina by offering medical care like Musculoskeletal care, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, and orthopedic care. 

They handle foot, ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, spine, and hand sprains. Ortho Carolina has also been very devoted to enhancing the health of many ill patients who visit them since 1922.

Job Details

This part-time position offers ineligible benefits like career development opportunities, devoted support from teammates, a nice working environment, and a sponsored tuition reimbursement. 

The job demands availability for Monday to Friday day shifts, every weekend evening inclusive. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Deliver patients’ radiological images to physicians for evaluation and diagnostics.
  • As required by the physician, you are to conduct x-ray tests on patients on the sprained area(s)
  • Ensure that radiological examination rooms are always clean and tidy

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in radiology specialties.
  • MRI scanning experience
  • Certified Proof Of Internship in a radiology specialty department 

22. CT Tech At Saint Luke’s Health System

Computed tomography tech expertise is urgently needed in Saint Luke’s health system. The CT Tech will join the radiology team to work directly with patients and provide the essential care they need, performing Dx examinations and tomography scan processes.

Saint Luke’s Hospital is situated in overland park, Kansas City.

Job Details

The job type is a part-time PRN position. Work schedules will be night shifts.

Job Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for inserting intravenous fluids to use contrast agents to perform MRI scans. 
  • You are responsible for performing X-rays on the patient’s sprained or ill body parts.
  • You are responsible for performing computed tomography scans, whether contrast agents are available or not.

Skills, Career, And Educational Requirements

  • A Kansas state board of healing hearts’ radiology technology degree/license.
  • At least one-year working experience in a Radiology department
  • Ability to provide excellent Medicare to patients



Just as we promised, these are all of the 22 Best part-time & remote tech job positions online today. 

The employers are currently hiring, so if any suits your career interests and goals, do well to apply by clicking on the link of the tech job you prefer.

Best of luck to you; thank you so much for viewing our article.

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