17 Top Best Executive Assistant Jobs

Executive assistants: Like administrative assistants or secretaries, support someone else’s work—usually an executive—by managing or overseeing office responsibilities. The distinction is that an executive assistant is a senior office staff member assigned to a top boss. This includes managing and teaching other office workers and taking on responsibilities that can have a significant impact on a company’s performance.

An executive assistant is a professional who works as an administrative assistant to an organization’s executive or another high-level administrator. They handle things that directly impact the performance of the business, such as training employees, conducting different office administration responsibilities, offering administrative assistance, and typically handling jobs that directly impact the business’s success, such as training staff.

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1. Executive Assistant At Planet Group

Job ID: BH346679

Category: Executive Assistant

Specialty: Administrative

Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Remote Based


The Planet Group of Companies is a non-discriminatory employer. We value diversity and are dedicated to establishing a welcoming workplace for all employees.

2. Executive Administrative Assistant At Lpl Financial

Location: United States


At LPL, we believe that objective financial guidance is everyone’s basic need. As the nation’s leading independent stockbroker, we provide an integrated platform of proprietary technology, brokerage services, and investment advisory.

We provide you with a working environment that encourages your creativity and growth, a supportive and responsive leadership team, and the opportunity to create a career with no limits and only incredible potential.

We are a team with a mission. We take care of our consultants so that they can take care of their clients.

Location: United States

3. Executive Assistant At Commercetools

Location: US Remote


Our administrative assistant will provide administrative support for our three American leaders, including assisting and managing calendars, schedules, and travel arrangements.


Work closely with designated managers to support the specific needs of their functions.

Assist in the planning and execution of team-related activities

Manage administrative calendars, including meeting arrangements,

Coordinate domestic and international travel, including flight arrangements and reservations ground transportation, hotels,

Prepare and submit monthly expense reports through Expensify.

4. Executive Assistant At Phreesia

Remote United States

Remote (EST Time Zone)


Phreesia is seeking an Executive Assistant to support the Senior Vice President of Life Sciences. This person will serve as the primary contact and liaison for the senior vice president of life sciences and work closely with other leaders in the life sciences department.

This position requires excellent oral and written communication skills, research skills, good judgment, and the ability to multitask and work independently.

The right candidate will have a strong action bias and the ability to think proactively and strategically.

A high degree of integrity and caution must be maintained when handling confidential information, and professionalism must be maintained when dealing with senior professionals inside and outside the company.

5. Executive Assistant At Density

Location: United States – Remote



At Density, we build the infrastructure necessary to measure how people use space. The result of distributing this platform is lower emissions, less waste, better access, safer buildings, and better urban design. This is a long-term quest, and we can use your help to achieve it.

Density is growing rapidly. We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Syracuse and cross-functional teams in 14 states and 4 countries.

We run a hybrid model located in certain geographic areas and distributed in other geographic areas. The ability to work as a team in this structure is essential.

This role will support the executives of all our business functions to ensure that they run smoothly and that our employees have the resources needed to succeed.

We strive to create the key tasks of efficiency and calmness in the chaotic team schedule.

6. Executive Assistant at Resident Home

Location: New York, New York; Remote, United States



The resident is the industry leader in DirecttoConsumer’s mattress and household products category. Since creating the award-winning Nectar Sleep (with more than 1 million happy sleepers and an increasing number) in 2016, we have also launched Dreamcloud, Awara, and Level Sleep brands to cater to various sleep preferences. Our mission is simple; we strive to make inspiring products that people like to go home (and help everyone get a good night’s sleep).

The foundation of our company is to continuously improve our ability to introduce our products to new customers and provide them with an excellent experience throughout the purchase and after-sales process.

We like to use data and indicators to drive our decision-making, keeping in mind that customers do not speak with numbers. Everyone should be regarded as a member of our family.

7. Assistant at Profit Factory

Please note: This work is published by Profit Factory on behalf of Smart e-Strategy. Profit Factory is a company that works with entrepreneurs to equip them with virtual assistants.


Smart e-Strategy helps other brands develop digital marketing strategies to attract ideal customers, generate more website revenue, and increase the value of repeat customers.

We started this work in 2017 and helped brands from more than 100 brands to generate $10 million in additional revenue.

Time Specification: 30-40 hrs/week

8. Executive Assistant at Olive AI



United States

Full time


Olive’s artificial intelligence workforce is designed to solve the most burdensome problem of hospitals, medical systems, and payers that deliver healthcare with higher revenues, lower costs, and higher capacity.

Due to the lack of shared knowledge and siled data due to outdated technology, healthcare employees basically work in the dark. Olive aims to connect different systems and bring a new dawn to the broken medical process that hinders efficient and timely patient care.

She uses artificial intelligence to reveal life-changing insights to make healthcare more efficient, affordable, and effective.

Our mission is to unleash the hidden potential of a trillion dollars by creating the Internet of healthcare so that patients worldwide can benefit tomorrow from a healthier industry.

9. Executive Assistant at 6sense Insights

United States, Remote


6sense helps B2B sales and marketing organizations fully understand ABM’s complex buyer journey.

Combining the intent signals from each channel with the industry’s most advanced AI prediction capabilities is finally possible to predict account demand and optimize demand generation in the ABM world.

With the help of artificial intelligence and the power of the 6sense Demand Platform ™, sales and marketing professionals can discover, accelerate, and capture buyers’ needs, thereby increasing revenue.

10. Executive Assistant at Knock



Knock’s mission is to allow people to move freely. Knock Home Swap ™ allows consumers to easily buy a new home before selling the old one, eliminating the hassle of living due to maintenance and display, paying only one mortgage at a time, and preparing the home in advance so that their old home can be sold for sale.

The highest possible price. Knock currently offers Home Swap in 34 markets in 9 states, and it’s growing.

Was launched in 2015 by members of the Trulia.com founding team. Knock has raised over $ 600 million in debt and equity from leading investors, including RRE Ventures, Foundry Group, Redpoint, Greycroft, Corazon Capital, Correlation Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, and FJ Labs.

11. Executive Assistant at 33Vincent

Category: Executive Assistant

Specialty: Administrative

Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Remote Based


33 Vincent is committed to building a diverse team and providing a working environment without any form of discrimination.

33 Vincent strives to ensure that all decisions regarding contractor participation, employee recruitment, and promotion are made on a non-discriminatory basis, regardless of gender, race, color, age, nationality, religion, disability, genetic information, marital status, sex, Orientation, gender identity/reassignment, pregnancy or childbirth, veteran status, or any other conditions protected by applicable national, federal, state, or local laws.

Therefore, 33Vincent does not tolerate discrimination based on the above categories in any employment behavior, including but not limited to employment, placement, promotion, dismissal, dismissal, transfer, permission, benefits, compensation, and training.

12. Executive Assistant at SailPoint

United States, Remote

Executive Assistant to the EVP, Product


SailPoint is a leader in cloud enterprise identity security. Our identity security solutions provide protection and support to thousands of companies worldwide, give our clients unmatched visibility into their entire digital workforce, and ensure that employees have the right to do their job right, not too much.

For more information, visit www.sailpoint.com.

SailPoint’s success is directly related to our core values, also known as the “Four are”: integrity, personality, influence, and innovation.

These are the pillars of our corporate culture because they are independent of scale, so from our early start-up until today as a fast-growing global company, they have provided us with good services.

13. Executive Assistant at Delegate Solutions

Location: The United States except for New York, California, Hawaii

All positions are 100% remote.


First, we practice our core values. Our leaders and our team truly have an innate spirit of helping others. We have a passion for excellence, kind and considerate, do what we say, and transparent.

Our company takes a teamwork approach, so even if you are in a remote area, you will not work alone! Delegate offers unlimited paid vacations, paid vacations, and insurance.

Our team members are not only W2 employees (not contractors), but we also have a salary! You can count on a stable salary.

14. Executive Assistant at Honeyfund

Honeyfund.com, Inc – Remote

$38,000 – $52,000 a year


Honeyfund is growing, and we are inviting some stars to join our team.

Honeyfund is an innovative web and application-based consumer business.

Helping plan the wedding of a royal couple, spend the unforgettable honeymoon of a lifetime, and build a lasting marriage.

When you join our team, you will be surrounded by a group of real, passionate, and super smart professionals passionate about the company and its users!

15. Executive Assistant at H1 Insights





At H1, we provide a platform to connect stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem for better collaboration and discovery, creating a healthier future. Everyone at

H1 plays a vital role in creating the future. Our team is 100% customer-focused and aligns their needs with our solutions.

We believe that we can bring value and benefit to our clients’ businesses and ultimately to patients.

We are customer-oriented innovators committed to ensuring that our platforms and solutions have the greatest impact in the life sciences field.

16. Assistant/Associate at Dan Martell | SaaS Academy Team

Location: International, anywhere in the world;

100% remote


Are you someone who likes to make plans, create lists, coordinate people, and make sure things are done quickly and correctly? Are you a problem solver? Do you have the heart of a servant? Can you keep a secret? If so, keep reading! Chapter

The SaaS Academy team is looking for a very good person who can join our superhero family and help our clients expand their software business to a new level in any way possible.

We will say honestly from the beginning: this is a continuous job; We are always looking to add assistants to our multiple department teams. This can be an entry-level CS, an experienced manager on our operations team, or somewhere in between.

17. Executive Assistant at Pangaea Holdings

United States


Pangea’s mission is to connect consumers around the world with their favorite brands. We believe that the product you buy is a manifestation of your identity. By taking the brand global, we are building a smaller and more expressive world.

We collect and analyze consumer behavior and purchase data to create high-quality, world-class brands for the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market. Our brand is built on a proprietary international platform with warehousing/logistics capabilities, globally distributed performance creativity, fulfillment, and payment.

Since its launch in 2018, our products have been sold to 100 different countries. We have more than 100 employees and contractors in multiple locations around the world. With the support of Google’s AI Gradient Ventures, we are a fast-growing startup expected to become a leader in the direct-to-consumer industry.

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