32 Best Jobs For Hippies With Free Spirits

Are you one of the hippies with free spirits who always prefer to be their own boss and explore their creativity rather than settle for the conventional 9-5 jobs? This article is definitely for you! 

So, If you’re a free-spirited person looking for a suitable job that allows you to work at your own pace and be as creative and productive as possible, you’ll want to read right to the end of this article as I’ll be sharing with you some of the best jobs for hippies with free spirits!

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Best Jobs For Hippies with Free Spirits

1. Blogger

Blogging is a terrific job for anyone who likes to work at their own pace and save time for the activities in life that actually matter.

 You can also opt to write about the topics in life in which you are most fascinated about.

You can choose whatever niche you want, ranging from travel, food, art, business, relationships, and much more.

What’s more, you can work right from the comfort of your home and work at your own pace. 

You also don’t have to worry about finding a new job if you have to move, nor will your location affect your work as all you need for blogging is just your computer and internet connection. 

  •  National Average Pay: $67,120 per year
  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree

2. Small Business Owner

There has not been a better time to start your own small business than now,  thanks to technological advances.

As long as you are passionate about what you want to do, starting a small business is a great job, whether you want to sell your products online or open a physical store.

  • National Average Pay: $49,120 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma 

3. Homeschool Tutor

Homeschool tutoring is a very enjoyable job too, you have the opportunity to work closely with a small number of children, or a child and also frequently have the opportunity to assign the kids original projects and tasks or take them on field trips.

This position might be ideal for you if you enjoy working with children in a relaxed, one-on-one environment.

Being a homeschool tutor can be rewarding, as it’s fulfilling to see your students improve academically.

  • National Average Pay $49,643 per year.
  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree
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4. Music Teacher

If you’re a professional musician or singer with a passion for music and musical instruments, music teaching is an excellent way to share your abilities and earn money while helping others retain and enhance the same skills. 

You can choose between teaching kids or adults, and you could provide your services to children of different ages and skill levels.

National Average Pay: $53,356 per year

Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree

5. Yoga Instructor 

If you are into yoga, you might then work as a yoga teacher. Yoga teachers are among the most popular and best jobs for free-spirited individuals. 

Usually, you can set up your class timetables, permitting you the freedom to teach classes whenever you want.

Yoga teaching will allow you the chance to work with others, offer assistance, and alter people’s lives in a meaningful way.

  • National Average Pay: $60,191 per year
  • Educational Requirements: Vocational training or yoga teaching certificate

6. Freelancing

Freelancing is a great job that can provide you with numerous avenues to make money to live comfortably. 

Whether you have extensive experience in your field of study or coding, skilled in graphic design, animation, voice acting, music production, social media management, or writing, there are always a variety of freelance jobs you can take on.

 By taking freelance jobs during which you can set your schedule, you can keep developing your skills and diversify your job choices.

  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent

7. Cosmetologist

If you’re interested in putting your creative and social sides into work, consider cosmetology. 

You may focus on hair, nails, makeup, or skincare, providing many avenues for self-discovery of how good you can become at what you do. 

 Also, as a cosmetologist, you will help people feel more confident and appealing, which gives you an optimistic state of mind that will give you a great deal of satisfaction.

National Average Pay: $27,630 per year

Educational Requirement: Cosmetology License.

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8. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is a good way to travel and meet new people while making a living.

 With flexible hours, a great salary, and a fairly inactive job, being a flight attendant is a great selection for those who wish to have the opportunity to see the world.

Being a flight attendant is no doubt an ideal job for free-spirited people as they get to travel a lot and meet new people. 

 Along with a flexible package, an excellent paycheck, and a relatively relaxing job, being a flight attendant is a terrific opportunity for you to explore various lands and countries. 

  • National Average Pay: $59,050 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent. 

9. Customer Service Representative

Another great remote position for folks who enjoy helping others is working as a customer service representative.

Your main duty as a customer service professional is to answer phone calls for the company or enterprise you work with.  

So, when searching for employment, you can choose to work for an organization that you want. Since many of these jobs are remote, anyone with a reliable internet connection can complete them from almost anywhere.

All these make this a fantastic profession for someone who enjoys assisting others but doesn’t want to commute to work.

9. Audiobook Narrator

Have you ever fantasized about being paid to read a great book? you can! Being an audiobook narrator can be the ideal career for someone who enjoys reading.

The compensation for audiobook narrators is excellent, and there are always many open positions.

 The majority of audiobook narrators also can work from home, allowing you to earn money while relaxing in your favorite chair and reading.

  • Average Hourly Pay: $200 per recorded hour of footage.
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent.

10. YouTuber

Over the years, YouTube has become a great platform which a lot of people make money from. On YouTube, you get to be creative and versatile, this is no doubt a wonderful job for hippies who are free spirits. 

You can choose to vlog on whatever interests you the most, which can be anything ranging from comedy, lifestyle, business, baking and cooking, make-up, travel, and animals, the list is endless. 

What’s more, imagine doing all of these fun and interesting activities and you’ll still get paid handsomely. 

  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent

11. Park Ranger 

Park rangers spend much of their time outside, and if you love the outside too, then you can choose to become a park ranger. 

  Park rangers maintain trails, preserve park rules, provide assistance to visitors, and keep the weather safe for animals and hikers.

  • National Average Pay: $30,640 per year.
  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Relevant Field.

12. Mail Carrier

Being a postal messenger is an incredibly noble job. If you enjoy driving, you might like being a postal carrier. 

Mail carriers spend their whole time driving around town or delivering mail, so they are great drivers, which makes it a pleasure for them. 

This job is fun, adventurous, and fulfilling. 

  • National Average Pay: $51,150 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent
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13. Firefighter

When it comes to choosing a career, becoming a firefighter is a great option. There is something about their work that makes them passionate and committed to their job.

 This passion can be seen in the way they work and how they interact with others. In addition, firefighters have a lot of freedom when it comes to their work.

 This makes this job perfect for hippies who want to live life on the edge and be free from societal norms.

  • National Average Pay: $52,500 per year
  • Educational Requirement: A High School Diploma, Post Secondary Award, and Emergency Medical Services Training,

14. Landscape Architect

Individuals who want to live in the woods or on a farm would love to be landscape architects as these people are skilled in designing interesting rural-style properties. 

 While this occupation may not be as lucrative as working as a Top 100 boss at an organization like Google, it is a great way to get your hands dirty and learn about architecture. 

There are many landscape architects who are free spirits, so it is easy to find someone who is interested in working with you.

  • National Average Pay: $70,630 per year
  • Educational Requirement: A Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture or Architecture

15. Plant Nursery Worker

Plant nursery workers are a vital part of the nursery industry. They provide care for plants, flowers, and other nursery objects.

Many of these workers have experience caring for plants in a variety of growing environments, including cold climates, dry climates, and high altitudes.

  • National Average Pay: $24,598 per year
  • Educational Requirement l: High School Diploma or Equivalent

16. Farmer

Although farming requires a lot of work, it is rewarding to take care of and share your crops and animal products. 

Farmers get to spend their days outside and can choose to focus on a variety of things, including honey production, livestock farming, wool production, vegetable, herb, and fruit farming, among many others.  

17. Construction Worker 

Construction workers do not have to spend their days pent up in an office taking orders from people, instead, they get to partake in handy work independently.  

They typically operate as contractors and receive high pay.

Additionally, do you know that construction workers are constantly in demand? Well, they are. So you’re sure to always get jobs. 

  • National Average Pay: $37,080 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent

19. Zookeeper

Consider becoming a zookeeper if you enjoy taking care of animals and would like a job that requires you to burn calories. 

Many uncommon and occasionally endangered species at the zoo are taken care of by zookeepers, who also feed, clean, and care for them.

 Visitors are also given information about the animals as well as ecology and endangered species by zookeepers. 

Teaching visitors about the value of conservation and assisting zoo animals in their growth are both enjoyable experiences you’ll gain as a zookeeper. 

  • National Average Pay: $38,571 per year.
  • Educational Requirements: High school diploma or its equivalent, with a preference for a bachelor’s degree in a field connected to animals.

20. Veterinary Assistant 

Veterinary assistants oversee the front desk, greet clients, and aid with handling animals when people visit the veterinarian. 

Being a part of a veterinary clinic has several advantages, whether your passion is working with animals, meeting other animal lovers, or assisting people through veterinary checkups.

You don’t need a graduate degree to work at the vet’s office because veterinary assistant training is extremely straightforward and frequently completed in-office once you are employed.

  • National Average Pay: $29,930 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma. 

21. Photographer

Photography is an excellent job for free-spirited people and gives ample opportunity to be creative and versatile. 

There is always a great demand for photographers, and there are numerous industries where you might get work. 

Being a photographer has several advantages, whether you choose to document people’s significant occasions, capture intricate wildlife images for a blog, or photograph cityscapes for newspapers, you’re going to have a great time doing your job. 

Photographers also typically work fairly flexible hours and are well compensated for their brief workdays. 

They also enjoy the satisfaction of producing lovely art and displaying it for the benefit of others.

National Average Pay: $41,280 per year

Educational Requirement: High School Diploma. 

22. Interior Designer 

Why not give interior design a shot if you have a knack for decoration? The majority of qualified interior designers hold a bachelor’s in arts. 

Interior designers put time and effort into creating or remodeling residential and public spaces, as well as selecting the ideal furnishings and accents to make the place as aesthetically pleasing and practical as possible.

The satisfaction that comes from seeing your works come out beautifully is second to none. 

  • National Average Pay: $57,060 per year
  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, Architecture, or Art

23. Florist

Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of beautiful flowers? 

Florists have the responsibility of grooming beautiful fresh flowers and making them available to people who need them. 

 By surrounding yourself and your clients with beautiful flowers, you may help people celebrate both the good and the bad things in life as a florist.

So, if you wish to aid others and maintain a fun work environment, floristry can be the career for you.

  • National Average Pay: $29,140 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent
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24. Art Gallery or Museum Curator 

Consider a job at an arts center or a museum if you are passionate about history and art and would like to share that love with others. 

Art Curators oversee new installations, maintain exhibitions, and create new displays for fresh works of art and artifacts.

 The typical day of a curator is tranquil with a few noteworthy occasions whenever an exhibition changes. 

  • National Average Pay: $52,140 per year
  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree

25. Social Media Manager 

Social media managers have the responsibility of social media marketing, and they frequently use creativity to connect with new audiences. 

Being a social media manager could be a great way to make full-time money while working part-time hours if you enjoy creating fresh posts, interacting with readers in the comments, and organizing social events.

  • National Average Pay: $50,000 per year
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma / Bachelor’s degree in communications (optional)

26. Video Editor

Video editing can be an excellent career choice for you if you have an interest in cinematography or want to get involved in what requires an innovative process. 

Video editors work on movies, documentaries, commercials, cartoons, and other types of videos to produce well-balanced, fluid videos for a production team.

  • National Average Pay: $61,900 per year
  • Educational Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree.

27. Advertiser 

Advertisers mostly advertise goods and services for businesses and companies. 

Advertisers are expected to be imaginative and adaptable, and they are rewarded handsomely for their original concepts.

 If you choose to make this your career, you will have lots of employment stability because almost every company or business requires an advertisement.

  • National Average Pay: $141,490 per year.
  • Educational Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree In Advertising, Communications, Business, or Sales.

28. Bartender 

Bartenders are outgoing individuals who are compensated more for their superior interpersonal skills than the physical services they offer. 

You can assist others on a daily basis while working as a bartender, and you’ll never get tired of the atmosphere as it’s always fun. 

Bartending is a great career choice if you seek excitement and fun while earning money. 

29. Therapist

  • National Average Pay: $24,960 per year.
  • Educational Requirement: High School Diploma or Equivalent

Therapists use their professions to connect and assist others.

 They provide people with their undivided attention while doing their utmost to provide them with pertinent responses and solutions to their queries and issues.

Being a therapist is a really rewarding profession since you can be confident that while you were working, you were assisting someone.

  • National Average Pay: $43,620 per year
  • Educational Requirements: Massage Therapist License or Certification

30. Musician

If you don’t have a strong passion for music, your song won’t have a soul and won’t touch people’s hearts. 

Hippies with free spirits are driven by their passions, so if you love music, channel that passion into something lucrative.

To earn a respectable living, you can start a career in music, acting, or singing in a bar or restaurant.

31. Stunt performer

Now, this is one job that takes guts!

Few people have the courage to endanger their life while experiencing intensely pleasurable stimulation of feelings when performing a stunt on a motorcycle, in a car, or in any other manner. 

So if you’re a risk taker, you’re sure to love this job! 

32. Dance Instructor 

Did you know dancing is a great form of exercise and helps relieve stress? Well, it is. What’s more, you can make more teaching people how to dance as a dance instructor. 

The nicest part about becoming a dance instructor is that you will get to live life to the fullest while earning between $32,000 to $70,000 each year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jobs Do Most Hippies Have?

Hippies are also renowned for their inventiveness and creativity, and they frequently employ these traits to engage in artistic pursuits and interesting jobs. 

Some of them are; musicians, photographers, stunt men, YouTubers, and much more. 

What Do Hippies Do For A Living?

Hippies tend to be oddities in society, forgoing traditional office professions and occupations in favor of more enjoyable and creative ones. 

What’s the difference between a hippie and a free spirit?

The primary distinction is that hippies are made, whereas free spirits are born.

How do Hippies make money?

Since hippies can make money in many different ways, there really is no definitive answer to this question. 

Some may perform music, do photography, work odd jobs, or sell their artwork or handmade products.

How Do I Know If I Am a Free spirit?

A free spirit is someone who isn’t constrained by established social norms.

 A free spirit may accept change, value spontaneity, defy tradition, and lead an unusual existence. 

They are polite and forceful at the same time, saying what they mean. If you possess these attributes, you’re a free spirit. 

What Do Hippies Believe in?

Hippies believe in freedom and expression. 

Freedom of thought, expression, and association, as well as the ability to love and be yourself.

Hippies place the most value on that. Hippies’ main tenets are freedom, peace, and love, of course. Freedom, not necessarily sexual liberation,

Is it OK to Be a Free spirit?

Indeed it is! While compassion is crucial, being a free spirit also involves taking charge of your destiny and making your own decisions. 

Free-spirited people are frequently stereotyped as leading unorthodox lives and defying social conventions, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you. Just make sure you’re acting responsibly.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is a Hippie?

Below are some simple things of life that hippies love, and if you do too, you might just be a hippie. 

  • You enjoy bodily movement.
  • You are religious.
  • You cherish nature
  • You have unique musical preferences.
  • You enjoy wearing no shoes.
  • You dream of living someplace remote from people.
  • You’re excited by the universe.

How Do You Live a Free Spirited life?

Here are some basic principles to help you leave a free-spirited life:

  • Live in the moment
  • Delete the past.
  • Give up trying to be correct.
  • Get rid of unhealthy connections.
  • Give up positions of authority.
  • Step away from your comfort zone.

Can an Introvert Be a Free Spirit?

 Being a free spirit is an ESSENCE, not a designation or external representation.

A free spirit can be a homebody or an explorer, a family person or a homebody, a vocal extrovert, or a reflective introvert. Forget the common stereotype of free spirits and do you!

What is Another Word for Free-spirited?

Related terms for “free-spirit” include “original,” excessive,” “maverick,” “flower kid,” “gonzo,” “hippie,” and “bohemian.”

“boho,” “free agent,” “freewheeler,” “new-age. 


No doubt from all we’ve discussed, the best jobs for hippies with free spirits are those that involve creativity and are versatile. 

These jobs can be found in creative fields such as music, art, and writing. It is important to remember that these jobs are not just for people who are willing to break the rules a bit.

 Instead, they are often opportunities to find new ways of thinking and experiencing the world.

So for all free spirits and individuals willing to ditch the 9-5 professional setting and do something more fun and innovative, these jobs are for you! 

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