20 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women

Some women usually quit their jobs when they are pregnant or they endure it and later on ask for a maternity leave from work.

This happens when their work life and personal life can’t be balanced.

Single mums might be affected by this when you have been stopped from coming to work because of your pregnancy.

But this article contains a list of the 20 best jobs for pregnant women and an estimated amount to make. 

Even when you are asked to leave work or you took maternity leave, you can still earn while at home.

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The List Of 20 Best Jobs For Pregnant Women

Below is the list of the best jobs for a pregnant woman, but this isn’t limited to pregnant women alone.

1. Online Researcher

It’s common practice to use the internet for research when it’s necessary. 

Working as an internet researcher can be the ideal choice if you have a talent for finding information online. 

Additionally, it might earn up to $59,729 annually.

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2. Recruiter

The recruiting process has changed. The majority of work done nowadays is done remotely, either online or on the phone.

Because you are attempting to sell a prospect on an opportunity, recruiting is quite similar to sales work. 

Depending on your field, area of expertise, and level of experience, you can receive compensation of roughly $84,289 each year for your services.

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3. Event Planner

The intermittent nature of event planning may be ideal for a pregnant woman who appreciates making unforgettable experiences for others.

It can be a fun career, but you do require excellent attention to detail and a flair for communicating with clients. 

Additionally, it typically pays a respectable $50,600 each year.

4. House Sitter

Consider housesitting if you’re seeking extremely low-stress jobs for pregnant women. 

Although you might need to take care of some simple tasks like watering plants and getting the mail, your main responsibility is to just be present at someone’s home. 

It typically pays $12.61 per hour, and you might be able to work another remote job at the same time.

5. Proofreader

Your primary responsibility as a proofreader is to comment on, not necessarily edit, another person’s writing. 

As a result, if you have a strong command of spelling and grammar, it might come naturally to you and allow you to make $53,037 per year by finding errors in other people’s books, articles, or other written materials.

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6. Community Moderator

To ensure that members of many online groups abide by the rules, moderators are required. 

While some of these positions are full-time, others are flexible and part-time. With the latter, a yearly income of around $39,809 is feasible.

7. Social Media Manager

You may work virtually from anywhere if you are a social media manager. 

Additionally, you can plan posts using tools, and you might be able to manage engagement from your smartphone, providing you additional freedom.

The typical salary for a full-time employee is $51,406 per year. It is usual for part-time jobs to pay $16.15 per hour.

8. Data Entry

Data entry specialists take information from one source and enter it into another, making it one of the traditional work-from-home occupations.

Data entry may be simpler to learn because all it may require is good accuracy and fast typing. 

However, the salary is still not bad, coming in at about $33,490 per year.

9. Floral Designer

I’m sure you would love the aroma and cheer that freshly cut flowers bring.

There are occasionally openings for new floral designers in grocery stores and independent flower businesses.

Part-time jobs or flexible hours are common for floral designers.

Because of its flexibility, flower design is among the finest professions for expectant mothers who want to work in a typically stress-free environment.

They are paid hourly wage: $14.01 on average

10. Paralegal

Have you carefully read the paralegal job description before? 

The essence of this job is that you spend your time assisting a lawyer or legal office. 

You do require some advanced knowledge, but typically not a bachelor’s degree. 

Once you have that, you could be able to work from home and make $51,740 annually.

11. Medical transcriptionist

A lot of medical professionals, notably doctors, record audio regarding the specifics of their patient contacts, diagnosis, treatments, and probable future courses of action. 

However, those recordings must be converted into precise, understandable medical reports that may be preserved with each patient’s data. 

That demand is met by medical transcriptionists, many of whom can work from home and set their schedules.

They are paid hourly wage: $16.96 on average

12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

To find what they’re looking for online, most individuals use search engines. 

Therefore, businesses that show up in the top few search results get more traffic to their websites than those that do not. 

Working with online content and marketing strategies while developing and putting them into action may be possible for you as an SEO specialist.

They are paid hourly wage: $31.64 on average

13. Customer Support Representative

Several customer service representative positions are remote and many are part-time. 

Your time will be spent assisting clients in problem-solving, frequently by following predetermined steps. 

Additionally, you may earn a respectable $34,710 per year in full-time work.

14. Video Editor

This job can be done remotely, you don’t need to be in an office.

Video dominates the world of online content. 

Because of this, businesses are ready to spend a lot of money on video editors who can assist them in realizing their goals, typically $37,900 each year.

15. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are a well-liked option if you want to work for yourself as a freelancer. 

They produce a wide range of images for businesses, including logos, brochures, ad layouts, and more. 

One of the highest-paying options on the list, working full-time frequently enables you to make roughly $52,110 every year.

16. Academic Tutor

This position is open to everyone who performed exceptionally well in a particular academic topic when it comes to careers for expectant women. 

Academic tutors, either in-person or online, assist students in better understanding the chosen subject. 

Additionally, if you worked full-time, you could earn roughly $39,350 yearly.

17. Virtual Assistant

The duties of an administrative assistant are typically covered by a virtual assistant position as well. 

While working remotely, you assist a business or company leader by managing several office-related duties.

Both full-time and part-time positions are available, and many have flexible hours. 

Additionally, this option earns $41,977 annually, making it potentially profitable.

18. Dispensing Optician

Expectant mothers who get inspired by getting to know and assist new people every day are frequently suitable candidates for this position. 

It entails helping consumers choose contact lenses or eyeglass frames and making sure that they are created and ordered by the correct measurements and prescription requirements.

They receive an hourly wage of $18.53 on average.

19. Financial Planner

Few people possess the knowledge necessary to regularly make prudent investment decisions, reduce their tax obligations, build budgets, and plan their estates to meet their long-term financial objectives. 

As a result, financial planners and consultants have the power to significantly impact the lives of others.

Additionally, they frequently have the option of working for themselves or finding a job that offers excellent benefits like family leave and health insurance.

They get paid an average of $42.95 per hour.

20. Animator

Women who are imaginative and creative and have strong sketching skills can succeed in the computer animation and special effects sectors.

The work is not physically taxing, but it does take a lot of concentration. 

In addition, it is typically low-stress, except for sporadic deadline pressure.

They are paid an hourly income of $37.36 on average.


All the jobs written here are best for pregnant women but personal preference matters.

Feel free to go through this article, as a guide to choosing the job that suits you better.

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