What To Expect When Maternity Leave Ends

Having a baby is really lovely and an adventurous journey altogether. Most pregnant women who work in a company or organization usually have a hard time during those transition periods because in a company, everyone is expected to do their duties and no one can leave theirs to come help you do yours.

Maternity itself is a very beautiful experience because sometimes despite the pain you face during childbirth and the pregnancy period when you see that little person in your arms, you can’t help but feel really grateful.

After childbirth, most companies give the new mum some time away from work in order for them to take care of themselves and the little person, be healthy and mentally fit before they can resume back to work.

During This period (Maternity leave), you focus more on yourself, your family and your new baby so your brain has adjusted to the new routine and it’s quite difficult to return back to the work settings. 

I strongly believe that only strong women can just bounce out from the labor room and bounce back into working, trust me it’s indeed very stressful. For most women, if they haven’t been able to handle the whole drama the new baby would bring ,

they might just have to resign from work because at that point in their life their baby is much more important than anything so if there’s another source of income that could help support the finance of the home , why go through the stress of having to go back to work so soon may after a month or so.

Truth is most women that smoothly return back to work after giving birth are women who are really passionate about their work and what they do (career women). So if you don’t really have that drive , something that challenges you to be strong , trust me the whole process will be quite challenging.

However, in this article we’d be sharing tips on what you should expect when maternity leave ends. If it is better to ease back slowly or to jump right in? How should you manage your relationships with your boss and coworker? and where can you get the emotional support and encouragement you need during this time?

When deciding to return back to work, You may not feel ready to leave your child, or you may even feel guilty about your decision to go back to work in the first place. “All of this is normal,” of course, but that “doesn’t make it any less overwhelming.” Returning back to work is challenging  and there’s no easy path. Just be positive and have faith “that you will walk it well. 

Here are some guidelines for how to navigate those first weeks back at work.

  • So to start with you need to first realize that things have changed now and you have to adjust and be more active than ever before. You now have a lot to do and much is expected from you , from your work, family and from your baby so you need to be able to realize that things have changed and try to strike a balance.

More than ever before you’d have to work smarter and plan properly so that your baby gets all necessary needs and your work doesn’t suffer as well.

  • Next important thing to note is; you have to be gentle with yourself first!Your body has gone through alot of transitioning and even though you’re trying your best to strike a balance, don’t forget to take care of yourself and reduce excessive stress. Know for a fact that your life has changed dramatically.
  • You will be tired, frustrated, and full of self-doubt,maybe even conflicted about whether to return to work or stay at home. Indeed, many people come back from parental leave and consider quitting.
  • But just because you’re sad or worried now doesn’t mean you will be forever. It’s indeed a very emotional time. just don’t be quick to draw conclusions and don’t also ignore your feelings, just know that it’ll all pass away with time so don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • If you need help, don’t hesitate to speak up. Resuming your professional life is a process so don’t go it alone. As you make the transition, seek support and emotional encouragement. Seek advice from colleagues who’ve been through the process.
  • Reset your expectations. When returning back to work after your maternity leave it’s wise if you think and plan how to reset yourself professionally. Think about “what makes you special or different, then think of a way to modify those attributes to suit your new life.
  • If you were the hardest-working person in the office, then maybe you become the most efficient. If you were the best mentor or project leader, you become the best delegator.  Your goal is to reset your expectations for yourself. “If you don’t, you will find yourself trying to play a role you can no longer play.
  • Be intentional about your time with your child

As you’re getting back fully into the work, don’t forget that your new baby still needs you, your family in general. Think about how you will spend time with your kids. Will it be in the morning? In the evenings? Mostly on weekends? Especially if you work long hours.  You need to have a working plan for when you’ll have rewarding time with your child. The bottom line is, don’t be physically present but emotionally absent.

  • Trust The process

Be calm, patient and learn to trust the process. You’d definitely find it interesting in the long run. So don’t just jump into conclusion. 

  • Keep Your Mental Space Very Stable

Even with all the pressure you’d be going through, try to keep your physical, emotional and mental space stable so you don’t pass on negativity to your child. Free up your mind and rest when necessary.

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