Top 18 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience In 2024

Sometimes, finding easy jobs that pay well without experience is difficult.

It is because most easy jobs require a high level of skill, experience, or both.

However, securing easy jobs that pay well without experience is still possible.

Most times, companies offer these jobs as on-the-job training.

You can get such in retail, clerical or administrative industries.

Let us review some of the easy jobs that pay well without experience.

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Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience In 2022

Not all easy jobs require experience. Here is a comprehensive list of jobs that pay well without knowledge:

1. Swimming Instructor

It is one of the easiest jobs to do without experience, and you can only do this job with a lifeguard/CPR certification.

The roles of swimming instructors include coaching others on proper swimming techniques, which include diving, breathing, and different types of swimming techniques.

It has an average hourly wage of $19.21 and $3,186 per month.

2. Floor Installers

Regardless of your major, this field offers decent pay with little or no previous experience.

Entry-level floor installers typically train under an experienced supervisor or crew chief. Depending on the specialty, learning the ropes can take months or years.

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3. Fast Food Worker

Fast food earns an average of $11.80 an hour, with the highest paid earning more than $15 an hour.

Upscale restaurants often require servers to complete menu courses and trials before letting them on to customers.

Their duties include taking orders and serving food and drinks, and some may also be involved in preparing food and beverages for their customers.

4. Cleaner

Cleaners earn an average hourly wage of $12.40, potentially earning upwards of $20/hr as you build experience.

Janitor jobs are available in schools, hospitals, and cleaning companies.

Consider cleaning if you are looking for an easy, well-paying job with no experience.

However, you should prepare for regular shifts.

The duties of a cleaner vary depending on your work environment.

However, you will have to carry out housekeeping tasks such as mopping, vacuuming, sweeping and dusting, stocking and restocking dedicated equipment areas, maintaining supplies in the supply room, and informing management of any repairs needed in your housekeeping areas.

5. Stewardess

The median flight attendant’s salary is $59,050.

Airlines generally like to see applicants with at least a year or two of customer service experience but are not picky about where they get that experience.

If you left your high school job as a restaurant server on good terms, you’d likely find a domestic airline that will train you for more delicate cabin service.

6. Hazmat Remover

The median hazmat remover salary is $45,270

Some hazmat removal jobs don’t require more than a high school diploma or experience.

You should be willing to wear heavy protective gear while others require training beforehand.

If your job involves transporting toxic materials, you’ll need additional training and a special state-issued license in addition to your commercial driver’s license.

7. Mobile App Tester

The average annual salary for mobile app testers is $71,049, making it a high-paying job that requires no experience.

You should be able to do repetitive tasks, pay attention to detail, and communicate well.

A mobile app tester checks the overall usability or functionality of mobile apps and the factors that affect them.

It is one of the easy and well-paying jobs with no experience.

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, IT, or computer science is a requirement.

8. Data Entry Clerk

The hourly wage for data entry clerks in the US is $14.31, with the highest paid making more than $19 an hour.

You do not need a lot of experience to become a data entry clerk, and it’s a job perfect for teenagers fresh out of high school and anyone without a bachelor’s degree.

However, you must be able to write well, and your writing should be perfect. It makes it easier to carry out your tasks.

9. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers earn $15.56 an hour. 

A delivery driver job is an ideal job for introverts without education.

Delivery driving is a popular part-time job with benefits.

Most companies use delivery drivers to fulfill their deliveries. You can quickly secure jobs in local restaurants, app-based restaurants, grocery stores, and package delivery. App-based food delivery has made the delivery a full-time job.

10. Receptionist

The average wage for receptionists is $18 an hour, with the highest earning more than $23 an hour.

Receptionists attend to customers when they visit the business’s physical address, take incoming calls from clients and customers, and act as the face of the company by leaving customers in the best possible way.

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11. Freelance Tourist Guide

The average hourly wage for a freelance tour guide in the US is $13.78, with the top earners earning more than $24 an hour.

A freelance tour guide is responsible for the entire tour, from planning the itinerary to the necessary supplies. You can choose to use a travel agency, and you will be responsible for selling the package online and going on the tours.

12. Bartender

With tips, full-time bartenders can earn $60,000 or more a year, with high-end and high-volume establishments offering the most excellent opportunity.

In better establishments, less experienced bartenders may work as a back bar, fetching bottles and washing glasses until they are representative enough for prime-time service.

13. Elevator Installer

The median starting salary of $80,000 for an elevator fitter is a sweet deal.

Elevator installers and repairers work in a challenging, potentially dangerous environments.

If you don’t see the appeal of spending your work hours in crawl spaces and cramped elevator shafts, consider a terrestrial trade instead.

14. Dog Walker

Dog handlers earn an average hourly wage of $15.06, potentially earning $28.92.

The dog walker offers a walk for the client’s dog, ensures that the pet is well fed after the walks, and picks up and disposes of its droppings during exercise.

They are also responsible for the dog’s well-being during walks and should notify the owner and call the vet if it becomes injured or ill in their care.

15. Plumber

The median plumber’s salary is $56,330. 

For first-time plumbers and pipefitters, the most significant barrier to entry is the apprenticeship, which typically takes four to five years.

16. Taxi Driver

On average, expect to earn $14.16 an hour, with some taxi drivers earning up to $25.30 an hour on a good day.

Consider working as a taxi driver if you have a driver’s license and a clean record. Knowledge of local geography is an advantage.

Talking to strangers is a significant asset to succeed in this job. 

In addition to borrowing, you can convert your car if you own it in good condition.

You will enjoy flexibility as you can work as much or as little as you want. 

17. Park Ranger

Park rangers earn an average hourly wage of $1,939.

A park ranger’s job includes general maintenance of the park and keeping its public facilities, such as shelters and restrooms, clean.

You may operate machinery such as lawnmowers, so you must be physically fit.

18. Website Tester

As a website tester, the average hourly wage is $25.

Top earners receive more than $50 an hour, making this job one of the best paying easy jobs to do with no experience.

After graduating in computer science, you can pursue a career as an entry-level website tester.

It allows you to secure permanent employment if you are willing to perform repetitive tasks.

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Many people secure easy jobs that pay well without experience.

You can do this by securing entry-level positions requiring enthusiastic and strong-willed applicants. Such jobs depend on your skill, passion, and background.

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