List Of Jobs That Don’t Work Weekends In 2022

Working the weekend is a sacrifice many of us are willing to make for a job we love. But, unfortunately, not every job will allow you to have the same hours as most bars and restaurants. 

Not every job can be scheduled around your personal preferences, even if you’re willing to take the hit on your social life. Working on the weekends has perks, like double-time pay and getting out of the house.

However, it also comes with some inconveniences that might outweigh those benefits. For example, depending on your circumstances and willingness to deal with side effects, many jobs don’t work weekends in 2022. 

Here is a list of jobs that don’t work weekends in 2022

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Jobs That Don’t Work Weekends In 2022

Not everyone enjoys working on those days. 

If you are one of those people who don’t like working nights and weekends, here is a list of jobs that won’t work on weekends in 2022:

1. Secretary

The average secretary’s salary is $41,761.

You will typically work in an environment closed on weekends, such as a corporate office or government agency.

You’ll usually be working 9 to 5 doing things like answering phones, scheduling meetings, and managing databases, so it’s a way to make money when you’re injured because it requires little movement.

2. Dental Hygienist

The average salary for a dental hygienist is $77,090.

As a dental hygienist, you can go to schools to teach children about oral health or educate patients in the doctor’s office about the importance of dental hygiene.

You can also write reports on an individual patient’s oral health so the dentist can devise treatment plans.

In addition, you will use industry-specific tools such as x-ray machines, polishing equipment, and lasers to provide patient care.

Most dental offices are only open on weekends for emergencies, and as a dental hygienist, your work will undoubtedly be more routine.

3. Information Officer

The average information officer’s salary is $45,375.

You may be able to find an information officer job that doesn’t require you to work weekends, primarily if you work in a warehouse or a business that only has weekday hours.

An information officer collects customer information, answers public inquiries, and handles complaints.

If this job description sounds pretty general, that’s because it is.

Information officers are employed almost everywhere, from banks to factories to healthcare facilities to law offices.

4. Canteen Worker

The average salary for a Canteen worker is $26,540.

Many cafeteria workers find employment in schools, while others may work for offices, hospitals, or other on-site work environments.

Canteen workers in schools or offices often have weekends off because they only work when people eat in the canteen.

A cafeteria worker prepares and serves food to large groups of people.

Canteen staff must comply with regional or national food safety and preparation requirements.

Other duties include washing dishes, monitoring food supplies, and sanitizing kitchen services.

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5. Editor

The average editor’s salary is $61,660.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest employers of court editors are state and local governments, employing nearly 50% of all workers in the industry.

While some are self-employed, most enjoy lucrative salaries and, of course, free weekends! 

As an editor, you will create written copies of legal proceedings, such as administrative hearings or court trials.

You can provide subtitles for TV events and closed captions (captions) for the hearing impaired.

6. Daycare Worker

The average salary for a daycare worker is $28,993

You will be able to work closely with young children and be involved in all kinds of childcare, from educational projects to social and emotional development activities.

Most childcare centers specifically target working parents, so while some require early morning hours, you can even land a part-time gig with this kind of role.

If you love kids but want to be your boss, you can offer services like virtual babysitting and tutoring and make money on Fiverr with no skills required.

Some daycare facilities are open on weekends – but most only operate Monday through Friday and during regular business hours.

7. School Psychologist

The average school psychologist’s salary is $79,820.

Since you will be working in an educational environment, do not expect to work on weekends or holidays.

You will support teachers and students by providing learning and curriculum support with guidance and lessons related to social and emotional issues.

You can conduct psychological assessments, assess emotional and behavioral needs, or even provide group or individual counseling.

8. K-12 Teacher

The average salary for a K-12 teacher is $44,037.

It’s a lot of work regarding planning lessons, managing student behavior, and attending professional development workshops.

As a K-12 teacher, you will not only have free weekends and evenings, but you won’t have to worry about working during the holidays or the summer.

But that doesn’t mean the job isn’t challenging!

It is a suitable job for someone who doesn’t want to work weekends.

9. Speech Pathologist

The average speech pathologist’s salary is $80,480.

Most speech pathologists work in an educational setting, so you will naturally have weekends off (along with evenings and holidays).

As a speech-language pathologist, you will work with children and adults at different stages of their development to help them correct language, speech, and swallowing problems.

You’ll come up with customized treatment plans that include teaching sounds, building sentence structure, and even strengthening the muscles involved in speech.

10. Phlebotomist

The average phlebotomist’s salary is $33,416.

Phlebotomists often choose their schedules.

This means they can choose not to work on weekends.

Phlebotomists safely handle and dispose of hazardous materials, accurately label vials, monitor inventory, and reassure patients if they are nervous about the process.

A phlebotomist is a doctor who draws blood from his patients. They may draw blood for blood tests, research purposes, transfusions, or donations.

11. Computer Programmer

The average salary for a computer programmer is $89,190.

The vast majority of computer programmers are self-employed freelancers.

Chances are, as a programmer, you won’t have to work hours you don’t want to.

Your work will consist of writing code for new software programs and applications, typically using programming languages ​​such as C++ and Java.

You can also test new products for technical bugs and troubleshoot coding errors.

12. Library Technician

The average library technician’s salary is $38,188.

A particular company employs a library technician to help keep track of books and other records.

To qualify for this job, you’ll need some on-the-job training and an associate’s degree. A post-secondary certificate is also required in some places.

In addition to administrative duties such as replenishing library materials and keeping records, you can help people find the information they need.

13. Teacher’s Aide

The average yearly salary for a teaching assistant is $28,900.

You can help a teacher with attendance or completing behavior assessments as a teacher’s assistant.

You can grade assignments and exams frequently, which helps provide feedback for the students you work with.

You will work with the teacher to monitor behavior issues and provide supervision in class and on field trips.

Some territories require a college degree, but others only require a high school diploma.

This might be an excellent first job for someone with a history degree interested in teaching.

You will provide extra help to students who need it and even look after students with special needs.

You can work as a teaching assistant if you want free weekends.

14. Occupational Therapist

The average occupational therapist’s salary is $86,280.

Most occupational therapists work in an educational or clinical setting that typically has hours only Monday through Friday.

You can also relax during holidays and summers.

An occupational therapist is someone who treats sick, injured or disabled patients with daily activity therapy.

You can show them exercises to help relieve pain or relearn basic skills like walking.

15. Judge

The average judge’s salary is $163,360.

Most of the time, these court dates aren’t set on weekends, so you’ll have plenty of free time to enjoy.

As a judge, you will preside over court proceedings, interpret the law’s meaning, and help decide whether cases have enough evidence to go to trial.

Because you are an elected government official, you are entitled to federal sick and administrative leave, vacation, and holidays.

Court dates are usually on an appointment-based schedule, so you will have the option of choosing when you work.

16. Human Resources Specialist

The average yearly salary for an HR professional is $52,598.

Although you occasionally need to work weekends to travel to university job fairs or other events, your work will generally be Monday through Friday.

As a Human Resources Specialist, your job will be to recruit and interview job applicants.

You will also educate employees about salary, benefits, and job duties, along with checking references and completing other recruitment paperwork.


Working hours have become more flexible in today’s world, and many people can work from home or other remote locations. 

This means that you can often pick and choose your working hours

Working on weekends or evenings can be a challenging and rewarding experience. 

With the aforementioned list of jobs that don’t work weekends, you can have the option of working hours that suit your lifestyle; it could also prove beneficial in terms of your health and social life.

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