Top 15 Highest Paying Retail Jobs

The retail sector employs nearly 16 million workers in many positions. The earnings aren’t always great, and you will need a flexible schedule to succeed at many retail jobs.

However, not all roles require formal education, and there are opportunities to grow with the company and move up the career ladder. This article discusses the Highest Paying retail jobs and what the description looks like.

In describing a retail worker’s duties, automation, such as that found in those cashier kiosks in many retail stores, limits the growth of many unskilled retail jobs.

Online merchandising has also significantly impacted retail operations and opened up opportunities through online stores.

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Types Of Retail Job Opportunities

When evaluating job options, it’s essential to consider positions that best match your qualifications, interests, and where you are in your career.

The best jobs are relative, which goes to say that one good job may not be the right job for another.

It depends greatly on your interests and skills and what you want to get from your job. For example; 

  • Cashiers are often low-paying positions but may allow you to work a flexible schedule around school or other responsibilities. 
  • Retail sales associates can earn more, especially when there is an opportunity to earn a commission, but you will need strong interpersonal skills and the ability to close the sale.

Due to the large number of employees in the industry and the scope that retail covers, there are plenty of opportunities where one can progress in their career.

Once you graduate from entry-level employment, there are opportunities for decent-paying positions in department stores and district managers, especially with larger national chains. You will also likely find IT, security, and administrative positions at major retailers.

Many leading retailers have management training programs for college graduates interested in making retail a career and are actively recruiting students and recent graduates.

You can find details in the careers section of the company’s website. You will also likely find IT, security, and administrative positions at major retailers.

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Highest Paying Retail Jobs

Here’s an overview of some of the Highest Paying retail jobs, including what the job entails, median earnings, and the job outlook, if available.

1. Beauty Consultant

Beauty consultants interact with customers at beauty counters in retail stores or beauty salons. Some can work independently.

They interview customers to uncover their physical appearance concerns and recommend products to deal with any concerns.

Beauty advisors apply product samples and demonstrate appropriate uses. PayScale estimates female beauty consultants earn an average hourly wage of $13.05.

Self-employed beauty consultants or commission earners can earn significantly more.

3. Butcher

Butchers in retail food markets cut meat and fish and display their priced products for sale. They keep inventory and process orders. Butchers answer customers’ questions and recommend items.

According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), The median hourly wage was $15.18 in May 2018 and is projected to grow 3% through 2028.

3. Purchase Agents

Buyers and purchasing agents purchase products sold in retail stores. They are responsible for evaluating suppliers, negotiating prices, ordering supplies, and arranging delivery schedules.

One of the benefits is attending the trade show to see what’s new. On a larger scale, retailers or buyers work in their comfort, and smaller organizations may have an internal buyer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a purchase Agent’s median wage in May 2018 was $49,380 per year. According to the statistics, employment is expected to decline by 6% through 2028.

4. Cashier

The cashier is not the highest paying retail job, but it is one where there are no formal educational requirements for new employees. You can apply online at major retailers that provide on-the-job training for a cashier’s position.

Opportunities are available at department grocery stores, stores, gas stations, and other retail establishments.

There are many cashier jobs. About 3.65 million people were employed as cashiers in 2018. Many jobs are part-time, although some employers offer benefits.

The median wage for cashiers was $10.78 per hour in May 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS expects employment to decline by 4% through 2028.

5. Customer Service Representative

There are many different customer service roles in retail. Job duties may include:

  • Working at the customer service desk.
  • Handling returns and payments.
  • Providing product and pricing information to customers.
  • Answering questions about availability and delivery.

The median wage was $12.93 per hour in May 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS expects employment to decline by 2% through 2028.

6. Regional Manager

Regional managers oversee operations in a group of stores, usually within a geographic area. They train, mentor, and evaluate store managers and solve problems in their region. PayScale asserts a median income of $73,901 for retail district managers.

7. First-Line Supervisors

First-line department managers and supervisors are responsible for one part of the retail store. Grocery stores, for example, have managers for produce, frozen foods, meat and seafood, and dairy products.

This job could be a promotion from equity or associate position, or the employer could hire candidates with experience in that department.

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the median annual salary for front-line supervisors in May 2017 to be about $39,630.

8. Human Resources Specialist / Training Manager

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruitment, hiring, training, benefits administration, and employee relations. Depending on the vendor, this role can be either a shop or corporate position.

An estimation by BLS reports a median annual income of $60,880 in May 2018, with projected growth of 5% through 2028.

9. Information Technology Coordinator

IT coordinators in retail organizations and outlets provide user support for retailers and operations. Responsibilities may include software, hardware, mobile, server support, and messaging.

Information Technology coordinators troubleshoot and resolve issues and upgrade and maintain store systems. PayScale reports a median annual income for IT coordinators of $51,463.

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10. Loan Officer/Branch Manager

Lenders at retail banking facilities promote mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans to customers. They evaluate loan applications, manage employees and implement bank policies.

The report by the BLS asserts a median annual income of $63,040 in May 2018 for loan officers, with a projected growth of 8% through 2028.

11. Logistics Coordinator

Retail logistics coordinators organize the movement of the right products to the right stores.

They track inventory, order, allocate merchandise to stores, manage warehouse space organization, and ensure timely shipping and delivery to keep shelves and racks stocked. PayScale estimates that logistics coordinators earn an average annual salary of $45,016.

12. Loss Prevention Specialist (LPS)

Loss prevention specialists are hired to prevent theft, and employees are obligated to follow the organization’s loss control policies and cash handling procedures.

The Responsibilities of the LPS may include greeting customers, checking bags and tags, and checking store alarms and locks. PayScale estimates that loss prevention employees earn an average hourly wage of $13.18.

13. Manager Trainee/Leadership Development Associate

Many retailers engage in management training programs. These programs are designed for college graduates to sift through the different retail business and focuses on starting a career with the organization.

Others focus on training employees who are promoted from within. PayScale estimates that management students earn a median salary of $43,829.

14. Online Merchant

Online Merchants are responsible for the digital merchandising of products on a company’s website.

They measure customer interest, determine sales strategy, decide on product promotion and analyze data.

Freelancers independently market or sell products through online sites such as eBay. O*Net reports a median annual income of $70,530 in May 2018, with projected growth of 4-6% through 2028.

15. Pharmacist

The retail preparation and distribution of pharmaceuticals is a thriving component of the retail landscape, especially in light of the aging population.

Pharmacists often help run drugstores in addition to their role in preparing medications and educating customers.

BLS estimates a median annual income of $126,120 in May 2018 with little or no growth through 2028.


When looking for the top highest paying retail jobs, expertise should come to mind. Most employers welcome recruits that are the best in their field and will give these jobs to the best qualified and not on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

A good resume and cover letter attached to your accomplishments in any retail field would be an excellent boost.

Good Luck!

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