Top 25 Summer Jobs for Teens And College Students

As a teen or college student, there are hundreds of job titles to choose from across dozens of industries.  

If you want to know some available jobs, you’re in luck because this article contains the top 25 summer jobs for teens and college students.

You should know that working part-time will allow you to supplement your income while still having time for your loved ones, friends, vacations, or just relaxing.

Here’s the list of top summer jobs for teens and college students.

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Top Summer Jobs for Teens And College Students

1. Outdoor Nursery Worker

As an outdoor nursery worker, you can take care of the plants, set up displays, assist clients with loading supplies, and clean a nursery. 

You may also need to be able to lift heavy objects. The hourly wage for outdoor nursery workers ranges from $10 to $15 on average.

2. Sports Scorekeeper

An ideal sports job for teens or college students is scorekeeping in youth sports leagues. Scorekeepers make the federal minimum wage.

You must always pay attention to ensure accuracy and the scorekeeper occasionally communicates with the coaches. 

3. Pool Cleaner

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) estimates that there are 309,000 public swimming pools and 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the country.  

Pool cleaners perform pool cleaning as well as filter changes and PH level maintenance. A pool cleaner can make over $14 per hour on average.

4. Swimming Instructor

If you like to swim, you might be the ideal swimming teacher. You might be able to find employment at a local recreation facility or pool.

A swimming instructor makes, on average, $18.42 per hour.

5. Apple Picker

If an orchard is close to where you live, you can consider picking apples because some apple-picking orchards offer hourly wages to their staff. 

Apple pickers typically make $19 per hour, and they are typically paid by the bushel or piece.  

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6. Parks & Conservation Area Work

Working for conservation areas is one of the best summer jobs available if you like the outdoors or intend to work in conservation or wildlife management.

Teens and college students are the best applicants for positions like:

  • Maintaining the condition of the trails.
  • Coordinating park activities.
  • Maintaining the gates and parking areas.
  • Foodservice or visitor assistance.

7. Construction Work

Once you turn 16 in the US, you can work on construction sites, however, it must be done in a limited capacity, much like working as a farmhand. 

So for college students on break, working in construction is an even better summer job. 

It’s also the ideal job for anyone looking to maintain their physical fitness without having to pay for a gym membership due to the manual labor required.

The hourly wage for a construction worker is generally around $16.

8. Grocery Stocker/Bagger

A great summer job for teenagers and college students can also be working as a grocery stocker or bagger. 

Students can easily find employment in this industry because grocery stores frequently have openings for positions. 

And if you’re in high school, perhaps you can continue working part-time at the shop when classes resume.

Along with stocking food items, regular tasks include putting together displays, removing food that has gone bad and assisting customers with loading groceries into their cars.

An average grocery stocker makes $12.21 per hour.  

9. Catering Staff

Catering staff arrange the tables and food before the event, then instruct your guests on which station or foods to serve.

This could be a way for you to supplement other incomes because it can be inconsistent, especially if you already work as a waiter or waitress.  

The typical hourly wage for catering servers is $12.21.

10. Barista

Teenagers have the opportunity to make money at coffee shops while mingling with the neighborhood. 

There is no set minimum age because baristas serve non-alcoholic beverages like coffee, tea, and soda. However, you might also be offering sandwiches and pastries.

The median hourly wage for counter staff at cafeterias, food concessions, and coffee shops is $13.75 per hour.

11. Kid’s Party Entertainment

You can consider working at kid’s parties if you enjoy theater and entertaining children since parents enjoy planning special events for their children.

You can also be hired by a company that organizes children’s parties or entertainment business.

The average hourly pay for a party host is $12.16.

12. Animal Shelter Associate

If you want a career involving animals, you should consider taking a job with a nearby shelter. 

You’ll have to walk, feed, and clean the animals’ stalls as part of your responsibilities. The hourly pay for an employee at an animal shelter is between $18 and $20.  

13. Car Detailer

You might be able to make money this summer by detailing cars and the majority of detailing jobs are found at car washes or dealerships. 

Your responsibilities will include exterior and interior vehicle cleaning. And it’s possible to earn more than $14 per hour. 

Additionally, you could start this as a side business from your home.

14. Valet

Older teenagers and college students with prior driving experience can work as car valets. Visitors can valet their cars at several eateries, malls, and hotels.

A valet parking attendant makes $9 to $12 per hour, and you can get paid in tips.

15. Work At Or Run A Stand At A Farmers Market/Flea Market

The majority of the staff members in a local farmer’s market are either teenagers or college students.

If a farm stand isn’t located close by, you can still consider working at a farmer’s market since it is only a few days a week.

Additionally, if a flea market is close by, you could work on someone else’s booth. And, if you have your goods to sell, you could have a stand of your own.  

16. Library Page

If you’re a teenager looking for a quiet job, becoming a library page is a good option. Books, movies, and magazines are among the library materials that you’ll have to sort and store.

In the United States, a library page makes an average of $12.79 per hour. T 

17 Court Runner

If you’re interested in a legal career, court runners and legal runners for law firms are both good jobs. 

The majority of the work entails picking up and delivering legally binding documents that cannot be forwarded or sent via email. 

In essence, it’s errand running that frees up lawyers to attend to more critical issues. You might, however, also be asked to make lunch or coffee runs.

The typical hourly pay for a court runner is $13.38.

18. Window Cleaner

Window cleaners are employed by private residences, workplaces, and various types of buildings. 

They work to preserve the appearance of the windows while also extending their lifespan. They frequently clean glass partitions, mirrors, and other glass surfaces in addition to windows.

This is another job that involves exploring, primarily because you can make $18.01 an hour on average.

19. Housesitter

House sitters ensure the house is occupied while the owner is away or intermittently turn on the lights to give the impression that the homeowner is at home. They might also take care of animals and perform minor maintenance.

The typical daily rate for house sitting is between $25 and $30.

20. House Painter

You can make a lot of money working for a painting company during the summer and on the weekends.

Painters can expect to make an hourly wage of $17.83 on average.

21. Hotel Housekeeper

A hotel housekeeper or maid earns a living by performing cleaning and laundry, and they make $13.58 per hour. 

In a hospital, nursing home, or continuing care retirement community, you can also work as a housekeeper. These companies’ typical hourly rates range from $13.60 to $16.82.

22. Receptionist

Receptionists are among the best business jobs in the nation, and they are also open to teenagers and college students.

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Receptionists hired by businesses and healthcare facilities may have duties such as answering the phone, welcoming clients, and performing administrative tasks. 

The hourly pay for receptionists ranges from $16 to $20, with an average wage of $17.

23. Work At A VR Lounge, Arcade, Or Laser Tag Park

If you enjoy playing laser tag and going to the arcade, you can earn money by enjoying what you do.

This means, that if you enjoy the environment, you might collect money, run and troubleshoot machines, or do routine maintenance.

These jobs are widely accessible in urban areas, suburban communities, and vacation destinations.

So you can work while on vacation if your family is spending the summer at the beach. The hourly wage for a typical arcade attendant is $13.

24. IT Jobs

Even before you land your first job in the technology industry, you can have a successful career if an awesome entry-level job in IT was secured over the summer.

Students can apply for the following positions:

  • Webmaster entry-level 
  • IT tech support 
  • Junior technology associate 
  • Junior data entry associate 
  • Online community manager

25. Freelance

 Freelancing is a great option for a summer job because it leaves you with lots of free time and you’ll have time to hone your skills.

You will also get the chance to put what you learn in class into practice. These are a few freelancer ideas for students:

  • Independent author.
  • Web or graphic design.
  • Social media manager.
  • Electronic assistant.
  • Translation
  • Photography


Depending on your location, the employer, and your age, there are different job types and pay scales available. 

You have to first ensure you are knowledgeable about the relevant laws as they may occasionally involve child labor laws.

Teenagers and college students can therefore select from a variety of jobs based on their schedules, interests, and skill sets. 

Such as serving food at a concession stand or restaurant, a cashier, lifeguard, daycare assistant, or kennel attendant.

You can start making plans to look for a job during your next summer holiday and you can consult this article for the top summer jobs for teens and college students.

Have a great day.

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