Letter Of Recommendation Samples For Students

Are you a student who needs a letter of recommendation for an application or are you writing a letter of recommendation for a student and you are not sure how the format goes?

This article gives you complete information on the types, importance, and format used in writing letters of recommendation.

This article also provides samples of letters of recommendation and includes tips on requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher or professor.

A letter of recommendation is a document highlighting a student’s character traits and academic excellence to aid them in their application process. 

The student may use it to apply to an academic program or organization. 

The letter of recommendation writer has to be someone who has spent time with the student in an academic or professional setting like the teacher, professor, or former employer.

The letter of recommendation provides colleges or organizations a reference account of the student’s qualifications, skills, strengths, goals, and accomplishments.

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Importance Of Letter Of Recommendation For Students

Letters of recommendation for students are very important in job or college applications. Some importance are:

  • Letters of recommendation help the admission officers and HR officers to get a sense of the student.
  • Letters of recommendation help illuminate the student’s qualities and personality
  • Letters of recommendation highlight the student academic excellence and personal skills and talents

Types Of Letter Of Recommendation For Students

There are different types of letters of recommendation that a student needs either for a job or college application; they are:

Academic Letter Of Recommendation

Academic letters of recommendation are written to help students get into college or get summer internships or jobs in an organization.

This type of letter is written by the teacher, counselor, coach, school administrator of the applicant applying to the position or college.

This letter comprises a student’s academic history, character, and academic or career goals in one or two pages. 

 It includes a student’s report card or transcript and provides insight into the behavior of the applicant as a student.

The academic reference letter has to be authentic and portray the true character of the student. It focuses on the skills, qualities, and experiences that the student has that make them a good candidate for a specific organization or college.

An academic reference letter is submitted in sealed envelopes with the author’s signature on the seal.

Character Letter Of Recommendation

A character letter of recommendation is written by someone who can attest to the student’s character.

This letter is needed for students when applying for a job that requires proof of high level of honesty and truthfulness.

A character letter of recommendation can also be used as a reference letter for students with no work experience.

This letter focuses on the student’s character, personality, traits, and abilities. It also provides instances of personal interactions with the student.

Requesting Letter Of Recommendation For Students

So you want to apply for a job position or into a college and you don’t have the letter of recommendation needed. 

As a student, you will have to request it from a teacher or professor and these are some tips:

  •  You should ask a teacher or professor you are confident in that will write good things about you aligning with the organization’s or college expectations.
  • You should also provide your most up-to-date resume or CV
  • Before you use someone for a reference, know if they will be willing to provide you with a good reference to help ensure that the recommendations you get are positive.
  • You may not have the opportunity to read what your recommender wrote about you so be very sure about the teacher or professor you are requesting from.
  • You should also provide all the information needed regarding how to submit the letter, what you are applying for, what to include, and when it is to be submitted.
  • If your teacher or professor agrees to write a letter of recommendation for you, don’t forget to be appreciative.

Writing Letter Of Recommendation For Students

As a teacher or professor asked to write a letter of recommendation, explain your relationship with the student, and describe the qualities that make the student a good candidate for the job or school. 

Focus the letter on the specific organization or college the student is applying for. Include the student’s qualities with examples in the letter of recommendation.

You can ask the student for more information relating to the job or college, their CV, or a list of their extracurricular activities.

These are steps to help you as you write an academic reference letter:

  1. Address the letter.

You should know who will be reading the letter so you can salute and provide information relating to the program or organization. 

Know from the student to whom you are addressing the letter. If the student is applying for a specific position or school, then the address can be to the HR manager or admission officer. 

  1.  Introduction.

Write a paragraph or two with a brief introduction of yourself in the letter of recommendation.

The introduction should include who you are, your relation to the applicant, your profession, and your expertise. Also, you should include how long you’ve known the student, your first impression of the student, and your general impression.

Be detailed in your qualifications and intention of writing the letter addressing the program or position you are recommending the student for.

  1. List out the student’s qualifications.

The letter of recommendation should include details of your student’s time in school, achievements, activities, transcript, and CGPA to prove their academic abilities.

You can include more than one paragraph to provide details of the student’s academic performance and qualifications.

 You can discuss the following areas in your letter of recommendation:

  • Extracurricular activities

The student may have been involved in clubs, sports, and other activities that make them good candidates. You can make a list of the extracurricular activities the student participated in.

You can select from these activities to express the skills and character traits the student developed. 

  • Awards or recognitions

The student may have participated in academic or creative competitions or they may have shown consistent academic excellence. 

You can discuss the awards they’ve won from the competitions or their consistent academic excellence to show the student’s abilities.

If the student participated in broadcasted competitions, name them accordingly.

  • Academic specialties

You should discuss the student’s area of expertise or subjects they’re passionate about.

You should be able to persuade the reader that the student is genuinely interested in the position or program they’re applying for.

  • Attitude and perspective

You should include details about the student’s positive character traits.

 Workplaces and universities value people with a positive attitude because it boosts morale and improves working environments or academic relationships. 

  • Demonstration of improvement

Remember to describe the student’s ambitions, and discuss how they improved in the classroom or completed a named project successfully. 

These qualifications can be an added advantage to the student and demonstrate that the student works toward goals that will help the organizations grow.

  1. Describe a situation where the student impressed you.

While discussing the student’s character and skills, use specific examples that will help the organization understand the student’s personality, drive, and abilities. 

Describe a peculiar situation of the student that impressed you, the actions they took to solve the situation and the results of the student’s actions. 

By doing this, you are demonstrating the student’s ability to solve issues, identify opportunities,  and take steps to complete the task or improve the situation. 

  1. End the letter with a particular recommendation.

You can make the letter of recommendation more effective by relating the student’s qualifications to the organization to which they’re applying. 

In the final section of the letter of recommendation, state specifically that you recommend the student, and highlight contributions that they will add to the organization.

  1. Provide your contact information.

At the end of the letter of recommendation, make sure to include your contact information and offer to provide additional information that may be required or needed. 

This allows the reader to get a better understanding of the student, and it gives you an opportunity to be an even better advocate for the student.

  1. Letter Closing

End the letter with a formal letter closing, add your name and title. If you are sending a hard copy printed letter, include your name and signature.

If you’re sending the letter of recommendation through the mail, remember to include your contact information in your signature

Letter Of Recommendation Samples For Students

Below are examples of letters of recommendation samples for students:

Example 1 is a letter of recommendation for a student applying for a job

Victor Smith

253 NTA Road

Choba, PH 55405


[email protected]

March 23, 2022

Claire Baker


Baker’s Breakfast

27 Igbogo Street

Wuse, Abuja 55233

Dear Ms. Baker,

Johnson Williams worked as a waiter and manager at Open University’s student café under my supervision for six semesters, beginning in Spring 2017.

Over that time, I was consistently impressed with his customer service and people management skills as well as his dedication and good humor. He’s a gifted server, fast on his feet, and able to remember complicated orders.

He’s also an innovator and positive change advocator. Thanks to his suggestions, we revamped the café menu last year to focus on the most popular dishes and dropped some time-consuming menu items. It resulted in a 20 percent increase in profits.

Our customers love him. More than one customer has suggested that Daniel become a “super senior manager,” so that he can stay with us next year. But, he’s graduating on schedule, with good academic grades and a lot of references to attest to his skill, hard work, and talent. I’m honored to be one of them.

I enthusiastically recommend Daniel for the position of manager in your café. If you have any specific questions about Daniel’s experience and skills, I’m happy to help. Please call me at 562-345-9945.


Victor Smith

Student Coordinator

Open University Café

[email protected]


Example 2 is a letter of recommendation for a student applying to a college

Dear Mrs. Charlene,

My name is Rhoda Priscilla, and I have had the pleasure of teaching and coaching Jennifer Dera at Yellow High School. I’m head of the English department and Jennifer was in my Linguistics 4 class this past year. In addition to her drive for academic excellence, I’ve also coached her on the swimming team for the past four years where she has shown strong sportsmanship and humility. I highly recommend Jennifer for acceptance into the Advanced Linguistics Program at Southern College this fall.

Jennifer has consistently demonstrated ambition and maturity in and out of the classroom. She is genuinely interested in developing her skills and challenging her abilities. She has impressed me immensely with her calm and calculated attitude. She always shows kindness toward other athletes and keeps a positive attitude during competitions.

I believe a great athlete is someone who shows positivity even when they lose, and that is exactly how I can describe Rachel. This is why I chose her to be the captain of the Yellow High swimming team.

I believe Southern College will benefit from Jennifer’s ambitious nature, positive streak, and affinity to helping others. These attributes and more makes Jennifer the right candidate for the Advanced Linguistics Program at Southern College.

I’d be happy to discuss more of Jennifer’s awards in and out of the classroom. You can reach me by phone at 670-982-6928 or by email at [email protected]

Sincerest regards,

Rhoda Priscilla

English Teacher at Yellow High School

Have a great day.

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