How Can Job Seekers Make Themselves More Attractive to Recruiters?

There is no doubt that the pandemic affected the hiring industry negatively. Thankfully, there has been a slow and steady improvement in this situation.

The downside is that due to the increase in job seekers, employers are having a challenge in choosing, accepting, and offering job positions.

It is why job seekers must make themselves more attractive to recruiters.

The big question is how?

Stay with us as we discuss extensively how job seekers can make themselves more attractive to recruiters.

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How Can Job Seekers Make Themselves More Attractive to Recruiters?

There are many ways for job seekers to make themselves more attractive to recruiters. Here are tips on how to do that:

Be Knowledgeable

Giving the impression that you are knowledgeable is a way job seekers can make themselves more attractive to recruiters.

Those who write blogs, share articles, are active in LinkedIn groups, or network and engage with others in the industry make a much better impression than those who seem to be interested in online entertainment alone.

While not all online jobs should be related to the job, job seekers should try to maintain a healthy balance to send the right message to employers and potential employers.

Job seekers who use their leisure time to share news, information, and knowledge with their networks will have an edge over their competition.

As employers explore the Internet and re-invent information to find the top talent, the more decisions there are, the more they look for something in the candidate profiles that make them stand out.

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Continue Learning

Another way job seekers can make themselves more attractive to recruiters is by giving the impression of continuous learning. 

If job seekers choose a way to take a class or work to get a certificate, it can limit them when competing with the number of other professionals.

In addition to hiring education, skills, and experience, many employers want to hire people always looking for information.

It can be even more difficult for those currently employed in a complicated field.

A lifelong learning experience is a sure way for job seekers to impress employers and potential employers. When it comes to hiring, employers search for applicants willing to learn new skills and expand their knowledge base.


An employee’s willingness to volunteer shows a spirit of unselfishness, and it can mainly make a job seeker more attractive to recruiters. 

During the hiring process, employers often consider what they will do in their spare time to determine how they will fit into the company’s culture.

Those who donate their time to charity while listing their volunteer activities in their resume or sharing it on social media show employers that they share values ​​with employers who are committed to community involvement.

It shows they are interested in helping others and working for something greater than just a paycheck.

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Updated Biography

Having an updated biography can make you more attractive to recruiters.

Job seekers who fail to update their biography frustrate recruiters because they would lack the needed information to process your application.

Depending on how many eligible people employers choose from, they will take time out of their busy schedule to get a biography of the person to be posted online or move on to the next suitable candidate.

Job seekers with a sense of urgency should ensure that their life story is updated, easily accessible, and quick to respond.

Create A Professional Headline

A professional headline is an eye-catching way job seekers make themselves more attractive to recruiters.

Your professional headline should effectively showcase your current work and the career you want. Make every word count in no more than two lines of text.

Make Your Name Searchable

It is vital to make your name searchable on the Internet.

If you have a nickname or maiden name, include it in parentheses next to your professional name to make it searchable for recruiters.

Personal Brand

Employers want to see that candidates maintain a professional personality online.

Despite the common belief that everyone should be free to express their feelings, especially on non-business sites such as Facebook and Instagram, job seekers should be extra careful to send a technical message to all social media platforms. 

For some jobs, having a solid personal brand is necessary. Candidate online personas are highly sought after by recruiters. 

Even the most well-intentioned job seekers may not be aware that their other social media pages could be a red flag for recruiters who may be reluctant to refer such candidates to their clients. 

The same could apply to employers, who may view such online behavior as immature or irresponsible and not in keeping with their values.

Similarly, it may be possible to dismiss potential employers who feel that such behavior on the Internet is a sign of immaturity or a lack of commitment and is not in line with their principles.

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Concentrated Effort

Employers receive large quantities, if not hundreds, of applications for each vacancy.

When looking for a job, job seekers should focus on positions that match their skills and knowledge and redesign their CVs for each job they submit by combining relevant keywords from the job description and supporting numbers and achievements.

They should not fill employers or employers with a fresh start for any position to try to get attention.

Job seekers should focus on positions related to their skills and knowledge and customize their CV in each place where they include keywords from job descriptions, supporting numbers, and accomplishments.

Also, candidates who have not heard from employers after applying should limit their compliance once and for all to avoid appearing aggressive or aggressive.

Candidates who use this tactic have a risk of becoming disqualified.

Flaunt Your Expertise

Flaunting your expertise is a sure way to make job seekers more attractive to recruiters.

These people are more likely to get hired than those who are only interested in having fun online. Recruiters and potential employers want to know that job seekers have a healthy work-life balance, but that doesn’t mean that everything they do online should be work-related.

The more options a recruiter has to choose from, the more they look for something in a candidate’s profile that sets them apart. 


Recruiting process is constantly evolving. The unemployment rate has made finding top talent more difficult while also causing employers’ roles to change in the recruitment process.

In response, job seekers should make sure that they are always flexible. Although knowledge and experience will always be required, candidates must focus on those skills and qualities that will make them unique.

Regardless of changes in the job market or the hiring technology, job seekers should make themselves more attractive to employers.

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