The Best Second Job To Have

With most of the world transitioning to working from home post-COVID, side hustles are a predominant part of life. In this article, I will be taking you through a series of recommendations on the best second job to have.

Yes, people worked several jobs at a time, but with everything shutting down at once, they’ve had to find alternatives as the cost of living doesn’t seem to be coming down soon.

Usually, ideas remain unprofitable until they’re implemented, and many people, including you, have decided to take the initiative and find a supplement to their primary income.

It might not be easy, but it’s become necessary as bills must be paid. These implemented ideas could create short-term gigs to raise some extra cash fast or possibly become a small business.

Many people on and off the internet recommend the next best thing, many with legitimate faux backing or flawed testimonials that fuel the desire for a better life in people.

The benefits of an extra income are undeniable in a world riddled with inflations and recessions. Everyone seeks a life better than what they currently know.

According to Discover.com, there are four things to consider as you evaluate your primary job and the prospect of side hustling. They are;

  • Knowing that you have multiple income streams empowers you and helps you feel more secure.
  • Paying off the debt would be easier with extra income.
  • Building wealth: investing and saving would be easier with more income streams.
  • The prospect of your side hustle becoming a full-time job if that’s what you choose.

Since we’re drawn to ease at the lowest cost possible, we’re likely to take the easier route out of our hassles.

And because everyone seems to be in a race against time, we want to meet our goals as fast as possible. While the thrill is exciting, burnout isn’t.

It’s one thing to be swayed by reviews promising a more leisurely life and another to find these skills or jobs beneficial and exciting because it’s challenging to be productive when we lack the excitement and required enthusiasm.

Side hustles are also an excellent avenue to increase your skill set and expand your network, as well as a creative outlet.

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Article Road Map

How Then Do You Know The Best Second Job To Have Or What Side Hustle Suits You?

It’s essential to understand your current priorities and goals, as well as your interests and talents. Are you trying to make more money in less time?

Or learn a skill with a fantastic return on your investment in the future? Are you seeking fulfillment? Could improving your network be a priority? Are you saving up for college? Do you have plans to tour the world with your partner? 

“Do I have the necessary skills for this? If not, how do I learn and improve?”

“Does this job fit in my schedule?”

“Does this job excite me?” 

“Am I making any true impact by doing this?”

These are some things to consider when deciding what side job you’d like to do.

Balancing Your Primary Job And Side Hustle(s)

Usually, most side hustles are entrepreneurial. They demand time, effort, and capital from your primary job. The good part is that putting in the work will yield results.

Using funds from your primary job to fund a side hustle or learning the skill required to build a successful one should only be what’s left after priority payments have been made.

Usually, people could work two or more ‘primary jobs’ because their side hustles require funding. You might choose a 9-5 and a babysitting job after hours or work at a diner.

The examples mentioned above involve offering physical services and might not necessarily require funding from your primary job.

However, if the side hustle that suits you best requires some soft skills and funding from your primary job, you should be prepared to make sacrifices.

One of the downsides to having a side hustle, however, is less time to unwind. When you’re caught between jobs and stressed, it’s easier to fall sick, and that means you’re neither working nor earning any money. Any side hustle you decide on has to create a sleek balance that creates room for adequate rest.

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Some Side Hustle Recommendations That Might Be Helpful To You

If you work a tasking 9-5, it isn’t advisable to do more work that’d tire you out. As much as your goal must be met, your health is important. 

A college student, for example, could go to school in the mornings until afternoons (a mentally tasking job) and opt for a role as a barista that could be carried out without a lot of mental gymnastics.

Someone else that works in the corporate world might decide to create content (eBooks or video content) on the internet relating to their line of work and teach entry-level professionals and get paid.

Most teenagers opt to be TikTokers and YouTubers because they could get paid for dancing or simply vlogging their day. Influencer and affiliate marketing are also big moneymakers for them. If you’re camera-shy, you could start a blog!

Offering a delivery service is also a great way to make good money fast. Or you could drive for Bolt or Uber.

Monetizing skills and talents that you already have saves you the stress of thinking about what to offer people in exchange for their money.


The perfect side hustle isn’t far from your interests and what you enjoy doing. There’s no need to panic or overthink when deciding what to do.

And it’s okay to try different ones until you find the one that brings you the most fulfillment.

Side hustles don’t have to be intense. Do keep in mind that you should always try to fill a void. People have problems that need solving.

They’re willing to exchange money for a solution to their problem. Look for those people and help them live their best lives while smashing your own goals, too!

Moreso, there are a lot of actual experts that offer mentorship programs that help you scale faster. Mentorship works much better than buying course after course to upskill.

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