All About Community And Non-community Jobs In Canada

Interestingly, more than 2 million workers eke out a living with non-profit organizations, and this not-for-profit sector also known as the non-profit sector represents about 8.5 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

It may also interest you to know that immigrants are mostly the people that make up the 2 million workers working non-profit jobs in Canada.

Most newcomers to Canada indeed hope to make a splash with a big company and dream of watching additional zeros show in their bank account, and of course, we will advise nobody to give up their dream, however, there is yet another means of fulfilling your ambitions and have a good standard of living while making a relevant social impact and that is achievable through Canada’s non-profit sector.

That being said, we advise you to consider taking a job with non-profit institutions or volunteering if you’re moving to Canada, and while at it, there are a few things you should know.

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What are the types of non-profit jobs in Canada?

A society, club, or association that’s managed and operated exclusively for civic improvement, pleasure or recreation,  social welfare, or any other reason aside from profit is known as a non-profit organization or NPO.

Furthermore, the most meaningful part of the non-profit activity (73.2%) in Canada in the year 2017 came from government non-profit institutions, like some residential care facilities, colleges, universities, and hospitals.

16.4% of the total non-profit sector in Canada were gotten from community non-profit institutions. These institutions were able to achieve this by participating in social services, sports, recreation, or advocacy. All these are what constitute the “non-profit institutions serving households” sector in standard macroeconomic measures.

Also, the remaining 10.4% of non-profit jobs in Canada were accounted for by the Business non-profits institutions which comprise condominium associations, chambers of commerce, and business associations.

Generally, the non-profit sector in Canada is dominated by health and education. Please note that volunteer activities are not included in this slicing and dicing of Canada’s non-profit sector irrespective of their importance, and are commonly not contained in standard macroeconomic measures. If volunteering activities were to be considered non-profit, it simply means that they would represent around a quarter of the overall non-profit Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

How much can I earn as a non-profit worker in Canada?

As of the year 2017 when we were able to gather complete data, the average compensation for each job in the non-profit sector was $57,000. You will agree with us that this amount was a bit below the average compensation for the entire economy, which was roughly $59,800 (including profit and non-profit jobs).

Furthermore, employees in the largest sub-sector (government non-profit sub-sector) within the overall non-profit sector earned roughly $63,000 yearly, and they are followed by employees in the business ($54,400) and community non-profit ($42,500) sub-sectors.

Which of the provinces have the most non-profit jobs in Canada?

Whenever this question is raised, most people immediately point to Ontario as the province that has the most non-profit jobs in Canada, well, they would be right, however, as a share of the overall jobs market, Nova Scotia is the province that has more of its labor market working for non-profit organizations alongside others which are above the national average – Maritime provinces of PEI and New Brunswick.

Irrespective of the fact that Alberta, BC, and Ontario possess some of Canada’s largest cities, unfortunately, they have a lesser share of workers working in the non-profit sector, about 8.5% of the national average as of  2017.

Benefits of volunteering in Canada

A lot of people keep wondering what use is volunteering to them. Well, while volunteering may seem to be targeted towards students, non-students can also benefit from the information and advice as well. In addition to this, Volunteering and non-profit work has proven to be a pathway to the for-profit sector or self-employment you seek according to the story about a Filipino-Canadian entrepreneur in Toronto amongst others. Finally, it is one of the easiest means of securing more regular work in your chosen field.

How can I find a non-profit job in Canada?

This is yet another question that may be ravaging the mind of many. To answer this, we highly recommend using Charity Village which is known to be a large and popular site for finding non-profit work in Canada. Another great resource for volunteer jobs in Canada is Go Volunteer.

Generally, we advise you to begin by revamping your resume to make sure it meets the Canadian standard and your employer’s expectations when you are embarking on general job-hunting.

In conclusion, volunteering never goes out of fashion, and it will continually be beneficial though it may not be money-wise, it may be the experience you will get from it which cannot be bought anywhere.

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