10 Career Jobs That Start With O 

A very wide range of career jobs starts with O, but we will provide at least 20 of the most lucrative and popular ones.

However, the career jobs provided in this article require formal education or at least working experience for some years to be considered a professional in one of the fields.

We have also provided descriptions of the job responsibilities, individual qualities and educational qualifications that these career jobs that start with O require.

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Career Jobs That Start With O

1. Obstetrician 

Responsibilities Of An Obstetrician 

  • Take good care of every newborn in a careful manner.
  • Ensure that all the medical equipment is sterilized and disinfected before use during labour.
  • Provide parents with medical care and antenatal advice regarding the hospital’s safety policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • Monitor changes in the pregnant woman’s body and communicate the issue to her.

Qualities Of An Obstetrician 

  • They are very Inquisitive 
  • Attentive and trustworthy 
  • They are very professional 
  • Adept knowledge of midwifery procedures
  • Obstetricians love children’s and women’s health.

Educational Requirements Of An Obstetrician 

An Obstetrician should complete a three to four years education in medical sciences, complete a medical science residency program, achieve certification by the medical board and be extensively educated in chemistry, physics, anatomy, biology, imaging and physiology.

2. Oncologist 

Responsibilities Of An Oncologist 

  • Be available to perform ultrasound tests on patients to detect cancerous cells.
  • Run a diagnosis of the ultrasound imaging results of the cancer patient and take it to the physician to analyze it further.
  • Provide chemotherapy treatment plans.

Qualities Of An Oncologist 

  • Knowledge of all cancer stages
  • Diagnostic and problem-solving skills 
  • In-depth understanding of the science of sonography.
  • An understanding of MRI scanning techniques and radiology.
  • Understanding of how to operate medical tools and equipment.
  • Ability to screen cancer patients to detect cancer early 

Educational Requirements Of An Oncologist 

Aspiring oncology speciality professionals require a bachelor of science degree in oncology and a high school graduation certificate.

3. Orthopedic Surgeon 

Responsibilities Of An Orthopedic Surgeon 

  • Provide medical care and checkups for at least 80 days after surgery procedures. 
  • Provide Musculoskeletal system care and medical advice to patients who are in need of it
  • Keep accurate tabs on the patient’s response to treatment.
  • Ensure to administer proper anaesthesia to patients before undergoing surgical procedures.

Qualities Of An Orthopedic Surgeon 

  • Agility, composure and physical stamina
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Very precise and has surgical technique skills
  • Professionalism

Educational Requirements For An Orthopedic Surgeon 

Complete an orthopaedic residency program, pass the residency program exam and achieve board certification, obtain a bachelor’s degree in orthopaedic surgery and a high school graduation certificate. 

4. Otolaryngologist

Responsibilities Of An Otolaryngologist 

  • Take responsibility for a patient whose hearing aid is affected
  • Diagnose and provide treatment for disorders of the nose, throat, and hearing organs

Qualities Of An Otolaryngologist 

  • They have visuospatial awareness 
  • Dexterity of the fingers
  • Impressive knowledge of how to detect infections
  • Ability to insert grommets for ear testing
  • Always very organized 

Educational Requirements Of An Otolaryngologist 

An otolaryngology bachelor’s degree and certified proof of completion of an otolaryngology residency program. 

Achieve a certification from the medical board and a high school graduation certificate.

5. Ophthalmologist 

Responsibilities Of An Ophthalmologist 

  • Routinely check up on patients to see how well they are responding to the cornea or cataract surgeries.
  • You are responsible for administering laser or keyhole visual impairment surgeries.
  • Conduct vision tests on patients and prescribe contact lenses or corrective medicated glasses if need be 

Qualities Of An Ophthalmologist 

  • They are able to see clearly
  • Extensive understanding of how the human eye operates
  • Well-educated and professional
  • Compassionate and patient 

Educational Requirements Of An Ophthalmologist 

All that is required to be an ophthalmologist is a bachelor of science degree in ophthalmology, completion of a three-year residency in eye surgery, a high school graduation certificate and an eye treatment internship training. 

6. Oral Surgeon 

Responsibilities Of An Oral Surgeon 

  • Routinely check up on patients who have just undergone jaw, mouth and teeth surgery
  • Communicate with patients and find out their pain points.
  • Keep up to time with treatment schedules and appointments.

Qualities Of An Oral Surgeon 

  • Medical proficiency and professionalism 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical thinking and an intelligent mindset
  • Proficiency in administering dental care

Educational Requirements Of An Oral Surgeon 

An oral surgeon needs to acquire a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, achieve a license to practice dentistry, pass the medical board examination, and complete a residency program in dental & maxillofacial surgery. 

7. Office Administrator 

Responsibilities Of An Office Administrator

  • You are responsible for overseeing all the staff’s operations within the office.
  • You are responsible for scheduling meetings for the manager of the office you work for
  • Your task is to welcome clients and render the services your office has to offer
  • Ensure that all the staffs perform their duties with regard to the work ethics, procedures, guidelines and policies provided by the management. 

Qualities Of An Office Administrator 

  • Office administrators are computer science literates
  • They have the ability to write well
  • They manage time effortlessly
  • They are bookkeepers
  • They can plan strategically
  • They are able to professionally manage projects

Educational Requirements Of An Office Administrator 

  • A working experience with Microsoft word processing, spreadsheet management and managing all clerical functions.  
  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration or finance. 

8. Oil And Gas Engineer

Responsibilities Of An Oil And Gas Engineer 

  • Develop oil and gas extraction strategic plans.
  • Ensure to maintain and use all oil and gas extraction field equipment properly.
  • Collaborate with geoscientists to understand the structure of the rock that contains the oil deposit.
  • Discover new sources of oil and gas on land or offshore.
  • Avoid causing natural disasters like earthquakes, erosions or air/water pollution during oil and gas extraction.

Qualities Of An Oil And Gas Engineer 

  • Database software and information technology proficiency 
  • Oil and gas extraction skills
  • Physical fitness, agility and stamina
  • Very hard working 
  • Mathematically inclined 

Educational Requirements For An Oil And Gas Engineer 

A chemical engineering, civil engineering, gas engineering, petroleum engineering, or mechanical engineering bachelor of science degree and a high school leaving certificate are the educational requirements of aspiring oil and gas engineering professionals.

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9. Optician 

Responsibilities Of An Optician 

  • Conduct a performance, efficiency, readability, competency and usability testing procedure on the corrective lenses you prescribe to each patient. 
  • Provide medical counsel to the visually impaired patient, which includes visual impairment protective measures, healthy eating habits, healthy tv and screen habits etc. 

Qualities Of An Optician 

  • Precision skills
  • They are always interested in improving the vision of their patients
  • Technically inclined 
  • They are medical professionals

Educational Requirements For An Optician

The educational requirements for an optician are a bachelor’s degree in lens technology, eye physiology, and ophthalmic dispensing. 

10. Outpatient Therapist

Responsibilities Of An Outpatient Therapist 

  • Conduct behavioural patterns analysis on the patient under your care
  • Conduct regular therapy sessions on the mental health patients either individually or in groups
  • Administer effective medical care in order to reduce the level of mental dysfunctions affecting the patients

Qualities Of An Outpatient Therapist 

  • Patience and courage
  • Ability to listen attentively and pay attention to detail
  • Ability to solve problems medically
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Does not have a judgmental mindset
  • Very trustworthy and optimistic
  • Clients always feel safe around the outpatient therapist 

Educational Requirements Of An Outpatient Therapist 

An OutPatient Therapist needs to acquire a mental health therapy or psychology bachelor’s degree to be licensed as an outpatient therapeutic professional.

Other Career Jobs That Start With O 

  • Osteopathy Doctor 
  • The Counter Clerk
  • Orthodontic Laboratory Technician
  • Orchestra Musician 
  • Orchid Grower
  • Optoelectronics Engineer
  • Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Oral Pathologist 
  • OilWell Driller
  • Oil Rig Engineer


We do hope that these lucrative career jobs that start with O we have provided for you will be just enough to suit your career interest and work lifestyle. 

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