10 Career Jobs That Start With T

Are you looking to change your career? Have you just finished your secondary education/middle school and need a concise list of career jobs to choose which one is suitable enough to pursue? 

Well, we have you covered because this blog article is all about various career jobs that start with the letter T. 


We also described the job responsibilities, qualities, and educational qualifications needed to match the job description of these careers jobs perfectly.

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Career Jobs That Start With T

1. Travel Registered Nurse

Travel registered nurses are employed temporarily to provide nursing care services to patients in certain infirmaries that have a shortage of registered nurses.

A nursing degree and a completed apprenticeship are required of an aspiring travel registered nurse to attain a nursing license. 


2. Travel Physiotherapist

Travel physiologists are individuals who are experts in the treatment procedures of ailments such as muscle cramps, bone misalignments, lower back aches, stiff neck, body stiffness and body pains.

Travel physiologists do not work in just one place, they are called to various countries or states to provide professional services to patients who need them.

A bachelor of science degree in physiotherapy and a medical residency program completion is required to attain a license to practice physiotherapy.

3. Travel Paralegal

Travel paralegals are law practitioners who are extremely mobile and provide legal support to their clients by travelling to various countries/states/cities/locales where they are located.


Travel paralegals are highly professional, pay attention to detail, and are extremely organized.

A travel paralegal requires a bachelor of arts, a master’s and an associate degree in any law field in order to attain a license to practice as a travel paralegal.

4. Tailor

A tailor is a lady or a gentleman who is responsible for all the designer clothes individuals wear to various occasions in today’s society. 

Tailors are fashionistas responsible for making an exact replica of clothing that suits their client’s needs, and they are to deliver clothing on time and alter clothing which is too loose/too tight/too long/torn or torn or too short.

They measure clients in order to make creative designs out of fabrics such as linen, Ankara, silk, wool, cotton, organza, and leather.

5. Tax Attorney

When individuals face legal-related issues related to tax collection and returns, they hire a competent tax attorney to provide legal assistance with their case. 

Law firms, accounting firms, business organizations, internal revenue services, accounting firms, advocacy centres or policy centres usually employ tax attorneys.

Tax attorneys have qualities such as wide internal revenue service experience, the ability to keep up with tax law trends, accounting skills, being mathematically inclined, and an analytical mindset.

An aspiring tax attorney must earn a juris doctor law degree from an accredited law college and an internship training program completion in a law firm to attain a license to practice taxation law.

6. Travel Nail Technician

Travel nail technicians are beauticians who barely work remotely and are always busy meeting up with nail beautification appointments and schedules in many different locations. 

They are usually very popular and perfect in nail tech art, and most individuals would rather book an appointment with them to enjoy their services than go to the nearest nail tech salon.

Travel nail technicians are known to be very artistic and creative; they are very original and use authentic nail beautification products. They have good hand dexterity and are very friendly.

Beautification of nails can be leant by oneself; all you have to do is undergo an internship in a nail tech salon for at least a year or two before you can start working independently with clients of your own.

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7. Travel Dentist

Travel dentists are certified medical professionals who are experienced in providing dental care for clients but provide dental care services for patients by travelling around the world to their various locations. 

Travelling dentists are blessed with work flexibility and freedom as they have the power to choose which jobs to attend and which they cannot handle. 

Travelling dentists enjoy employee perks such as paid hotel rooms, already booked and paid flights, a handsome salary, the ability to choose their own work schedule, and visits to different countries/locales/cities/states. 

An aspiring travel dentist needs to earn a high school graduation certificate, a bachelor of science, master’s and associate degree in dentistry and complete his/her dentistry residency program in order to achieve a license to practice dentistry.

8. Toxicologist

A toxicologist is an extremely intelligent scientist who understands various scientific principles such as biology, agriculture, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.

Toxicologists specialize in studying different kinds of chemicals to determine their toxicity level and if they pose a threat to society, humans, plants and animals.

Suppose a person has been exposed to toxic biological solutions, drugs or chemicals. In that case, a toxicologist knows just how best to diagnose the individual and prescribe treatment procedures, precautionary measures and medications for wellness.

Some educational qualifications required to attain a license to practice as a toxicologist are a bachelor of science degree and a doctorate in general biology, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry or organic chemistry. 

9. Travel Agent

Travel agents have experienced professionals committed to providing quality travel experiences to their clients. They are employed by clients who do not know their way around the country or state they are travelling to. 

Travel agents recommend the best airlines, hotels, restaurants, and areas a traveller can go sightseeing/tour.

Some qualities of a travel agent are flexibility, versatility, friendliness, trustworthiness, honesty, organization skills, interpersonal communication skills, a firm understanding of how to operate platforms for booking flights, and persuasive skills.

Some educational qualifications required to become a certified travel agent are a bachelor’s degree in business administration, hospitality management, business management, marketing or finance.

10. Tutor

A tutor is a private teacher that provides extra academic knowledge or support in educational fields such as -Mathematics, Computer science, Quantitative Reasoning, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology- which a student finds difficult. 

Tutors are usually found working in their clients’ homes, online, in churches or in their school staff rooms. 

Tutors have professional qualities such as patience, communication, problem-solving, teaching expertise, and an open and flexible mindset.

To become a licensed tutor, one needs at least a high school graduation certificate and a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Other Career Job That Start With T

  • Typewriter
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Test Engineer For Nuclear Equipment
  • Tax Manager
  • Transcriptionist 
  • Technical Writer
  • Tar Worker
  • Target Network Analyst
  • Tax Auditor
  • Technical Architect


Hopefully, these concise descriptions of career jobs that start with T are just about enough to suit your professional goals, interests and dreams.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a career path for yourself.


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