10 Career Jobs That Start With S

The article serves the intention of enabling you to grasp more insight into various career jobs that start with S. 

We have provided 20 of these career jobs alongside the qualities, job responsibilities, and educational qualifications that are required of individuals who are or want to be considered professionals under each of the careers enlisted.

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Career Jobs That Start With S

1. Surgeon 

The surgeon is a licensed doctor responsible for performing surgical procedures on patients placed under his or her care. 

Patients who suffer from ailments such as pain from a disfigured bone, kidney stones, cancerous tumour, breast cancers, diabetes, lower back pains, tonsil inflammation, prostrate cancers, heart problems, and so on are treated by surgeons in the hospital.

Doctors who specialize in performing surgery are usually known to possess extreme intelligence, professionalism, perseverance, empathy, compassion, manual dexterity, motor skills, eye-to-hand coordination, cognitive abilities, spatial visualization skills, and courage.

In order to work in a hospital as a qualified surgeon, one basically needs to earn a bachelor of science degree in medicine and surgery, completion of at least 5years medical residency program, and a secondary school pass in biology/chemistry/physics/mathematics/English language and a masters degree in medicine and surgery.

2. Sonographer

A medical sonographer’s task is basically to take responsibility for performing ultrasound tests on patients using radiation, sound waves, and MRI imaging equipment. 

Physicians use the ultrasound images created by the sonographer to diagnose the patient involved and prescribe treatment procedures and medications to him or her. 

Medical sonographers have professional qualities such as computer and imaging equipment literacy, being technically inclined, a mathematical mindset, good hand and eye coordination, very good motor skills, manual dexterity, ultrasound machine competency, and accountability.

A medical sonographer must undergo formal education, earn a bachelor of science in anatomy, physiology, medical sonography, or a sonography associate degree to work in a diagnostic laboratory, a healthcare infirmary, or a physician’s office, or be qualified to practice independently.

3. Software Engineer

These are computer literates who use their vast knowledge of engineering procedures to develop, test, run, design, maintain, and create web applications or computer software. 

Software engineering has different niches, such as coding, software testing, computer language programming, debugging, database management, and OOD.

Software engineers are familiar with five main programming coding languages: Python, C++, SQL, HTML/CSS, and Java.

You can become a professional software engineer by completing a four years formal education and earning a bachelor of science degree in computer science/computer engineering/information technology/software engineering, by having a software engineering internship training, choosing a specific niche, earning industry certificates, 

4. Sous Chef

Sous chefs are the superior chefs of a restaurant or kitchen, and the head chef employs them to be the second in command in his or her absence and be a leader to the other basic chefs.

The sous chef’s responsibilities are supervising the other chefs and getting them to organize the kitchen daily, training the new employees, ensuring that meal orders are taken to the table that placed the order, and ensuring that the kitchen is always clean and tidy.

A sous chef has professional qualities such as leadership, interpersonal communication, team collaboration, culinary, and project management abilities.

Professional sous chefs usually have a degree or working experience in culinary arts, hotel management, restaurant management, or hospitality management.

5. Sales Account Manager

Sales account managers have the responsibility of creating good relationships with clients and ensuring their maximum satisfaction with the services offered by the organization. 

They deliver goods swiftly, oversee all transactions and keep accurate records of inventory, and they also respect the work ethics of the organization.

Sales account managers undergo formal education in business administration, business management, financial accounting, marketing, or economics courses.

6. SEO Copywriter 

SEO here means search engine optimization. Seo copywriters use Google search engine optimization strategies to write engaging contents that increase and boosts the chance of making a blog rank high up the Google search engine. 

Seo copywriters have very extensive knowledge of keyword optimization strategies, google’s algorithm, and basic HTML.

Search Engine Optimization can be totally self-taught; all one needs is motivation and determination to perfect the skill.

7. Seamstress 

A seamstress is a female designer who is responsible for sewing beautiful clothing for her clients. A seamstress can sew different styles of clothes for different occasions and for children, men, women, and even the aged.

One needs formal education and an internship working experience in tailoring in order to be a perfect seamstress and practice independently or be employed in a tailoring shop.

8. Script Writer

Scriptwriters are the artistic individuals behind the intelligent and engaging scripts that actors and actresses perform on television shows and movies.

They are always seen working directly with film producers, screen directors, actors, actresses, etc.

A formal education and bachelor of art degree in theatre art and film studies are required of a scriptwriter, and a secondary school graduation certificate is also required.

9. Sculptor

All of the three-dimensional freestanding objects, artefacts, stone/metal/wood/plaster/ivory, and clay sculptures found in our society today are sculpted by professional sculptures.

Sculpting is a craft skill requiring a bachelor’s degree in architecture or fine art and design to be a full expert in the art.

10. Server Engineer 

Server engineer troubleshoots server malfunctions and works to maintain servers in the organizations they work for; they perform performance testing regularly on the servers and ensure that they are all running appropriately.

A computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or software engineering degree will earn an individual a chance to become a server engineer and get paid handsomely.

Other Career Jobs That Start With R

  • Server Administrator
  • Scientist
  • Shopify Engineer
  • Showroom Manager
  • Siem Engineer
  • Simulation Game Developer
  • Skincare Specialist
  • Software Developer C++
  • Sound Engineer
  • SPA Therapist 


A lot of career jobs that start with S are out there on blog websites, truth be told, but this blog post specifically provides the most professional jobs under the alphabet S category, which can fetch you very fat salaries when you get employed. 

Hence, choosing to pursue one out of 20 of these career jobs will never be a regret as you would only be happy you made a good choice.

Thank you for reading this article.

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