Maintenance Manager Job Description | Roles & Responsibilities

Maintenance Managers are also known as Maintenance Supervisors.

They take the lead in managing a firm’s maintenance department. They supervise all maintenance processes and operations, keep expenses in check, and send it to their superior for review.

Maintenance managers head maintenance workers while ensuring the working environment is safe and free of potential hazards.

Let us discuss the Maintenance manager job description.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Maintenance Manager

A maintenance manager has a lot of roles and responsibilities to perform.

For this reason, they regularly visit the facilities they previously worked in to see if any evident problems need a fix. 

Maintenance Managers must also approve all installation and repair activities completed by anyone on their maintenance team.

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Here is a comprehensive list of roles and responsibilities of a maintenance manager:

  1. Supervision and management of all maintenance processes and operations.
  2. Expense tracking and maintenance budget oversight.
  3. Maintenance of all machinery to ensure it operates to standards.
  4. Implementing maintenance procedures.
  5. Conducting regular inspections of equipment to resolve problems.
  6. Planning and management of all repair and assembly activities.
  7. Implement workplace safety policies and standards
  8. Ensure all department personnel adheres to safety policies and procedures.
  9. Assigning repair plans and evaluating repair cost estimates.
  10. Documenting and preparing daily progress reports and maintenance logs.
  11. Overseeing equipment inventory and ordering new stock as needed.
  12. Negotiate contracts with outside vendors to perform maintenance work
  13. Maintenance department staff training
  14. Ensure operational efficiency of electrical equipment and mechanical systems by timely inspection and repair
  15. Ensure that company premises and facilities are in a clean and sanitary condition
  16. Monitoring ongoing maintenance work.
  17. Firefighting.
  18. Find time to complete daily tasks without all the interruptions from staff and operators.
  19. Team communication with other departments.
  20. Personnel issues (staff turnover).
  21. Optimizing the maintenance strategy to maximize uptime at the lowest cost.
  22. Finding the balance between micromanagement and immobility.
  23. Bringing everyone up to speed with the technology (specifically the CMMS software) and getting them to use it consistently.
  24. Keep everyone moving in the right direction. Keeping everyone moving in the right direction.
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Maintenance Manager Job DescriptionSkills And Qualifications

Not anyone can be a competent maintenance manager.

Due to their job description, one must have specific qualifications and develop certain skills to perform his duties well.

One must acquire specific skills and qualifications to be a competent maintenance manager and excel in his job.

Some of these skills and qualifications include:

  1. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Excellent leadership skills
  3. A vocational school degree or BSc/BA in business administration or facility management will be an advantage.
  4. A valid Certified Maintenance Manager (CMM) will be a plus.
  5. High school diploma or equivalent qualification.
  6. Bachelor’s degree in business administration, facility management, or a similar field is preferred.
  7. Five years of experience in maintenance.
  8. Previous managerial experience is a bonus.
  9. Proven experience in a management role
  10. Experience with maintenance planning
  11. Solid understanding of technical aspects of carpentry, electrical systems, etc.
  12. Working knowledge of machinery and equipment
  13. Ability to monitor and report on activity
  14. Good knowledge of the technical features of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical systems.
  15. Strong knowledge of machinery and equipment.
  16. Excellent organizational skills.
  17. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  18. Bachelor’s degree in engineering, administration, or facility management
  19. Ten years in a supervisory role or more
  20. Working knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems
  21. Knowledge of designing and understanding plans and schematics
  22. Effective communication and people management skills
  23. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
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How To Be An Efficient Maintenance Manager?

To be an efficient maintenance manager, they must strive to do the following;

  1. Maintenance managers need effective task delegation capabilities to analyze the skills and experience of their team and assign appropriate tasks to each employee.
  2. Maintenance managers create maintenance plans and ensure that each task is complete by the scheduled date and time, so they should have effective organizational and time management skills to handle these tasks properly.
  3. A maintenance manager should have impressive leadership skills to lead and advise his team effectively. They should also have extensive money management experience to assist the leadership team in setting and maintaining a budget.
  4. Interpersonal skills are also ideal as they regularly collaborate and communicate with their staff, management team, and customers.
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Who Is Accountable To Maintenance Managers?

Maintenance workers report their tasks and repair plans to the maintenance manager.

If the client has any problems with the work that the maintenance worker completes, the maintenance manager will solve them by talking to the worker and helping him to improve his work performance.

When a repair is required, the maintenance manager delegates it to a maintenance worker based on their specific skills and interests.

If a maintenance worker encounters a problem he does not know how to fix, the maintenance manager will help him solve the problem.

Where Does A Maintenance Manager Work?

Maintenance Managers work in various settings. They may choose to work for commercial properties.

They may also work for residential properties, completing work on various houses or housing editions. Some may also work for apartment buildings and rental properties and respond to the different maintenance requirements of units in different apartment buildings.

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Maintenance Manager Salary 

Salaries may vary depending on job requirements and the candidate’s experience level.

A maintenance manager makes an average salary of $84,418 per year. The average duration of this position is three years.

How To Improve As A Maintenance Manager

The modern maintenance manager must embrace technology to extract information from the equipment fleet and use it to make intelligent decisions about maintenance inventory purchases and planning.

The maintenance manager must be flexible and use the information available through data mining.

Additionally, understanding and acting on analytics from data will be the most critical skill as technology improves. Currently, one can use data analytics for typical devices.

However, as technology improves, maintenance managers must set parameters for early warning signals, status, and maintenance time for all non-typical equipment and infrastructure.

They will also need to move from qualitative definitions of equipment health to quantitative ones, but this will all come at the behest of technology.


A maintenance manager has several roles and responsibilities in his job description.

They are professionals that oversee the general activities of a facility. These activities include installations, repairs, and ensuring that all working tools and equipment are in good condition, safe, maintained, and effectively put into use. 

A maintenance manager must be ready to accept new technology and adapt training and maintenance practices.

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