How To Find A Job After Being Unemployed For A Long Time (Complete Tips And Guides)

If you’ve been unemployed for a long while and you’re thinking of getting your hands busy with a job that can fetch you money and give you the life you deserve, then read on!

Maybe you needed time to raise your kids and didn’t want a job interfering with the process or you had other reasons for being without a job for a couple of years,  the truth is being unemployed and

not having any fixed money expectations can be really tiring most times and if you think now is the

the right time to jump right back into the labor market you might need to do some analysis, but before that, you need to know what works for you.

Would you prefer a 9-5 job, or rather be your own boss? What skill do you possess that could help increase your chances of getting a good job, and also your reason for looking for a job.

Let’s say you’re considering starting up a business from scratch for yourself (self-employed) which could be very interesting as you’d also have some time for yourself but you also need to be devoted

to grow the business, have a proper business plan, consistency, etc.

A Lot of people think being self-employed is having freedom and having enough time, which could be true, but I also feel that being self-employed is more enjoyable after you’ve gotten the roads right and you’ve put in the work.

At the beginning phase of your startup, it is indeed a rollercoaster of ups and downs and you need to do a lot of strategizing and re-strategizing to make that business stand the test of time.

You could start something of your own, anything as small as just starting a youtube channel and express your knowledge, training, and talent as your own boss and do what you truly love and value.

You can join network marketing and start networking, become responsible for it, and give your everything in building it. All this you can do and make money from your comfort but you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to put in the work.

Getting a 9-5 Job that will assure you of a fixed income by the end of every month, but you must understand that it’ll require a lot of your time so I’d advise you to look for a job that you love or

you’re passionate about because it’s going to be really intense in the long run and what will keep you going most times is the fact that you’re passionate about your job and you look forward to going to

work every day, otherwise, you’d be having a lot of mental breakdowns, burnouts, and a lot of stress and you’ll still have to work because you need the pay.

When looking for a job after a long time you should definitely know that things have changed and you also have to change with the times. Upgrade your Resume, and make yourself more valuable to your prospective employer.

To cut the long story short you need to check yourself for skills that could increase your chances of getting a good job. You have to market yourself properly and your Resume should scream VALUE!

Unless you were frozen for 10 years, you gained some experience in something that can likely be brought to an employer. Just sell that as a value. Let’s say you were managing a household filled with kids.

You can put up with a lot of whining kids and get them to do what you need to be done, you could include in your resume that you’re a manager with a lot of patience.

If you took kids to and from school and got them around on time  (You’re organized, and skilled in creating and managing routines) Great!, right?

If you went shopping and gave proper Accountability (You’ve done inventory control and you’re transparent) If you paid bills and balanced income into your checking account, (you’ve done accounts

payable and receivables)  just because it wasn’t for an employer, doesn’t mean you don’t have necessary skills. Look at it that way, present it correctly, and kick-ass getting that job!!!

If you’re considering being self-employed, here are some tips for you:

Tips For a Successful Business Start-up

  • Have the Right Mindset. The public often hears about overnight successes because they make for a great headline but you need to put in the work in whatever Niche you’d be venturing into.
  • Create a workable business plan. The purpose of a business shouldn’t just be to make money but also to allow you to live your best life and create wealth that can be passed from one generation to another. A proper business plan can help you achieve that.
  • Do Market Survey and Feasibility Study. Do your personal research on what you’re about to go into, check its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities And Threats.
  • Register Your Business And Take care of Paperwork. You can take advantage of government grants and loans to help scale up your business if you have a properly registered business.

If you’d be job hunting for a 9-5 job here’s some Tip to ease your journey

  • Start with some Research. Ensure that you’re going for what suits your personality and what you’re passionate about
  • Fatten your Resume. Ensure that you fix in useful skills that could increase your chances of getting a good job
  • Use your Network. Speak to Some family and friends that could give you some useful ideas on Where to search.
  • Treat your job hunting like a full-time Gig.
  • Embrace Flexibility. Be willing to Try out something new , who knows, you might discover a new passion that you never knew you had in you.

Did I mention to you that you could do both a 9-5 job and also be self-employed? Well, it’s quite challenging but a lot of people have been able to beat the tables and do extremely well.

While some people take up a 9-5 job, maybe to gather enough funds for their startups and be their own boss, some people have really high multitasking skills and can shuffle between both and do excellently well, but it all depends on you and how passionate you are. 

There are people who take on their start-up full time from the very beginning, and guess what? The majority of them fail. Passion is always important in entrepreneurship.

But if you’re working your way out of your 9–5, I’d say it’s even more important.

Final Tip: whatever option you decide just to ensure it works for you and gives you the life you desire in the long run.

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