How To Find Saved Jobs On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find job leads and connections. It’s also a great place to look for jobs that you might have missed.

Have you ever saved jobs on LinkedIn? You can search through the jobs and jobs postings on LinkedIn by job title, company name, or keyword. 

You can also use the job boards on LinkedIn to connect with professionals who might be interested in your skills.

LinkedIn has some of the greatest features for job candidates, one of its most notable features is LinkedIn saved jobs that are available on the Jobs page. 

It is possible to manage a variety of jobs through this feature. This informative article would present a step-by-step guide on ways to find saved jobs on LinkedIn.

Article Road Map

Steps On Finding Saved Jobs On LinkedIn With A Desktop 

1. The first step could open up your LinkedIn page by making use of a search engine other than Google Chrome on any computer or laptop. 

2. Then, you’ll want to enter your account info to sign in such as your email and password 

3. Next, you must click on the Jobs submenu at the top left of the webpage.

4. Then, click the Saved Jobs option.

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Steps On Finding Saved Jobs On LinkedIn With An Android Device 

1. Visit The Google Play Store And Download The LinkedIn App.

In order to find jobs on LinkedIn, first you need to visit the Google Play Store and download the LinkedIn app. This app will give you a list of saved jobs that you can access any time.

Open up LinkedIn and sign in with your username and password if you haven’t done so before. This will open up the Connections tab in your main profile page.

This is where you’ll find all of your saved jobs, as well as any new jobs that have been added since you last logged into LinkedIn. 

2. Select The Option Of Jobs Which Is  Situated At The Bottom Right Side

If you’re looking to save jobs on LinkedIn, it’s important to find the option that is located at the bottom right side of the screen. This will help you make better choices in job applications and find positions that are a good fit for your skills and experience.

3. Click On 3 Vertical Icons That Are Adjacent To The Search Box. 

Clicking on these icons will show you different options. 

Here are 3 vertical icons that are adjacent to the search box on LinkedIn: 

  • The Jobs Board: This icon indicates that your search has been completed and that you have found a job.
  • The Skills List: This list indicates all the jobs in your field thatMatch your skills and interests.
  • The alumni network: This icon indicates that you can connect with other people who have had similar experiences or are working in similar industries.

4. Select The Option Of “Saved Jobs”

When you select this option It will show you all the jobs that were saved previously.

Steps On Finding Saved Jobs On LinkedIn With An IOS

1. Download The LinkedIn App On Your iPhone from the App Store. 

If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn yet, it’s a great way to start getting up to speed with the platform.  Downloading  this app from the apple app Store will take you directly to their site where you can sign up for a free account and start finding jobs. 

2. Open The App From The Home Page. 

Opening the app from the home page is one way to find saved jobs on LinkedIn. another way is to use the LinkedIn job search bar. both methods are effective. The homepage features a variety of filters, including company size, location, industry, and years in operation. 

3. Tap On The Option Of Jobs At The Bottom Part Of The App.

This option allows you to view saved job descriptions and photos for later review. You can also save the job offers that you receive from companies.

4. Click On The Menu

 It is on the right side of the search column. 

5. Click On The Option Of Saved Jobs At The Bottom.

When you click on this option all precious  and recently saved jobs come out.

Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Saved Jobs Features 

LinkedIn Saved Jobs features to help talented professionals in finding the proper careers. The function also enables many individuals to look out for new job opportunities. Here are some benefits:

1. Time Saving 

Browsing for jobs from a list of millions of hiring programs is an arduous task. The feature of Saved Jobs allows you to save jobs that match your profile.

 You can go back to the job at any time you want, without the need to spend even one second.

2. Apply For Jobs Quickly 

Without the saved jobs function, you may not be able to submit an application for any job opportunities.  But with the saved job feature you can  fund  the current job listing details at the bottom of each job application.

3. Privacy 

 Users may store several different job opportunities in the Saved Jobs section. They can also apply for any job that suits their interests. 

These activities will not be available to hiring managers or companies. The feature of Saved Jobs maintains the greatest confidentiality of any applicant.

4. Manage The Job

No matter your work’s deadline, the Saved Job option will permit you to improve your workflow by scheduling your jobs. You can outline the on-time jobs with the Selection of Priorities function.


LinkedIn can provide you with a worldwide platform to showcase your skills. It has an enormous network of businesses that are prepared to give you more opportunities for your exceptional talent.

With the steps in this article you can access your saved jobs on LinkedIn With any device.

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