How Do I Prepare For A Preschool Teacher Interview – Questions & Answers

If you’re interested in a career as a preschool teacher, you’ll want to be prepared for an interview.

Preparing for a preschool teacher interview can be daunting, this article provides tips on how to prepare for a preschool teacher interview.

With these questions and answers, you can be confident that you are ready when the time comes.

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How To Ace Your Preschool Teacher Interview

1. Tell Me About Yourself?

If you are applying for a preschool teaching position, it is important that you answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” question correctly. 

This question helps the hiring manager get to know you better and can help determine whether or not you would be a good fit for the position. The following tips will help you answer this question successfully: 

  •  Give your name, age, and where you are from. 
  • Talk about your education and experience in early childhood education. 
  • Share why you want to become a teacher and what exciting challenges await you in this field.
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2. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

When you are interviewing for a preschool teaching position, one of the questions that will likely be asked is “why are you interested in this role?” 

Define what it is that you love about teaching preschoolers. Share anecdotes about kids you’ve worked with in the past, or describe how teaching encourages creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Describe why you love working with young children and what makes them so special. Share examples of how you have been able to connect with children and create meaningful experiences for them.

Share why you believe that teaching in a preschool setting would be an ideal opportunity for you. Discuss your philosophy about early childhood education and how it aligns with the school’s mission and goals.

3. What Are The Roles Of A Preschool Teacher?

If you are interviewing for a position as a preschool teacher, it is important to be aware of the different roles that a preschool teacher can play. In other to answer this question effectively, list the roles carried out by a preschool teacher and describe how you are familiar with the roles.

Below are some roles you can mention during a preschool interview:

  • A preschool teacher can provide instruction and care for young students, work with parents to improve their child’s literacy and math skills, help children develop social skills, and more. 
  •  Act as a role model for the children in their class by setting the example of responsible behavior.
  • Help children develop basic language and literacy skills by providing opportunities for hands-on activity and using colorful materials that stimulate interest.
  • Encourage children to explore their environment through games and activities that promote exploration and problem solving.
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4. Briefly Describe Your Preschool Teaching Experience?

The interviewer wants to evaluate if or not you have the experience required for this job.

Tip: Outline your experience as a preschool teacher and demonstrate that your experience matches what the employer is searching for

Sample Answer:

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education five years ago. Immediately after graduating, I joined a missionary school as a preschool teacher.

I performed my duties efficiently and effectively to the satisfaction of learners, my employer, and my parents. In the 3rd year of my preschool teaching career, I landed a job in a state school where I have been working till date. Over these years, I have acquired significant experience in preschool teaching

5. Why is it Important to You to Work as a Preschool Teacher?

Here, the interviewer is trying to determine why you’ve become interested in working as a teacher for young kids.

Tip: Mention why your career is paramount to you. be as honest and explicit as you can with your answer.

Sample Answer:

” After thinking carefully about the career I could like to pursue, I found that I always enjoy being around children and helping them to develop their superior qualities. Moreover, I am an ambitious person who is skilled at training young children intellectually, socially, and emotionally. 

These factors are legitimately responsible for my interest in teaching children in the pre-school and early grade school years.”

6. What Skills Make You a Great Preschool Teacher?

The interviewer simply wants to find out whether you have the necessary abilities for this role.

Tip:  You can highlight the relevant skills that make you excel at serving as a preschool teacher, and show how these skills will help you to excel in this role.

Sample Answer:

You could just say that “I am adaptable and patient. These abilities are among the most crucial abilities that a school teacher requires to be successful in this job.

 Additionally, since I’m a trained instructor, I’m skilled in developing and using age-appropriate teaching materials, assessing learner performance, and providing a safe learning environment.”

7. What Approach Do You Use to Manage Learners When They Become Distractive?

Your interviewer is looking to determine your capacity to respond to stress in a positive manner.

Tip:  Describe how you cope with children when they become violent and do not forget to explain your efficacy in dealing with stressful situations.

Sample Answer:

Whenever youngsters become unruly, I manage the problem with routines, structure, and support so that they won’t become unruly. I ensure that adults and children have distinct rules and consequences. 

By centering my classroom on this foundation, I generate respectable legal and moral boundaries.

8. Isn’t Teaching Young Children Very Challenging?

The interviewer is primarily interested to know if you can cope with the challenges associated with this job.

Tip:  Make sure to show your ability to handle the work that you need to do, make sure you’re straightforward, and supply valid responses.

Sample Answer:

Obviously, teaching children is a difficult task. This is because they are hard to control and they take time to become acquainted with new things. In addition, they sometimes forget or disobey things they have learned. But I m committed to it, which is why I welcome the task.

9. What is the Biggest Challenge that You Foresee in This Job?

The interviewer aims to evaluate your readiness for the challenges associated with this position.

Tip: Discuss how you intend to handle a major challenge you’re facing in this relationship.

Sample Answer:

I believe that children will be inclined to become distracted easily if they’re not engaged in the lesson. I’ll endeavor to incorporate fun and interesting teaching methods to dissuade them and help them focus during the class.

10. What Qualities Should a Preschool Teacher Possess to be Effective?

This interview question is asked to determine whether you are aware of the qualities that may make you effective in this position.

Tip: Indicate the characteristics that are critical to your duty. Show that you understand the kinds of actions that can make you effective.

Sample Answer:

Quite a bit of what makes preschool teachers effective is being patient, dynamic, flexible, a good communicator and listener, passionate about teaching children, and having an engaging and likable personality.

 Additional qualities include being compassionate, confident, organized, innovative, and using an energetic and innovative teaching style.


These questions and answers will help you get ready for your next preschool teacher interview. By studying and practicing these questions, you will be adequately prepared to discuss your teaching skills and knowledge with potential employers. 

So, go ahead and take the plunge! You will be glad you did.

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