Top 25 Nanny Interview Questions & Answers

Nanny interview questions are asked to explore skills, experience, and competencies to ensure that the candidate is qualified and capable of handling kids properly. 

Nannies are child caregivers responsible for preparing meals, completing chores, and transporting kids to school. 

As a nanny, you may be employed on a live-in or live-out basis. Either way, you are likely to be asked the following interview questions to evaluate your skills. 

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Nanny Interview Questions And Answers

1. Tell Me About Yourself

First of all, I’d like to thank you for inviting me for the nanny interview today. I describe myself as a passionate, friendly, and fun childcare professional who loves being around kids.

I have worked as a nanny for 5 years and have ample knowledge of age-specific developmental and cognitive milestones and requirements of children. 

2. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

In the years of my experience working as a nanny, I have dealt with many kids and performed different tasks related to this field and I’ve found out that I love working with kids and it has become a passion. 

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3. What Are The Roles Of A Nanny?

  1. A nanny is responsible for keeping kids in the absence of their parents
  2. Organizes creative and educational activities to keep the kids busy
  3. Give baths and changes diapers for infants
  4. Schedules naps and bedtimes for kids
  5. Takes kids to and from school 
  6. Tidies play areas and the children’s rooms
  7. Assist kids with their homework
  8. Takes care of minor injuries or illness
  9. Ensures that the children are safe at all times
  10. A nanny also teaches appropriate social behaviors to the children like being respectful and taking responsibility.

4. What Are The Qualities A Nanny Should Have? 

  1. A nanny should enjoy working with kids
  2. He/she should be patient
  3. Must be trustworthy
  4. Should be creative

5. How Long Did You Stay In Your Last Job? 

I worked at Mrs. Parker’s house for 2 years and attended to several duties including taking care of the children, helping them out with their assignments, doing the laundry, and taking them to and bringing them back from school.

6. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

Since I started working at Mrs. Parker’s two years ago, I’ve had a great relationship with the family, especially with the kids. Early this year, Mr. Parker got a promotion and was transferred to New York so the family had to relocate. 

7. Did You Face Any Challenges At Your Last Job? How Did You Manage Them?

At my last job, I was opportune to work with a kid with special needs. It was the first time so had to be extra careful since he needed more support and attention. I had make research about care and tried to be aware of his needs and that helped.

8. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Nanny

I wake up as early as 5 in the morning, get ready and head over to the house where I work. When I get there, my boss hands the youngest baby to me. I bathe and feed him and then settle him down for a nap. 

After that, I wake up the other kids to prepare for school while I prepare their meals. I drop off the kids at school, get back home with the baby, feeds him again, and set some toys in front of him. Then I proceed with doing some simple chores at the house and picking up the kids from school later in the evening. 

9. Describe Your Experience

My experience has been nothing short of fulfilling and exciting. I love working with kids and I enjoy their company. The kids get so attached to me and I treat them as my own.

I’ve worked hard and performed my duties effectively and I feel my pay needs to be justified. Being a nanny is not just my profession but also my passion. 

10. What Strategies Are Required For The Nanny Role?

As a nanny, you need to be professional and responsible. Taking care of kids and providing them with assistance is not easy. You need to be committed and organized. It’s also important you know first aid and CPR.

11. What Are The Biggest Challenges You Forsee In The Role?

One of the biggest challenges in this job is keeping the child safe at all times and providing an environment where he thrives well. Another is discipline.

Different parents have different ideas about how to discipline their kids. Some may not want the nanny to discipline or have strict ideas about disciplining their kids. I prefer to talk about disciplinary roles and get clear instructions about what the parents expect. 

12. What Keeps You Motivated At Work?

Seeing kids happy and making progress satisfies me. I’m always motivated to do more when I see this. Asa a nanny, I’m given a chance to impact and make a difference in children’s lives and their families. 

When I give advice and make suggestions to parents when it comes to caring for their kids, they listen. This makes me feel valued and respected and makes me strive to do more. 

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13. Tell Me About A Time You Failed In A Nanny Role And The Lesson You Learned

At my first job, I didn’t have enough experience to know that the parents should be informed when the kids and I were going out. Then, I took the kids on a walk in the neighborhood and to the park. 

My madam was displeased when she discovered it but thankfully she understood that it was an entry-level position and I wasn’t aware. She advised me to always notify her when taking the kids out and since then I never made the same mistake. 

14. Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

With the number of years I’ve spent in this field, I believe I have the necessary experience to be a good and professional nanny.

Hiring a fresher will be expensive as training and coaching will be needed. I believe it will be more cost-effective to hire me.

15. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

At my previous job, I ensured good and polite language was used during conversations to ensure that the kids grew up with a positive attitude. I was named the best employee in recognition of my hard work. 

16. Are You Comfortable Working With Children Who Are Difficult To Handle? 

Kids have different personalities and some children can indeed be troublesome but I can handle them individually.

17. What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Nanny?

I love playing with kids and being in their company. I love seeing their curious eyes, listening to their genuine laughter, and seeing them grow.

If kids get comfortable with you, they’ll always want to be around you and they listen to you. As a nanny, I enjoy having fun with kids. 

18. What Happens If Your Boss Goes For A Holiday With Their Family?

It’s not common for nannies to receive their salary when the family they work for is away on holiday. However, 

  1. If a nanny accompanies the family, he/she must be paid their normal rate of pay
  2. If the family does not require the services of the nanny during the holiday, it may be acceptable to require that the nanny takes some of their holiday leave but it must be paid leave.

19. Are You Comfortable Doing Simple Chores Around The House?

I do not have a problem doing simple chores around the house along with my nanny duties. 

20. How Do You Cope With Stress?

While dealing with kids, I try my best to control my emotions. Sometimes stress management becomes tiring but I always deal with it excellently as per my experience and practice. 

21. Describe Your Dream Job

My dream job is working with children and there’s nothing more to it.

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22. What Makes You Stands You Out From Other Applicants For This Role?

I am confident that I am the most suitable person fit for this role. My love and passion for kids and their affairs are evident from my past jobs. Also, I am constantly improving myself and acquiring additional skills. 

23. What Requirements Should A Nanny Contract Have?

A nanny contract should have;

  1. The employer’s and employee’s names
  2. The date of employment 
  3. Job title and description
  4. Employment location
  5. Salary and its frequency e.g weekly or monthly
  6. Working hours
  7. Holiday allowance and entitlement(the number of days and restrictions on when they are taken)

24. What Are The Employment Protections Of A Nanny?

A nanny must;

  1. Have a right to a written statement of the terms and conditions of employment
  2. Have a right to have paid holiday leave at the normal rate of pay
  3. Have the right to maternity leave
  4. Have a complete right to a minimum amount of sick pay for anyone too ill to work
  5. Have complete protection from unfair dismissal for anyone employed for a minimum of two years

25. Do You Have Any Questions?

Yes, I have a few questions.

  1. Tell me a little about your family
  2. What do you do for work?
  3. What are the job expectations and responsibilities?
  4. Are you comfortable with kids and me going on outings?
  5. How long was your last nanny here?
  6. What job benefits are you offering?
  7. Is there any security amount involved during or after hiring?

How To Become A Nanny

No higher education or degree is required to become a nanny. However, knowledge of First Aid and CPR is required. International Nanny Association has adopted the following standards.

  1. Must be at least 18 years
  2. Must have completed high school
  3. Must have good health with proof of immunizations( like a negative TB test or Chest X-ray)
  4. Should be able to work legally in the country where they work
  5. Should be able to influence children’s lives positively under their care
  6. Should have experience in babysitting or daycare
  7. Although not mandatory, a degree in early childhood education or elementary education counts as a bonus. 


Above we have listed the top 25 nanny interview questions and answers. Although they may vary depending on the particular job description, most of them are constant.

When answering these questions, make sure to focus on your strengths, experience, and skills. We wish you all the best.

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