The Do’s And Donts Of Babysitting

Nowadays, getting a decent babysitter is not as simple as you may believe. 

As a result, you may use a babysitter’s do’s and don’ts to get access to checkmate them.

We’ll go over the do’s and donts of babysitting, as well as a bonus tip on what makes a good babysitter.

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The Do’s Of Babysitting 

  • In the evening, turn on the outdoor lights.
  • After you’ve finished eating, clean up

Clean up after yourself, whether it’s the pot you used to make food or just the plates you used while you were there.

  • Know how to contact the rents, including their phone number and address.
  • Memorize all emergency numbers, including those for the police, fire department, and poison control center in your area. 

Dial 911 if you don’t know these numbers.

  • Know the location of the first-aid kit. It’s even better if you know how to administer first aid, such as CPR.

Making CPR certification a requirement for any babysitter you hire is an excellent idea. 

CPR certification is a pretty simple process. The course usually takes only a weekend to complete, and your certification is good for several years after that.

  • Follow the child’s snack, activity, and bedtime guidelines.
  • Abide by all family rules regarding television viewing and phone usage.
  • Tell the children amusing stories; they will enjoy it.
  • Plan entertaining activities like board games, coloring games, and viewing a good movie.
  • Before babysitting for them, get to know the parents and their children.
  • When it comes to feeling safe, teach the children to trust their instincts.

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The Don’ts Of Babysitting 

  • Even when you are allowed to use the phone, don’t call your date or hang out with friends all night. You can only use your phone in an emergency.
  • Don’t ask any of your friends or boyfriend over because babysitting is not the time for them to come over!
  • Do not cancel your last-minute arrangements because it will disrupt the parents’ plans and generate tension.
  • There is certain food you shouldn’t feed them, don’t feed the child hot dogs, hard candies, or peanut butter since these foods might cause choking or allergies in children.
  • Try not to babysit too many children at the same time, you must first determine how many children you can care for.
  • Maintain your working relationship by not crossing the line, and not interfering in the family’s personal affairs, and not crossing the line.
  • Don’t leave a child alone, and once they’ve gone to bed, check on them frequently.
  • Allow no one into the house unless you know him or her and the parents have given their permission.
  • Caffeine or sugar in significant quantities shouldn’t be given to children.
  • Don’t ignore the kids.
  • On the phone, never identify yourself as the sitter instead, claim the parent is unable to come to the phone and leave a message.
  • While on the job, don’t use drugs, consume alcohol, or smoke, and don’t watch inappropriate movies.
  • Don’t allow the children to be near the stove or anything else that could be dangerous.
  • Don’t leave the doors unlocked.
  • Don’t switch off your phone, in case the parents are trying to call
  • Children pick up on words even if they don’t grasp 100% of what you’re saying.

Your babysitter should never use foul language in front of your child. 

Most parents also prohibit the use of “softer” derogatory terms such as stupid, dumb, and so on. Also, there are a lot of potty talks.

  • Babysitters are placed in a unique position of trust since they are allowed alone in your home for long periods. 

As a result, they can frequently learn facts about you that aren’t publicly available. 

Sitters, on the other hand, should keep any information they gain on the job private.

  • Never leave a little child alone in the bathtub, even for a second.

Tips On Being A Good Babysitter

The following tips below if followed together with the do’s and don’ts of babysitting would make you outstanding in your job.

They include:

  • Prepare yourself for anything.
  • Be well informed about what you’re doing.
  • Be willing to accept criticism.
  • Be adaptable.
  • Be patient and considerate.

Prepare Yourself For Anything

As a babysitter, your top job is to keep the child you’re babysitting safely. 

This entails being prepared for any crisis or emergency that may arise.

Always have a list of vital phone numbers on hand. 

Include phone information for additional family members and poison control centers so you know who to call in an emergency.

Request a list of the child’s allergies (food, seasonal, pet, and other sorts) as well as instructions on what to do if the child has an allergic reaction. 

To avoid choking hazards, learn which toys and meals are choking dangers. 

If an emergency occurs, being proactive will allow you to remain calm and composed.

Be Well Informed About What You’re Doing

Emergency numbers and allergy tests are only part of the preparation process. 

When planning on your own, several hazards may go unnoticed. 

To acquire a handle on all forms of babysitting options, talk to experienced babysitters and take a child safety or babysitter training course.

Be Willing To Accept Criticism

You may do something that irritates or concerns a parent. 

Be receptive to their worries. Inquire about how you might improve and tell them that you will not repeat their mistakes.

Be Adaptable

It’s possible that parents will be late or will have to leave earlier than planned. Make an effort to be adaptable. 

Arrive early and plan to remain late. Be clear about your boundaries while remaining flexible. 

It will demonstrate to your parents that you are dependable.

Be Patient And Considerate

Even when they have to be firm, a good babysitter is sympathetic and caring to the child they are babysitting. 

Children are both tough and vulnerable. They’re also obstinate and easily influenced. 

Keep in mind that they’re still learning and developing. Be forgiving of their blunders. 

When they’re upset, lend a sympathetic ear. Take care of the child and let them know you’re their confidante.


You can use the thorough information about the do’s and don’ts of babysitting as well as tips for being a good babysitter to access yourself or to access your babysitter as a parent.

I hope this was useful.

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