What Does a Web Developer Do?

Ever since our world evolved into the digital age there are certain tech skills or tech professions that are in high demand and one of them is web development.

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What is Web Development?

All the work involved/done before a website is finally created is called web development.

Web development can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.

Who is A Web Developer?

A web developer is someone who specializes in the creation of world wide web applications with the knowledge of web development, computer programming skills, and basic computer skills. 

The applications typically use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the client, PHP, ASP.NET (C#), Python, Node.

Difference Between Web Designer And Web Developer.

People oftentimes confuse the role of the web developer with that of the web designer.

Here’s a difference between both of them

  • A web developer is a person that handles the technical aspects of creating a world wide web application.

he handles all the technical aspects, he must be good in computer language and programming.

  • In contrast, a web designer is a person in charge of arranging the web to fit the client’s taste, it involves designing the website, including front view functions, making the website easy and user friendly.

In the real world, you’ll find that both web designing and web development career choices can possibly require you to have adequate knowledge and a functional aptitude for both web designing and development. Successful developers will know how to use color schemes and typography in creating wireframes and layouts, generating the template from which to build the elements with code.

Successful designers will understand basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript techniques to understand the technical limitations of their creative layouts and user experience specifications

Duties/Responsibilities Of A Web Developer

  • Know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other relevant web design coding languages
  • Create and test applications for websites
  • Collaborate
  • Present design specs
  • Work with graphics and other designers
  • Troubleshoot website problems
  • Maintain and update websites
  • Monitor website traffic
  • Stay up-to-date on technology

When it comes to creating a website, web developers and web designers have to make their client’s vision a reality. They build particular types of websites, such as eCommerce, news, or gaming sites, to fit clients’ needs. 

The particular type of website a client requires determines the kind of web applications to adopt.  For example, a gaming site should be able to handle advanced graphics, whereas an eCommerce site would need a payment-processing application. The developer decides which applications and designs will best fit the site, and the designer focuses on the look and usability of these elements across browsers or devices.

Some developers and designers handle all aspects of a website’s construction, and others specialize in a certain aspect of it. 

Types Of Web Developers

1. Back-end web developers


  • responsible for the overall technical construction of the website. 
  • create the basic framework of the site and ensure that it functions as expected. It
  • establishes procedures for allowing others to add new pages to the website and meet with management to discuss major changes to the site.

2. Front-end web developers


  • Create the technical features for a website’s look.
  • Develop the site’s layout and integrate graphics, applications (such as a retail checkout tool), and other necessities.
  • Write web design programs in a variety of computer languages, such as HTML or JaJavaScript

3. Web and digital interface designers


  • Responsible for creating the look and feel of a website or interface with regard to photos, color, font type and size, graphics, and layout.
  • They also are responsible for the functionality, usability, and compatibility of the website or interface.

4. Webmasters


  • maintain and update websites.
  • Ensure that websites operate correctly, and they test for errors such as broken links.
  • Respond to user comments as well.

Characteristics Of a Good Web Developer?

For one to be tagged a good or excellent web developer they must Require some Qualities that distinguish them from the masses. Below are some characteristics of a good web developer listed.

1. Good communication skills

A good web developer must possess some good communication skills as they must work with multiple members of an organization to ensure everyone’s goals are being met through the website. It’s important to maintain open lines of communication and be able to translate technical jargon into layman’s understanding for other team members.

2. Love of learning

To be a web developer means you always have to be better and in order to do that you’ll need to have a natural curiosity, and love for continuous knowledge. Just ensure that you’re improving yourself daily and not just living in mediocrity. There’s always a  striking difference between a Developer that keeps developing their skills and one that relies only on their basic knowledge.

New scripts, widgets, and designs are released daily so web developers must stay up to date to remain relevant in the industry. At first, it might seem daunting trying to keep up on all of this, but often these new tools are created to make things easier, which provides a nice incentive for the effort.

3. Patience

Some clients might be very difficult to walk with, especially the ones that are quite Indecisive. You need to be patient with such kinds of clients. When minute changes or updates are requested, it’s important to remain patient. This also reinforces the need for strong communication skills; the better you are able to communicate, the less likely you are to have a never-ending development process.

4. Perfectionism

It is good that whatever you do as a web developer, there should be a certain level of perfection. Ensure that all the necessary details are included. One small mistake can break an entire website, so it’s good you add a touch of perfectionism in whatever you do.

What is the workplace of a Web Developer like?

A web developer can either work full-time or part-time in a technology department or may choose to conduct a business and work from home.

Travel vacations may be involved if a developer chooses to freelance. Some web developers freelance their skills to various organizations, while others choose to outsource their skills to organizations by using their expertise to act as consultants or independent contractors.

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