How To Get A Babysitting Job As A Teenager

So you are a teenager and you are looking for extra ways to earn some cash, right?

Well, if you are like me with a lot of siblings and children running around the house and you are their team leader, then you should think about a babysitting job.

It won’t affect or clash with your academics in any way, so you don’t need to worry about convincing your parents about it. 

Maybe the time to just relax and chill would be reduced but that’s like the only disadvantage because at the end of the day you get extra cash to spend as you wish.

A babysitting job is a great flexible job for teenagers because you make cool cash from playing and looking after children. I mean you probably do it for free for your family members, so why not get paid?

As a teenager babysitter, you are expected to provide childcare services for parents in the evening or on weekends.

Although babysitting is fun, it’s still a baby care profession and you have to be responsible because parents are fully trusting their children with you.

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Duties Of A Teenage Babysitter

So you are seriously thinking of being a babysitter and you are not sure what it entails?. When you are hired as a teen babysitter, parents will have certain expectations that you will have to follow in order to keep your job and to receive your payment.

 Generally, things that parents expect of teen babysitters are:

  • Make sure that the children do not get hurt or into trouble while you are in charge of them
  • Caring for the children
  • Feeding the children 
  • Taking notes of allergies of the children
  • Make sure they complete their homework and other school projects
  • Cleaning up any messes you or the children might have made
  • Answering the phone or doorbell when it rings
  • Make sure the children get into bed at their specified bedtime
  • Entertaining the children until the parents arrive home
  • Checking in regularly with the parents
  • Handling situations like choking, minor cuts, intruders, fire, falls, and bruises.

 Babysitting Job Interview As A Teenager 

Before parents leave you in charge of their children’s welfare, you will undergo an interview.

Follow these tips to have a successful interview:

  • Be prepared

While going for the interview, expect questions from parents about your experience, training, and responsibility.

 Parents may inquire if you have mastered the safety basics, inquiring if you know how to use a fire extinguisher or stop bleeding, and other safety precautions.

  • Have a resume

Go to the interview with a copy of your resume. Your resume should include your experience as a babysitter, volunteering or training done, and certifications.

  • Be professional 

Going for the interview, dress clean and appropriate. No need to look so professional with suits but behave in a professional manner.

Have questions you want to ask to about the child’s interest or the parent’s preference.

Tips For Getting A Babysitting Job As A Teenager

These are some tips that have been used over time in getting babysitting jobs and having a loyal parent clientele. Here is a list of them:

  • Get training

Take babysitting courses, CPR, childcare, and first-aid classes if you want to be a babysitter and have the parents trust you.

 If you want to also babysit infants, be sure to take infant CPR training as well. The classes are usually cheap and worth it.

Organizations in your community such as hospitals, community centers, and the red cross offer these courses if you are interested.

You can learn child care skills by volunteering at the children’s church or community center.

 Parents will trust you because your credentials are good. Another bonus is that you will earn more as a babysitter if you have these qualifications.

  • Charge fairly

 Rates for a babysitter job depends on where you live, the time factor, how many children to be cared for, your age, and also the season. 

During special celebrations, the charging rate increases.

So you need to find out the charging rate in your area and stay within that range. Be sure to be consistent in your charging rates from family to family. 

If you are responsible, experienced, and trained in safety, you can charge more at times but not overly high. You can negotiate with families, but you should have a starting amount.

  • Publicize 

Advertising through word of mouth with friends and families help can bring in babysitting jobs.

You can also create flyers and distribute them around your neighborhood, schools, playground, and shops.

The flyers should include your name, age, home address, phone number, school, church, activities you do at school, and other information for parents to see.

Sign up with job sites and babysitter’s website. Also, advertise on social media platforms.

  • Impress the parents

Babysitting is a real job and the parents can provide references for future jobs.

Ensure you come early and on time with a notebook to take down instructions from parents. Also, you need to be well prepared with children’s entertainment.

Have a plan of activities to do with the children but don’t forget to ask the parents if the activities are okay. Be sure to know the parent’s expectations and rules.

The activities you planned out should be age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate.

If you are between the ages of 14-17, you can create a parent monitored account that the parents will approve of and be notified about any activity.

For your own safety, when you are going to babysit for a family, tell your parents the time scheduled, where you’re going and the names/address of the parents.

  • Give the children your full attention

Don’t be a babysitter that is always on the phone or always watching television. Do not invite your friends over under any circumstance.

 You shouldn’t be socializing while on duty: no texting, no Facebook/Internet/email/Twitter-checking, and no personal phone calls.

You are here for the children so be sure to be attentive and interactive with them.

If it’s their bedtime, be sure to check up on them regularly.

Once the children go to bed, you have a little more freedom. But be sure to ask the parents what’s okay before they leave.

 Keep an ear out for noises around the house, don’t get distracted, and stay quiet so you won’t wake the children up.

  • Clean the house before the parents get home

A general rule is to leave the house cleaner than the way you met it. 

If the house gets messy during playtime or activities planned, make sure all toys are put away before bedtime.

The parents will notice your extra effort and it might lead to a larger tip and more referrals.

  • Give a true report

If the children did something wrong and worth correcting, be sure to tell the parents.

If an accident or an issue occurs, say the truth even if you are at fault.

If a child does something good and worth praising, be sure to tell the parents too.

Generally, tell the parents how your time with the children was and anything they should know.

  • Leave with grace

When leaving, thank the parents for the opportunity to watch over their children, and be sure to tell them how much you enjoyed them and the time you spent there. 

Tell them that you hope to see their children again soon with more planned activities, and you are eager for another babysitting job. 

Do not cancel on parents at the last minute, if not it might just be your last job.

Follow these tips above and have a successful babysitting job as a teenager.

Have a great day.

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