Sample Reference Letter From A Teacher

Whether you are a student who needs a reference letter from your teacher for an application or you are a teacher and you need to write a reference letter for your student, this article acts as a guide 

on writing a reference letter for a student, requesting for a reference letter from your teacher and other related information.

Reference letters from a teacher are needed when applying for positions in schools, volunteer groups, or an organization.

Reference letters from a teacher vouch for the student and is a proof of the student’s character, personality, skills, achievements, reliability, and efficiency.

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Reference Letter From A Teacher

There are different types of reference letters from a teacher and they mostly depend on the type of application. They include:

  • Reference Letter For Scholarship

A reference letter from a teacher for a student applying for a scholarship can give the student an edge in getting financial aid. 

In this type of reference letter, the teacher would focus on the student’s qualifications and how the financial aid will go far for the student in question. Also, expand on the student’s capacity to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship and the organization providing the financial aid.

  • Reference Letter For College

This reference letter is used by students applying to college.

In this type of reference letter, the teacher would highlight the student’s academic, intellectual, and personal qualities. The teacher would also match the student’s strong qualities with that of the department or university that the student applied to. 

  • Academic Reference Letter

Academic reference letters are used by students applying to a college, or university, internship program, volunteer program, or job position.

In this type of reference letter, the teacher would focus on the student’s academic skills, qualities, and achievements that make them a good candidate for an academic institution or organization. 

  • Character Reference Letter

Character reference letters can be used by students with no work experience to attest to their character and personality.

In this type of reference letter, the teacher would focus on the student’s character, personality, skills, and traits.

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Importance Of Reference Letter From A Teacher

The main importance of a reference letter from a teacher are:

  • Admission officers use the reference letter to get a perspective on the student’s strengths and qualities.
  • The basis of selection most likely depends on the reference letter and personal essay
  • Reference letters can describe the student outside academic qualifications that can give the student an edge over other applicants.
  • Reference letters highlight the student’s personal and intellectual qualities.
  • Reference letters normally carry a strong vote and high recommendation from the teacher.

Requesting For A Reference Letter From A Teacher

Most teachers are willing to write reference letters for students that are performing well in their class, so like a good student, all you have to do is ask.

Still, writing a good reference letter takes a lot of the teacher’s time, and it’s mostly done after school hours.

To make this easy for your teacher, you should find out all the information for the application and let your teacher know.

If you need a reference letter from a teacher, ensure to request on time with much time before submission.

Information you could provide to your teacher to make this process easy include:

  • Your resume
  • The name of the organization you are applying to
  • The position you are applying for
  • The format used for submitting the reference letter
  • List of qualifications required for the position
  • List of extracurricular activities you’ve participated in
  • List of your qualities and skills
  • The address to which the letter should be sent to
  • List of your personal achievements

When you provide more information to your teacher, the reference letter will be detailed and can make all the difference in your application.

What A Reference Letter From A Teacher Should Include

The reference letter from a teacher should include:

  • Contact Information

The reference letter should include the teacher’s contact information, phone number, and email address.

  • Position or Program

The reference letter should include the job position or program the student is applying for. If it’s to an organization, university, or scholarship, the name should be included while writing.

  • Relationship with the student

The reference letter should include the relation between the teacher and the student, how long the relationship has been, the name of the teacher, and the teacher’s qualification.

  • Position requirement and student’s qualities

The reference should include the requirements for the position or program the student applied for. Also, provide details of the student’s qualities and achievements, and match them to the position or program applied.

  • Examples of a specific situation

Be sure to include specific examples of situations where the teacher was highly impressed by how the student resolved or acted on an issue. Also include examples of where the student demonstrated skills or qualities that impressed you.

  • Recommendation

The reference letter should include a high recommendation from the teacher for the position or program.

Writing A Reference Letter For A Student From A Teacher

These are steps to help the teacher write a reference letter:

  1. Address the letter.

You should know who will be reading the letter so you can provide information relating to the program or organization. If the student is applying for a specific position or school, then the address can be to the HR manager or admission officer. 

  1.  Introduction.

Write a paragraph or two with a brief introduction of yourself in the reference letter.

The introduction should include who you are, your relation to the applicant, your profession, and your expertise. Also, you should include how long you’ve known the student, your first impression of the student, and your general impression.

Be detailed in your qualifications and intention of writing the letter addressing the program or position you are recommending the student for.

This will make the reader addressed trust your recommendation.

  1. List out the student’s qualifications.

A reference letter should include details of your student’s time in school, achievements, activities, transcript, and CGPA to prove their academic abilities. You can discuss the following areas in your letter:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Awards or recognitions
  • Academic specialties
  • Attitude and perspective
  • Demonstration of improvement
  1. Describe a situation where the student impressed you.

While discussing the student’s character and skills, use specific examples that will help the organization understand the student’s personality, drive, and abilities. 

Describe a peculiar situation of the student that impressed you, the actions they took to solve the situation and the results of the student’s actions. 

By doing this, you are demonstrating the student’s ability to solve issues, identify opportunities,  and take steps to complete the task or improve the situation. 

  1. End the letter with a particular recommendation.

You can make the reference letter more effective by relating the student’s qualifications to the organization to which they’re applying. 

In the final section of the recommendation letter, state specifically that you recommend the student, and highlight contributions that they will add to the organization.

  1. Provide your contact information.

At the end of the reference letter, make sure to include your contact information and offer to provide additional information that may be required or needed. 

This allows the reader to get a better understanding of the student, and it gives you an opportunity to be an even better advocate for the student.

Reference Letter From A Teacher Sample

Take a look at this sample reference letter for a student from a teacher.

Blossom Chidi

123 Main Street

Bloombreed, PH 55601

[email protected]


October 5, 2021

David Matthews


Forex Academy

Opposite NTA,

Business City, PH 55601

Dear Mr.Matthews:

I am writing this reference letter at the request of Rhoda Charlie, who is applying for the Student Internship Program at Forex Academy this summer.

I have known Rhoda for three years in my role as a teacher at Bloombreed School. Rhoda took my mathematics and computer classes, earning superior grades. Based on Rhoda’s grades, attendance, and class performance, I’d rate Rhoda’s academic performance in my class as excellent.

Rhoda has a number of qualities to offer an employer, and she is always interested in learning from others. For example, when we worked on our class community service project this year, Katie was helpful to me in organizing extra activity classes for students in need of it.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Rhoda Charlie. If her participation in my class is any indication of how she’d adapt to your organization, Rhoda will be a positive addition to your organization. Should you need other information, feel free to contact me at 556-285-5132 or by mail at [email protected].



Blossom Chidi

Have a great day.

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