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A school leaving certificate is referred to as a formal written document that discloses that a specific student was indeed part of an institution for a specific period of time. 

A school leaving certificate describes that a student attended the institution for the required number of years to graduate (6 or 7) and has concluded all the required studies up to the required graduation level in the institution. 

However, a school leaving certificate is not only designated for “Graduates”. Another set of individuals that can be given a school leaving certificate is “Transfer Students”.

The school leaving certificate serves to describe the specific number of years that a “Transfer Student” studied in the institution and the year/class they stopped at before transferring. 

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About School Leaving Certificate

A school leaving certificate is essential to students because they would not be able to successfully further admission processes in another institution without it. 

Whether you are transferring from your school for personal reasons or you have actually completed your studies in your school, that school leaving certificate is a required document to further your education somewhere else. 

A School Leaving Certificate or College Leaving Certificate is a written document issued by the institution where you studied, which serves as proof that you left school for a variety of reasons, namely:

  • You want to continue your education at another institution (Transfer)
  • The institution does not offer further study (Transfer)
  • A completed course ( Graduate)

This school leaving certificate transfer of authority serves as proof that the last attended institute or university has paid all fees.

One needs to collect a School Leaving Transfer Certificate from the institution where they completed their education/course.

The good news is a school leaving certificate application letter is somewhat similar to the procedures to write a “Transfer Certificate” or any other letter to the school management. Both letters will be differentiated in the body of this blog article. 

We will make the letter-writing process easy for you by describing all the processes for applying with accurate formats. 

By the end of this article, you will understand How To Apply For A School Leaving Certificate and How To Apply For A Transfer Certificate. 

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Versus Transfer Certificate (TC)

School Leaving Certificate

A School leaving certificate is proof that you have left school for various reasons – e.g. 

  • You have successfully graduated, 
  • Further education is not available at the school in question, 
  • you have failed and do not want to continue your education at the given school  
  • You want to continue your education / further education at another school.

Such a School Leaving Certificate is issued by the actual school where you studied and not by universities. A high school diploma can also be used as proof of date of birth. SLC is issued in a single copy. 

Of course, you can avail and obtain duplicate copies by providing a request and an affidavit in each case of such request.

Transfer Certificate

An institution’s transfer Certificate is a document issued by the management of an institution for a student leaving that institution. 

It consists of the student’s details such as parents’ names, academic records, program studied at the institution, date of birth as per the institution’s records, fee details and employment records.

The TC also indicates whether the student in question has paid all the fees or if they still have any fees left. It also states whether they have passed all exams and serves as a certificate of conduct.

Whether a change of institution due to the many reasons mentioned herein or a transfer to another institution, all students require a school leaving certificate, whether in the form of a graduate guarantee or change of institution.

Therefore all transfer certificates are school leaving certificates, whereas not all school leaving certificates are transfer certificates.

How To Apply For A School Leaving Certificate 

Every student must have in mind that applying for a school leaving certificate implies that he or she will have to craft a well-detailed formal letter to the school management. 

It should state the specific reason behind the application if you have graduated and need your certificate to move out of the country immediately to further your education. 

The guideline/format provided below is to be followed for properly writing a school leaving certificate application; use this guideline as a reference when you find yourself in a situation that requires your school leaving certificate urgently. 

To write an application letter to the management of your school for any reason at all, comply with this format/guideline: 

1. Sender’s Address

This sector comprises the current address of the student who needs the school leaving certificate.

2. Date

This refers to the date that the formal application letter is being written. 

3. Receivers Address

This is a very vital sector because it helps to describe the specific receiver that the letter is intended for. 

4. Subject

You do not want to submit a formal letter to your school management without specifying what the letter is about now, Do You? 

Simply inform them that it is an “Application For School Leaving Certificate” so that they will understand better and go on to read all you have to say.

5. Salutations

This is where the letter starts, and salutations mean “greetings” Simply start writing with a formal greeting by addressing the receiver by his or her name and title held in the school. 

6. Body Of The Letter ( Mentioning the significance behind the request for a school leaving certificate) 

Concisely explain the purpose of your request using effective communication, explaining that you are either a graduate of the school who needs his certificate urgently.

The background explanation on why the need for the certificate is urgent, including all specific circumstances or challenges that have led to the request. 

7. Application Letter Complimentary Close

This is where the letter ends. Conclude your formal letter by appreciating the school management for considering the approval of your request in advance. 

Also, highlight that you will be very happy to provide any additional information or answers to any further questions they may need answers to. 

8. Signature

Close the application letter finally by using a complimentary phrase such as “Yours Sincerely” followed by your full name in capital letters and your signature.

How To Apply For A Transfer Certificate 

An application for a transfer certificate by a student must be communicated in a formal manner explaining the specific reasons for the individual’s transfer concisely.

You must write using an effective communication medium to avoid misunderstandings. 

The steps to writing a proper transfer letter include the following: 

1. Provide the address of the sender

2. Provide the date that the transfer application letter is being written

3. Provide the receiver’s address

4. Name of the receiver

5. Address of the institution 

6. Make provision for the “Title of the letter”, which is “Transfer Certificate Application Letter”. 

7. Write down your board affiliation number, the school’s code and possibly your student ID number, only if required. 

8. Body of the letter: 

  • Explain your reasons for requesting a transfer certificate. Essential information should be provided after your explanation, which includes: your parents’ names and the year of admission. 
  • Also, provide a highlight of your academic record throughout the years you studied in your current school and every other achievement so far, details about school fees, nationality, date of birth, subjects studied, 
  • Provide accurate details about the new school you want to transfer to, and these details should include The name of the new school, its location, the specific extracurricular activities and the course of study that you find specifically appealing. 
  • Explain why you feel this new school will be more suitable for you and how you are certain that you will successfully achieve your personal and academic goals there. 

9. Complimentary Close-By Form Master Or Mistress:

  • The form master or mistress will provide details about whether the student is well enough – health-wise, social wise and academic-wise – to be transferred to another school. 
  • Details about extracurricular activities, general conduct, and other essential remarks about the student will be provided. 
  • The form master will sign the application letter afterwards to complete the certificate for submission. 

10. End the letter with a phrase like “Yours Sincerely”. Followed by your name, contact information and signature. 

Remember to write concisely using a letter-writing format and effective communication. Ensure you proofread for grammatical errors using grammar correction resources online and submit when you are sure all corrections are made. 

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Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Submit An Application For A School Leaving Certificate

Step 1: Gather The Required Documents And Information

The specific documents required by the school management for transfer students to issue a transfer certificate include the following: 

  • A document stating the provisional courses and main courses you studied while in your current school. 
  • A document describing all your academic records, from first class to the end. 
  • A document that clearly shows proof that you have completed payment for all fees pertaining to your current school
  • A school ID card for proof that you have been studying in the school
  • Government identification documents and proof of house address. 
  • A passport-sized photograph of the student
  • A self-attested document of birth certificate
  • An aadhar card

All these documents are important for easy identification and tracking Incase anything goes south. 

The school management requested the mark sheets for assessing academic records, school ID cards, and documented proof of school fees payment so that they will ensure that the student was fully a part of their institution as a student. 

Now that you know all the documents required to attain your transfer certificate, arrange them neatly, ensuring that each one is available for assessment. 

Write your formal letter, attach the documents to your letter, and submit it to the school management. 

Step 2: Contact The School Administration

After writing your letter of application, your next move should be to submit it to the school’s administration office. 

The administration office will then deliver the letter to the school principal, who is responsible for issuing school leaving certificates for students. 

The principal of the student’s school will issue the school leaving certificate that the student applies for, and he will make sure that every document necessary to get your letter approved is available. 

The most important details required in your formal letter & to be attached to your formal letter are your full name, previous class, contact information, birth certificate, mark sheets for assessing academic records, and a documented proof of payment for every fee about the school. 

In most cases, for personal reasons, you might want to see the principal by yourself instead of going through the school’s administration office. 

You can head over to a staff member and get him to point out the appropriate person to speak with regarding the application process. 

Once you get to the appropriate staff, greet him or her and politely provide your student ID information and the reason why you would want to see the principal physically. 

Have at the back of your mind that this is your last chance to proofread your application letter before the staff directs you to the principal’s office in order to speak to him. 

Verify that all the most important documents required are attached to your formal letter, make sure you have followed the school’s exact protocols for the school leaving certificate application and proofread for grammatical errors too. 

Step 3: Fill Out the Application Form

Suppose you went with the option of leaving the school and leaving the certificate application letter with the school administration. 

In that case, you will have to wait a few days before you can receive feedback from the principal regarding your school leaving certificate application letter. 

If you take the option of seeing him physically in order to discuss this with him, you will be given an application form to fill out once he considers your school leaving certificate and approves it. The step-by-step procedure to fill out an application form is given below;

  • Prepare Yourself Very Well

Preparing yourself before filling out the application form for your school leaving certificate is necessary, and it makes the filling process more productive and easier. 

  • Read All Sections Of The Application Form

Before filling out any application form, you may have to read and understand every section for a better understanding of the information required of you. This is to ensure that you make no mistakes when filling out the application form. 

School Leaving application forms ask for so many details, so it actually takes a lot of time to fill out completely and accurately. 

Strategising by reading first will help you to complete the application form on time and submit it to the management. 

  • Fill All Sections

This is the part where you now fill out the form with all the information required. If you are a transfer student, please remember to ensure that all necessary details are included.

The details required of a school leaving certificate application form include Your parent’s names, your full name, the year of admission, provide a highlight of your academic record throughout the years you studied in your current school and every other achievement so far, details about school fees, nationality, date of birth, subjects studied.

  • Proofread Your School Leaving Application Form

Many principals desire students that take the time to ensure that their application form is neatly written, making it essential that your school leaving application form portrays such good manners. 

Make sure that your application form is error free by personally going through it. 

All schools have specific protocols & guidelines regarding how to fill out a school leaving certificate application form. Your principal will guard you on all procedures needed to fill out the form.

Possible protocols to expect from your principal when you want to fill out an application form may be regarding: 

  •  Where to provide your signature and where to leave blank
  • The order in which you write your full name (Surname, Middle Name, Last Name) 
  • How to attach the required documents for a school leaving certificate application letter to the form
  • How many days to wait until you get a feedback 

Step 4: Submit The Application

Due to the fact that the school leaving certificate application form was given to you to fill physically and not digitally (i.e. A paper was given to you to fill physically, but you were not sent an email to fill the form), you will have to give it to the principal so that he will assess it and give you feedback. 

This is only possible for any student (transfer or graduate) that applies physically.

Students who submit the school leaving certificate application letter through the school’s administration office will have to wait until they get an email from the principal and fill it out following all the protocols mentioned above. 

So filling out a school leaving certificate application form and submitting it can be done in two ways: in-person, by mail, or online submission. 

Step 5: Follow Up and Collect The School Leaving Certificate

Sometimes feedback may take a very long time before it gets to you; it is always like that whenever the submission of an application form is included. 

You may need to call the principal to track the progress of your application letter for transferring, provide your contact information, and the day you filled out the application form and submitted it in order to refresh his memory about who you are. 

He will recall exactly who you are and then discuss the deadline you should expect regarding his feedback with an assurance that he will get back to you on the school leaving certificate request you made. 

When you finally collect the school leaving certificate as a graduate or transfer student, make sure that all the necessary student identifications and the signature or stamp of approval from the principal are on your application form and letter. 

School Leaving Certificate Application Letter Sample

Here are some samples of a school leaving certificate; you can use them as a guide when trying to write an application letter to your school management. 


The Principal

St. Xavier’s School, 


Subject: Application For A Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate 

This letter is to inform you that I, Edmund Fitzgerald, a student of class ten in St. Xavier’s School, cannot continue to study in the school. My father is a government worker and has been transferred to the United States Of America. Due to this reason, I and my whole family will have to relocate, and I may need my school leaving certificate in order to further my education there. 

Hence, I would be happy to get my school leaving certificate from you in order to move. I will be attaching a no – objection signed document from my form teacher, my school fees receipts and my academic record so far to the application letter. We are to move out from our current address on the 16th of July, so it would be nice if you could prepare the certificate before then. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Edmund Fitzgerald


Moore Avenue, Kolkata. 

Date: the 24th of June 2023. 


The Principal / Vice Principal

Groton School


United States Of America

Subject: School Leaving Certificate Application Letter 

Respected Principal Sir, 

This letter is to inform you that I, Racheal Lenyie Horsefall, Enrollment Number; GHTY1267, of class 14-E of Groton High School, will no longer be able to further my studies in the school as I would like to transfer to The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. 

My reason for transferring is that I get bullied a lot by my classmates and seniors; some months back, I was slapped so badly, and it caused me a nosebleed and internal bleeding in my right pupil. This takes a very negative toll on my academic record, my health and my self-esteem.

So, for this reason, I would like to request that you please sanction my school leaving certificate as soon as possible because I have already applied for admission to The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. The deadline to submit my school leaving certificate to my new school is the 30th of September, 2023. 

Kindly cooperate with me and consider my request respected principal. Thank you very much in anticipation. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Racheal Lenyie Horsefall

Enrollment Number – GHTY1267

Class 14-E 


IP Extension

United States Of America

Date: 26th August 2023


The school’s principal 

Birla college

School address: New Hampshire 

Subject: School Leaving Certificate Application Letter 

Respected Sir / Madam Principal 

This letter is to inform you that I, Rajiv Krishna Kamir, Enrollment Number – GHTY1267, a Science student of Class One C of Birla College, will no longer be able to further my studies in the school as I would like to go to Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire to further my education in their college. 

My reason for transferring is that I get bullied a lot by my classmates and seniors; some months back, I was slapped so badly, and it caused me a nosebleed and internal bleeding in my right pupil. This takes a very negative toll on my academic record, my health and my self-esteem.

I would like to get the school leaving certificate at least on the 1st of next month, which is September, because my flight to New Hampshire will depart on the 30th of September. I will also be attaching a no – objection signed document from my form teacher, my school fees receipts and my academic record so far to the application letter. 

Your cooperation regarding this request is highly anticipated, and I await your approval in advance. 

Thank you

Yours Respectfully, 

Rajiv Krishna Kamir

Science student of Class One C 


How Do I Get My First School Leaving Certificate?

To obtain a high school diploma, you must return to the elementary school you attended. If you attended more than one, you may need to visit the last attendee instead. This is because the last primary school is more likely where you sat the final exams called the Common Entrance Examination.

What Is A School Leaving Certificate In Germany?

Collective terms for school and university certificates entitle the holder to study at a university in Germany. Abbreviated: “HZB” mainly refers to the high school leaving certificate that entitles you to start university studies in your home country.

How To Get A School Leaving Certificate Online In Sri Lanka?

Visit the official website https://doenets.lk and click on “Online Applications (School Examinations)” under “Our Services” or • Visit the official mobile application “DoE” and click on “Online Applications (School Examinations)” or • Visit https://onlineexams.gov.lk/eic. ii) Private applicants should select “GCE.

How Can I Get A School Leaving Certificate In Delhi?

The applicant must attach photocopies of the required documents to the application. Submit all the documents with the completed form to the appropriate officer. After receiving the application, the concerned authority will check the submitted application and the documents.

How Do I Get My First School Leaving Certificate In Nigeria?

Take your affidavit to the Department of Education in the state where you took the exam. Inform them that you want to recover your lost First School Leaving Certificate (FSLS).

What Is A Secondary School Leaving Certificate Called?

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) (Class 12) Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC) (Class 10)

What Is A School Leaving Certificate In The USA?

The qualification is known as a high school diploma in the United States of America. It is also used as the equivalent qualification awarded in Canada.

What Is A Primary School Leaving Certificate Called?

This is a basic education diploma. Primary education is intended for pupils between the ages of 6 and 12. Education is compulsory from age 5, starting with the year before primary education. This year is called “preschool education”.

What Exam Is The First School Leaving Certificate?

The first certificate to be issued to a student will now be the BEC after students pass the Primary Nine Certificate Examinations. There is no longer a first school leaving certificate. Students cannot progress to upper secondary schools without a BEC.

What Are A Levels In Australia?

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Composing a good application letter to gain approval for certificate & document collection is a protocol that no individual can avoid or do without. Following all protocols, the normal format that is applied for application letter writing is to sequentially scribble every personal detail in a letter-writing format. 

Remember to write down only details that are required of you so that you can collect your certificate. 

Starting with the body of the letter, details like these should be included: The years of the beginning and end of your schooling, the set or batch you were a part of, your section, phone number, student ID Number and other required details. 

In addition, your application letter has to state the significance (i.e., why you need a school leaving certificate which could be an obstacle to you tomorrow regarding college admission or any other institution so urgently). 

We would appreciate the application letter including the specific date by which you would be hoping to be provided with the letter and request that your school sees to it that they comply cooperatively by that date. 

In the conclusion of the application letter, provide your signature (Including your contact information and full name if they are not in the body of your letter). If you write your letter in compliance with this guide, you will be good to go. 

We hope this article on Application For School Leaving Certificate | How To Apply has helped a great deal. 

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