Best Social Media Sites For Job Searching

People are no longer new to networking as a modern and effective way of job searching.

No wonder job seekers opt for the best social media sites for job searching. Why opt for the best social media sites?

There are so many social media sites for job searching. You cannot overemphasize the importance of searching for jobs via the best social media sites. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all jobs are possible due to networking. 

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Best Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Below is a comprehensive list of the best social media sites for job searching:

1. LinkedIn

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for accessing job postings. Search results include a list of activities related to your interests and people in your network who can recommend relevant activities.

However, many users do not take the necessary steps to increase their chances, including optimizing their profile, creating their network, joining teams, compiling activity samples, and collecting recommendations and approvals.

Ensure you access the first, second, and third-degree links for information, advice, and presentations to hiring employers.

Get professional groups related to your interests and participate in discussions to improve your appearance as a potential candidate.

With approximately 660 million current users, LinkedIn is the top job seeker.

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2. Pinterest

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Pinterest is beneficial for art forms such as interior decorators, artists, and graphic designers who can submit visual presentations of their work.

They report millions of active users every month.

3. Craigslist

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Craigslist provides new listings every day, and if you wake up to this site every morning and refresh the page, you have a good chance of getting a job sooner rather than later.

Most of the positions on Craigslist are for consultants like design or programming help and at small to midsize companies hiring. 

Craigslist is a unique job search tool if you’re not looking to work for a big brand name company, such as P&G or GE. 

4. TikTok

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Job seekers can use TikTok as a tool for editing and resizing videos.

You can find more job search tips on TikTok using hashtags.

5. Facebook

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Be aware of how you are doing if you are currently employed and have Facebook contacts who may report your work to your employer.

However, the most significant number of Facebook is the opportunity to ask for help from your contacts in your job search.

You could ask if your contacts know the activities related to your interests and ask your friends to give you any people they know in your field to get advice and information about your career change.

Get into groups of people with similar interests and connect with them.

6. Instagram

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Instagram provides a platform for you to post visual representations related to your professional or academic projects.

It is also a practical way to get information about the company you want to work for. Instagram is a great way to see within the company to show later how you can qualify and a great way to create your personality while showcasing your social media skills and enhancing your digital-savvy overall.

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7. Twitter

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

While Twitter is an excellent communication tool, you must support your efforts with a LinkedIn blog or profile.

To get started, no one will hire you based on their Twitter profile, and you’ll need a link that gives them more information about you.

Another advantage of Twitter is the free flow of communication that allows you to communicate directly with employers and hire managers without needing to submit a resume first.

Active Twitter users can improve and promote their expertise by sending interesting information to individuals in their field.

8. YouTube

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

Many job seekers can benefit from creating a video profile that showcases their persona and demonstrates their career-related skills.

YouTube boasts of billions of users. Job seekers can post videos on YouTube to attract employers or link YouTube videos to their job search or other social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

YouTube is a great way to incorporate video samples of your work and evidence of your communication skills or personality in your job search. Of course, artists, actors, teachers, counselors, and coaches have used this site for many years to hone their skills.

9. Google+

Social Media Sites For Job Searching

As with other social networking sites, the first step is to build a profile. If your main goal is to link and search for jobs professionally, let your profile reflect that.

Like LinkedIn and the other sites mentioned above, you will want to fill out your profile carefully and carefully so that you look your best for new contacts.

Choose a sharp headshot as your image, and wear professional clothing in the photo.

List your educational background and professional experience, as well as your accomplishments, interests, volunteer experience, and any other information you think the employer may want to see.

Google+ is a social networking site similar to the Facebook spirit, but with a significant difference that can be very helpful in a job search.

10. Plaxo

Best Social Media Sites For Job Searching

The real value in Plaxo is the address book that keeps track of your contact information, including a Yahoo! Map indicating where your contacts live. Plaxo, which Comcast owns, is also integrated with Simply Hired, a job aggregator that searches thousands of job sites and companies and aggregates them in a single location for you. 

Plaxo is a social network that resembles LinkedIn to a certain degree. 

You can create your profile with a section about you, your contact information, and your “pulse stream,” which consists of your presence on social media sites such as Twitter. 

You can even share your photo album and send eCards, which is an excellent differentiator.

After building your Plaxo profile, use it as part of the recruitment process when applying for jobs with Simply Hired for success.

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Most employers even use social media sites to court passive candidates that are not actively searching for employment.

It makes it an excellent reason to actively enhance your profile professionally on social media sites as you opt for the best social media for job searching.

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