10 Most Overused Words On LinkedIn Profiles

There are several keywords used on LinkedIn profiles

Unfortunately, some are overused. Due to this fact, it is essential to be conversant with the ten most overused words on LinkedIn profiles.

It remains that social media has firm ground in job recruitment, making it reasonable to use adequate words on your LinkedIn profiles.

To be considered by an organization for a job, you want to give them a good impression that has psychological value.

This article will consider the ten most overused words on LinkedIn profiles.


Below are ten most overused words on LinkedIn profiles:

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10 Most Overused Words On LinkedIn Profiles

1. Leadership

Leadership is among the ten most overused words on LinkedIn profiles, and people rely on them to impact the team.

Whether a top salesman or a manager, you probably show leadership in some way. Marketers can inspire other repeaters to hit or defeat targets and share best practices and valuable strategies.

Just because you get paid doesn’t mean that’s the best way to describe it.

To effectively use another angle, you can highlight the specific impact you’ve had on your peers or reports. The more quantified, the better.

Leadership involves officially or unofficially guiding a group of people.

Managers are leaders, and leaders have a responsibility to help their team meet the monthly and quarterly average by quarter.

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2. Motivated

It is recommended not to use the word ‘motivated’ on a LinkedIn profile as it is considered one of the ten most overused words. 

But if you want to state your work ethic and dedication, bring out a little more information about where you did more.

Motivation is one of those aspects that you want to achieve, not to mention.

3. Creative

Being creative involves having the ability to think outside the box, sometimes in unusual ways, to achieve your goals.

Creativity is a desirable trait, but it is one of those things that people should talk about without working with you directly.

And in that case, you do not need to promote your creative skills, which will become familiar with them.

To avoid using this overused word on your LinkedIn profile, you can list out some creative activities you have been able to come up with. 

4. Strategic

The word ‘strategic’ is among the ten most overused words on LinkedIn profiles.

Being strategic means you make intelligent, carefully plotted decisions.

Another way to use this overused word in a LinkedIn profile is to share your decision-making process.

Writing about how your customers have achieved a 20% growth in revenue after analyzing their customer retention framework and getting five times more compulsory than calling yourself a strategist.

5. Focused

One should as well avoid the word ‘focused on LinkedIn profiles.

Although the word conveys a good meaning, the word causes excellent eye contact. If you want to stand out, cut it into your profile.

You can change the word by discussing the time you used this attribute to achieve the goal of excellence.

You need to set aggressive goals in your list of things to do to be successful so that details like these will prove you are serious.

6. Passionate

Every hiring employer likes and values a passionate employee. Unfortunately, because they see that adjective all over LinkedIn profiles, it is just not that effective.

Another way to give your employees a sense of interest is to talk about why you love or what you value.

7. Expert

Every employee wants to have an expert on their team.

As many people say, they are experts when they are not. To say that an expert tends to set you back.

Due to these scenarios, employers are more skeptical when they see the word ‘expert’ on your LinkedIn profile.

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8. Specialize

The word, Specialize means to concentrate in a specific area.

It is good quality for effective job delivery. However, it is among the ten most overused words on LinkedIn profiles.

Most times, it is not necessary to use this word as your specialty is clearly on your resume as your profession.

9. Experienced

Experienced means you’re well-versed in a particular industry, market, product category, or role.

Notwithstanding, the word ‘experienced’ is one of the ten most overused words on a LinkedIn profile.

That is why using this word is ineffective.

Experience is the work of your maturity at work and exposure to different situations – which means it should be in your career history.

An effective way to express your knowledge is by identifying what makes you experience it.

Once you have identified your sources of information, describe them in your summary.

10. Skilled

Hiring employers are used to the word ‘skilled’ on LinkedIn profiles

Being skilled shows you have the knowledge, training, and experience to do a task or group of assignments successfully.

Having skills is undoubtedly good, but there are better ways to show your skills.

An effective way to do this is to list what you can do and, if appropriate, how much time you have to do it.

Reason For The 10 Most Overused Words On LinkedIn Profiles

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Dominated With Overused, Meaningless Words? -  Business 2 Community

Below are the reasons for the ten most overused words on LinkedIn Profiles.

  • Everyone Else Is Doing It.

We’ve seen our peers use profanity and think it’s the right thing to do – we think they sound professional without really thinking about what the word means.

  • Easily Implemented

Using a new language and mastering the words in our profile can be daunting and requires effort. Choosing regular buzzwords requires little thought and is usually the easiest way.

  • Appearance

Buzzwords appear knowledgeable when we are not confident talking about our professional achievements. Writing outside the obvious requires mental stimulation.

  • Pressure To Feel Among

Sometimes, people use these overused words due to pressure to feel among others.

Some of us make use of buzzwords as a way to represent and convey belonging to a particular group or industry. 

It enables us to feel part of something and to feel worthy.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is clear why it is essential to avoid excessive use of words. They all express a negative opinion.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, it is obvious to see why it is vital to avoid using overused words. They all exude negative impressions.


As much as these words are effective in their own right, most hiring employees are so used to these words that, on a psychological level, they lack their supposed effectiveness.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the 10 Most Overused Words On LinkedIn Profiles.

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