Jobs That Pay $1000 An Hour [23 Listed]

Jobs that pay $1000 an hour are becoming more and more common, as the economy continues to grow.

 The reason for this is simple: with the right skills, a worker can make a great living doing what they love. 

Whether you are looking to start your own business or be a part of a larger organization, there are many opportunities out there to help you achieve this. 

if you’re looking to make some serious money in your spare time, this article will be discussing some of the best options.

So, if you need a job that can pay more for working less hours, check out these 23 jobs that pay $1000 an hour! 

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23 Best Jobs That Pay $1000 An Hour

1. Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons are among the highest-paid medical practitioners because of the kind of work they do.

 This is why they can easily earn $1000 an hour coined from their base salary plus other bonuses and allowances they receive.

 Plastic surgeons that earn this much typically work for large and prominent hospitals or simply work privately by owning their hospitals. 

2. Design Engineer

Being a design engineer is one job that could pay you $1000 an hour. Experienced design engineers can earn this much because they’ve perfected their art. 

These design engineers typically work for large companies or undertake huge contracts that enable them to earn such an amount. 

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3. Sports Athletes

Famous and successful sports athletes can also earn up to $1000 an hour while working. 

These include football players, tennis players, basketball players and players from other fields of sports. 

They could even earn $1000 an hour simply from winning a medal. 

4.  Musicians

Being a musician is a job that pays much more than $1000 an hour. An hour show of a musician could earn him or her up to millions of dollars even.

 So if you’re seeking a job that’ll pay thousands of dollars even on slow days, you could choose to become a musician. 

With pure talents and the right training, you could start earning these huge amounts in no time.

 5. Actors

If you’re looking for a job that you’ll enjoy doing and have fun while at it and that pays $1000 an hour, what better option than to get a job as an actor? 

Actors earn up to 1000 an hour or even more, this amount is made up of their salaries and allowances they’re given. 

Actors that star in top movies or series production are the ones that are most likely to earn this amount. 

So with the right guide and determination, you too can become a movie star and start earning 1000 an hour or even more.

6.  Nurse esthetician

Nurse estheticians are licensed skin care physicians that conduct cosmetic and enhancing skin care procedures that do not require surgery. 

These nurses earn a lot and can earn up to $1000 an hour. Their salaries and work bonuses and other allowances could Pay them thousands of dollars each month. 

So if you’re looking for a job that pays $1000 an hour, you can pursue a career in this course. 

7. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are primarily responsible for creating and formulating drugs that are healing, this is a serious job that requires a lot of effort and expertise. And of course, it pays up to 1000 an hour especially if you’re working in a large pharmaceutical industry.

8. Authors

Authors write and publish books, if these books are liked by readers and are sold regularly, the author could make up to $1000 an hour from book sales. 

You could pursue a career as an author and the best news is that it doesn’t need any special degree to become an author. 

With the right reading, writing, thinking, and articulating skills, one could write books that’ll catch the interest of the public and eventually become a renowned book author.  

9. Management Consultant

Management consultants assist organizations in resolving problems, generating value, maximizing growth, and enhancing operational efficiency.

 They help an organization acquire any particular talents that it may be lacking by using its business skills to offer unbiased advice and experience.

Being a management consultant is a job that pays $1000 an hour or even more. So if you think you’re equal to the task you can choose a career on this path. 

10. Investment Manager

An investment manager uses a variety of tactics to manage the investments of others to increase their returns and increase their assets. 

They are also known as wealth managers, asset managers, and portfolio managers.

Although they are normally less involved in the sales component, they could also be regarded as financial counsellors in specific circumstances.

 A job as an investment manager is one job that can pay $1000 an hour. So this is another option you can consider if you want to be earning $1000 an hour. 

11. Commodities Trader

Being a commodity trader is a job that can pay thousands of dollars annually. Commodity traders typically trade physical substances like coal, cocoa, oil and even agricultural products. 

Commodity traders can work individually or work for large firms or businesses.

12. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers typically control airplane movements while they’re in airspace or on the ground using radar, radio and lightning procedures and systems. 

This is a very serious job that involves a lot of responsibilities, this is why this job pays up to $1000 an hour. 

13. Pilots

Worldwide, pilots are one of the top paid professionals. Some experienced and skilled pilots can be paid $1000 an hour for their services. 

This is a great job for you if you want to earn huge amounts of money in short working hours. 

14. Investment Banker

Investment bankers assist businesses and governments in raising capital by issuing and trading stocks. 

Even while they frequently work for banks, there are also several independent businesses. 

Salaries that come with bonuses are the normal compensation for investment bankers, and the highest achievers can make well over $1000 an hour.

15.  Hedge Fund Manager

Investment experts who oversee a fund’s investment portfolio are known as hedge fund managers.

The more money a hedge fund manager makes, the more money they make because they often receive a share of the gains they bring in for their investors.

 The best and we’ll grounded hedge fund managers are able to make $1,000 per hour with ease.

Hedge funds frequently use leverage and short-selling to produce returns, and they are normally only accessible to accredited investors.

16. Private equity partner

The partners in private equity firms often receive a cut of the profits made by the companies they invest in.

Private equity firms frequently assist in the turnaround of financially troubled enterprises by investing in them. T

Top private equity partners can expect to make around $1000 an hour.

17. Venture capitalist

Venture capitalists make investments in premature businesses, and they often receive a cut of the revenue these businesses bring in.

 Top venture capitalists can expect to make around. $2,000 per hour.

Venture capitalists frequently finance businesses in the technology or life sciences sectors.

18. Oncologist

Cancer is treated and diagnosed by oncologists. They frequently serve as the patient’s primary healthcare provider, developing treatment plans, providing emotional support, and perhaps coordinating care with other professionals.

Oncologists can get paid $1000 an hour depending on the procedures they undertake. 

If you’re already in the medical line, you can choose to major in this field and find a job in a big hospital or work privately. 

19. Urologist

A urologist is a medical professional who focuses on identifying and treating conditions affecting the urinary system.

 By removing wastes and poisons from the body and filtering them out, this system keeps the body clean.

These medical professionals are highly sought after and are jobs that pay $1000 an hour. 

20. Anaesthesiologist

Anaesthesiologists aid in ensuring the security of surgery patients. To spare the patient from the pain and suffering they might otherwise endure, the anaesthesiologist takes care of them.

Anaesthesiologists are very important as they’re needed whenever surgery is being done. An anaesthesiologist can get paid up to $1000 an hour for their invaluable services.

21. Orthodontist

An Orthodontist is a medical practitioner specialising in the study and correction of misaligned teeth and jaw. They also treat unwanted facial hair. 

Orthodontists are not so common although their services are always needed. This is why they’re highly paid and can earn up to $1000 an hour for the services they render.

To get a job like this you have to be in the medical line and then focus on this aspect of medicine. 

22. Surgeon

Surgeons are doctors that specialise in conducting different kinds of surgeries on patients. Being a surgeon is no small task, little wonder surgeons are paid generously for the work they do. 

A surgeon can earn more than $1000 per hour depending on what procedures he carries out. Surgeons that earn this much always work in large medical establishments and hospitals.

23. Cardiologist

Cardiologists focus on treating and studying all issues concerning the heart and blood vessels. 

Cardiologists are very important medical persons and are paid highly for their work. For cardiologists working privately or in large hospitals, they can earn up to $1000 in an hour if not more than this amount.


Typically, any job that pays $1000 an hour requires some form of expertise. Most of these jobs are found in the medical field or  technical fields. 

So if you too want to earn large amounts of money in less time you can consider venturing into any of these jobs mentioned in this article. 

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