Best Online Spanish Language Courses

Online Spanish language courses are tutorials that teach interested parties how to communicate with the Spanish language via an online platform like zoom.

You can attend the classes from anywhere since it is done online.

There are so many online Spanish language courses one could consider, but before we delve into some of them, let us get a better picture of them.

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What Is Learnt In The Online Spanish Language Course?

People who sign up for any of the Online Spanish Language Courses stand to learn things like:

  • Expressions from different Spanish-speaking regions
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Conversational words 
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation.
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Benefits Of Online Spanish Language Courses

Taking any online Spanish Language Courses enables you to communicate in Spanish effectively.

Some of the benefits of taking online Spanish language courses include:

  • Improved job opportunities
  • More straightforward adaptation in Spanish-speaking countries, etc.

Cost Of Online Spanish Language Courses

The cost of Online Spanish language courses differs. It is due to unique course offerings, duration, and other features.

Although, the cost is usually around $140–$300 for an entire course.

Best Online Spanish Language Courses

Some of the best online Spanish language courses include:

Rocket Language

Rocket Languages is one of the best online Spanish language courses that offer up to 14 different languages.

Rocket Spanish is ideal for students who learn by listening and repeating and who enjoy doing lessons while traveling or doing other activities.

Rocket Spanish includes card decks, practice questions such as quizzes, and a mobile practice app on the go. It is extensive, including courses for more than 370 hours in each of the three levels.


CoffeeBreak is one of the best online Spanish language courses that offer online courses in languages like Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German, French, Chinese, and English. 

It’s worth noting that CoffeeBreak Spanish Masterclass is a six-month course during which learners can obtain feedback and guidance over six modules. 

CoffeeBreak Spanish is a great way to enjoy listening to podcasts.

Each season is made up of 40 classes, including audio and video lessons, as well as accompanying notes.

Each of the four online courses costs about $ 124, but you can save money if you buy more than one course in bulk.


Lingoda is one of the best online Spanish language courses in Berlin that offers courses in French, Spanish, English, and German through Zoom.

The lessons are 60 minutes long.

Lingoda is a good option if you want private online or group lessons and need a more flexible classroom schedule.

Lingoda offers prices after that vary depending on how many courses you want to do per week. For example, the cost of one class per week is about $ 56 per month, three classes per week cost about $ 138 per month, and daily classes cost about $ 380 per month. 

Lingoda provides a free seven-day trial, and the prices vary depending on how many courses you want to do per week.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua is one of the best online Spanish language courses that offer courses in Seven languages through Skype.

Live Lingua offers specialized Spanish courses, including guest Spanish, Medical Staff Spanish, Business Spanish, Teacher Spanish, and Priest Spanish.

Live Lingua is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their Spanish to use it in a professional area.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the best online Spanish language courses that offer courses in 25 different languages.

Its approach includes a curriculum replicating the natural way of learning languages based on real-world conversations. You can access the lessons on your desktop or mobile device and work at your own pace.

Rosetta Stone is an excellent option if you want to learn more than one language and are willing to invest simultaneously.

The cost of Rosetta Stone varies depending on the package you purchase and whether you want to access Spanish or other languages.

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Coursera is one of the best online Spanish language courses that offer free access to online courses.

Coursera is an excellent option for those who want a low cost and those who enjoy a formal education.

You can take online courses through Coursera to improve your career, but there are also options for obtaining professional certificates.

If you want something extraordinary, Rice University offers Spanish for Effective Communication in Health Care Settings through Coursera.

The courses are self-explanatory and include several modules containing video lessons, tutorials, and questions.


Lengalia is one of the best online Spanish language courses with self-study features.

The program contains 24 Spanish courses, including grammar and vocabulary, as well as other specialized courses.

There are two options for planning a program: a guided study, a study guide, and a personal study in which you decide what subjects and topics you can study at any time.

Lengalia’s courses are accepted by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. Moreover, it helps one obtain a certificate of recognition of language skills for professional or educational purposes.


Baselang is one of the best online Spanish language courses that offer unlimited one-on-one Spanish courses for $149 per month.

Baselang says you can have a conversation in Spanish during the month. It is an excellent option if you want a solid program with a live teacher or have more time to take a few weekly lessons.

Baselang has two different modes: Grammarless and Real World.

The Grammarless method, as mentioned in the term, does not use any system definitions but instead allows you to start applying and adapting new concepts from scratch.

On the other hand, the practical approach uses a more structured format of illustrated learning concepts and applies them.

The Grammarless method is an 80-hour program intended to be completed within a month or two, and you work with the same teacher all the time.

On the other hand, the Real World approach is self-explanatory, so you can decide how long it takes to complete it. Also, you can choose to study with the same teacher or change teachers as often as you like.

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