Jobs That Get The Biggest Tips

You might be surprised at how much people get from tips. Sometimes, due to the nature of some jobs, people make more money from tips than their actual salaries.

If you want to enjoy this benefit, read on to discover jobs that get the biggest tips.


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Jobs That Get The Biggest Tips

Some jobs get the biggest tip, and the trick is choosing the right ones. 

Some of these jobs include:

1. Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is a great job for people who love animals, but it can also be very lucrative, aside from the tips they receive.


Dog groomers make an average of $10 per hour in the United States and $11 per hour worldwide. 

These numbers may seem small compared to other jobs offering similar pay, but they’re enough for dog groomers to make ends meet without having to work two or three jobs simultaneously.

Dog grooming is similar to human hair care—both require basic knowledge of how things work and where they come from. 

You’ll need tools like clippers, scissors, combs, and brushes if you want your pooch to look nice before heading out into public.

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2. Golf Caddie

Golf caddies are tipped more than other caddies, and tips are a big part of their income, and it’s not uncommon for golfers to tip as much as $20 per round (or even more).

Tips can also vary depending on how well you do during your round, so if you hit ten birdies and only one bogey, that might mean an extra $20 in tips from your boss tomorrow morning!

Tips are usually given in cash, and it’s a good idea to keep some money with you at all times, just in case. 

If you’re playing with some friends, splitting all tips evenly among the caddies is also customary.

3. Waiters

Waiters are the most tipped job, and they’re also the most popular. 

This is because waiters have to be friendly and accommodating, which makes them good candidates for tips. 

Waiters are also important. They’re involved in every aspect of your dining experience.

They’re responsible for making sure that your food is cooked correctly and served fast enough so that you can get back on schedule with your work day.

4. Maids

Maid is among the jobs that get the biggest tips. If you’re a parent, you probably know that hiring a maid can be expensive. 

Hiring someone to clean your home may be one of the most expensive things you do in your day, and it’s important to ensure you get good value for your money.

Aside from their salaries, there is a huge possibility that people pip maids when they do an impressive job.

5. Dancers

Dancers can make much money, and the tips are really good. Dancers get tips for everything from dancing on stage to serving drinks at the bar. 

Dancing at bars, clubs, and even private parties is the best way to make money as a dancer.

If you’re interested in becoming a dancer but don’t know where or how to start, check out local schools and see if there’s one that meets your needs. 

You’ll probably have to pay tuition anyway (so you might as well get paid while you’re doing it!), so remember.

Don’t let anyone tell you that being a dancer isn’t worth it.

6. Bartenders

Bartenders are a good bet for getting the biggest tips, but they must work hard, multitask, and be friendly, fast, and good at math. 

Bartenders also need to know how to deal with people well because a lot of people in one place want their drinks quickly.

They get tips from people who come to have a good time.

7. Hairdressers

Hairdressers are one of the most coveted jobs in Hollywood, as they’re usually tipped 20% on top of their hourly wage. 

They also earn a lot more than other barbers and stylists.

The average hair stylist makes $45k annually, while the average barber makes just over $22k.

If you want to be a hairdresser, here’s what you need:

  • A good attitude (you’ll have customers coming through constantly).
  • Great communication skills (you’ll need to talk with your clients about their hair).
  • Good work ethic (you’ve got to have high standards for yourself, or else no one will respect you).

8. Car Valets

You can earn more than $100 daily by being a car valet.

This job requires you to park cars in many of your hotels or other establishments, then wait for people to leave their vehicles. 

If you’re friendly and helpful, people will often tip you for doing this service for them.

This is if it’s raining outside or they’ve had an accident on their way out of town.

It’s also worth noting that many hotels have valets who work during off-peak hours when there aren’t many guests around. 

These guys get paid less than those who work full time, but they’ll still make between $20-$30 per hour depending on how many hours per day they’re available too.

9. Flight Attendants

As a flight attendant, there are two types of tips: mandatory and discretionary. 

Mandatory tips are given for good service and are appreciated by the crew members. 

They can be given in cash or credit card, but most often, they are given as a percentage of the total fare paid by passengers.

The second type of tip is discretionary (or “optional”), which means it’s optional for you to leave one after receiving excellent service from your flight attendant.

10. Rideshare Driver

When people see the effort Rideshare drivers put in, they tip them.

Rideshare drivers are known for their fast pace, which can be stressful. 

As a rideshare driver, you’ll need patience and good communication skills; listening is essential in this position.

This is because passengers often have questions about where they’re going or when they must be dropped off at their destination. 

You also need to be able to respond when someone calls your phone number via Uber’s app.

11. Babysitting

If you’re a college student, babysitting can be a great way to make some money while also getting experience in your chosen field. 

Babysitting, get good tips.

Babysitters often have flexible schedules and are usually hired by parents new to the area or unfamiliar with their child’s day-to-day schedule.

If you’re looking for a job while attending school, babysitting might be it.

12. Food Delivery

The pay varies depending on the location. Some places offer $25-$50 per hour, while others offer much higher rates.

People are always happy when they receive their food. In that happy state, it is easy for people to tip.

Food delivery is a great option if you have a flexible schedule and don’t mind being on-call. 

You can work when it suits you, as long as you’re available by phone or email. 

You’ll need to be able to drive around your delivery area, but many restaurants let their drivers pick up their orders from any location they choose. 

Food delivery involves long hours of driving but also gives you flexibility regarding when and where you want to work each day.

13. Dog Walker

The first step to getting a tip is to talk with your dog’s owner and determine their expectations. 

Do they want a gentle walker or one that’s more energetic? What kind of personality does the dog have? Do they have any special needs (such as limited time for exercise)?

As we’ve already seen, many factors influence how much money you’ll make as a dog walker.

One of them is your personal experience with walking dogs. Does this sound like something you’d enjoy doing? If so, then finding work shouldn’t be difficult.

14. Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most common jobs for which people will tip. 

Many restaurants, hotels, and retail stores expect employees who clean up after customers to get big tips, and it’s easy.

Just ask them if they want to leave a tip on their table.

But cleaning isn’t just about cleaning; it’s also about maintaining order, organizing items, and ensuring everything looks good. 

For example, you might be responsible for keeping all the bathroom counters clear of toiletries.

This is so that they don’t get dirty or damaged during busy periods when many patrons come through the doors and sometimes even need assistance.

You could also be asked by someone at home or work which needs help. 

This kind of work can be very physically demanding, so ensure you’re healthy before taking on such tasks and get good tips.

15. Mover

Movers are paid by the hour and can make a lot of money from tips. That said, it depends on how much you move. 

You need to be strong and able to lift heavy objects.

When moved from one place to another, a mover will have many boxes or other objects that weigh upwards of 100 pounds. 

You also need to be able to drive a truck, which means being comfortable behind the wheel.

This job isn’t for you if you don’t know how or where everything is located in your destination town.

16. Errand Runner

Some companies pay well over $20 per hour, while others pay higher.

An errand runner is a person who delivers packages, food, and other items to customers in a building or neighborhood. 

The job description of an errand runner varies depending on the company that hires them but generally requires at least two years of high school education and five years of experience as an attendant before being promoted to supervisor or manager.

If you’re interested in working as an errand runner, consider checking out other options by exploring what jobs are available elsewhere in your area.

You may find something better suited to your interests. You’ll also want to learn about how much money can be earned by doing so.

17. Grocery Shopping And Delivery

Grocery shopping and delivery are great ways to make money and get tips. 

You can work independently or for a company at home or in the store. 

You can also do it part-time or full-time, depending on how many hours you want to work each week.

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18. Doorman

There is a huge chance that a Doorman will receive tips every day.

Doormen are the first and last people you see when you leave your place. 

They’re in a position of trust, so they’ll be able to get into a lot of trouble if they don’t know what’s going on with their job.

Doormen can make or break your night—and sometimes even ruin it entirely.

You need someone who knows how to keep things moving smoothly, whether opening doors for guests or chatting up anyone who comes through them. 

Doormen must have good people skills, so everyone feels comfortable being around them all night.

19. DJ

DJ is another job that gets the biggest tips.

DJs are a popular choice for events, whether birthday parties or weddings.

They play music for hours with no breaks and can be hired to DJ an event from start to finish. 

DJs will also travel if needed, which means they can be hired for large-scale parties like weddings or birthdays where multiple locations are involved.

DJing is a great job because it is flexible: you can take time off whenever you want, work nights or weekends as needed, and enjoy good pay.


1. Who Gets The Most Tips?

Restaurant waiters and waitresses are tipped most consistently. Eighty-two percent of boomers are the most generous, tipping 91 percent of the time.

2. Do Attractive Waiters Get More Tips?

Yes, research shows that more attractive waitresses get higher tips than less attractive waitresses, regardless of the level of service.

3. Do Waiters Keep 100% Of Tips?

Servers keep their cash tips after they tip out hosts, bussers, and bartenders. The IRS makes you claim your car’s tips and cash tips and take that out of their check. So no, servers don’t really keep all of their tips, and all servers keep 100% tips.

4. What Kind Of Waitresses Make The Most Money?

According to ZipRecruiter, fine-dining servers are the highest-paying waiter jobs in the United States.

5. Which Gender Gets Tipped More?

Tipping is a social behavior that frequently involves members of the opposite sex, so it may be affected by the dynamics of sexual attraction. 

6. Which Job Is Intelligent?

Careers in the medical field, computer programming, university research positions, and engineering are among those with the highest requirements to be intelligent and have a high IQ.

7. Which Job Is Very Difficult?

All military roles have their difficulties, but challenging roles such as marine and mercenary are among the hardest in the world. 

8. What Is The Most Powerful Job In The World?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest executive position in the company. Every company, big or small, has a CEO who looks after its corporate affairs.

9. What Salary Is Rich?

Based on that figure, an annual income of $500,000 or more would make you rich. 

10. What Is The Fastest Degree To Get?

An accelerated online bachelor’s program is usually the quickest way to earn a bachelor’s degree. Students can take more credits at once and graduate earlier — sometimes in 1-2 years.


We hope you found our list of the best jobs to get the biggest tips helpful. 

It’s important to remember that these are just a few examples and are not meant as an all-inclusive list.

There are many more types of jobs, so check out our other articles.


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