Interview Question: “How Long Do You Plan On Working Here?”

Job interviews can get real intensive quickly. Things might be going as planned, not until you are hit with the question, “How long do you plan on working here?”.

It is a tricky question that can cause some uneasy gestures. Gestures your interviewer might be sensitive to even before you alter a single word.


Of course, you do not want to give the impression that you do not plan on sticking with the organization for a long time, as that could signal that you are careless about your career.

Every organization wants to invest in employees that will stick around for as long as possible. It would be nonprofitable to invest in someone that wants to be in your organization for a short period.

It is why you should construct an appropriate and convincing response that proves you will stick around for a long time.

Going further to express the good aspects of the organization, discussing your career goals and how the organization will refine you to be a better version of yourself will no doubt give reasons to your employers to take you seriously.

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This article will give you practical knowledge on answering the interview question: ‘How long do you plan on working here?’

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How to Answer “How Long Do You Plan on Working Here?”

It is not advisable to mention the first thing that pops up in your head; rather, it should be something you had prepared beforehand.

Preparing beforehand will also give you the needed calmness and composure to respond appropriately to your interviewer.


In preparing an appropriate response, you should also consider other ways the interviewer can ask how long you plan to work with the company.

The question could take the form of:

What period will you be in this role?

How long do you expect to be with this company if you get the job?

Where do you think you will be in five years?

Below are practical techniques for responding to how long you plan on working in an organization:

Prepare Your Response In Advance 

Note that your interviewers will observe your countenance before you say a word. 

It will set the basis for if your interviewer will take you seriously or not. Give a positive response to your employer, your level of involvement, and your enthusiasm for the position.

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Be Honest

It is essential, to be honest in your response. It can be dangerous to lie in a job interview.

If you know that you will not be with this company for more than three years, you can say that you want to be there for six years.

It is always best to back up your claims for a reason, and if you do not know why you could stay in this job for more than three years, your answers will not be convincing.

You must understand why you are looking for the job, why the company deserves it, and explain what you want to achieve while you have them.

Discuss Unforeseen Occurrences

Plans change and forced circumstances like illness, body damage, and life threat can cause you to relocate to a new territory. 

Organizations understand that external circumstances may change their applications in the long run.

If you have ever heard of a move, a relocation, or a similar event during the following year, it may be helpful to discuss your arrangements for moving to another branch.

That way, you can reassure your interviewers that you are committed to joining the company despite changing circumstances.

Meditate on your answer and ask yourself why you want to work for them. If you do not see yourself working there for a very long time, you may either opt out of the application process or be sure about it in your interview.

Make Some Findings Of The Organization

It is essential to make findings about the organization before your interview. If you do this beforehand and like what you see, you can confidently tell why you have decided to work long-term with the organization. 

Be Sure Of Your Career Goals

Your interviewer may inquire about your long-term career aspirations.

You can see research for projects they have worked on or what they might be planning in the future. You can also explain how one or some of their projects suits your objectives.

You can also explain how you think the organization’s culture suits you and why you are excited to stay there and develop.

You can also talk about a recent industry or company development and how that fits in with your career goals.

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Be Optimistic

You must be optimistic about everything you say in the interview. You can also share some bright plans you have for yourself.

Avoid Inappropriate Responses

As much as it is essential to give appropriate responses, it is equally important to avoid inappropriate responses.

Avoid Hazy Response

Refrain from giving hazy responses when interviewers ask how long you plan to stay with the company.

Important Factors To Consider

You must consider essential factors when responding to how long you plan to work.

Some of these factors include:

  • Salary and benefits offered by the company 
  • The employee’s current workload and responsibilities 
  • The company’s work culture and the employees fit within the company culture 
  • Commute time and whether or not the commute is manageable 


In responding to “How Long Do You Plan On Working Here?” never give the impression that you plan to run from one job to another or are careless about your future career.

Therefore, considering how you would respond to this question before your interview will ensure you give strategic answers.


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