How Long Do Job Interviews Last?

During interviews, you are presented with limited time to create an impression that makes you fit for the job. So how long do job interviews last?

Knowing how long your interview can last will help you make good use of your time with your hiring manager or intended employer.

This article will also help you maximize your interview time while being thorough in your reply.

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How Long Do Interviews Last?

How Long Do Job Interviews Last?
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The average duration of a job interview can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours. There is no fixed duration for an interview.

The length of your interview may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of interview, the stage of the interview process, the industry or type of position you are interviewing for, and the preferences of the interviewer or hiring manager.

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How Long Is The Interview Process?

The job interview process consists of two main stages.

Planning Interview

Generally, the employer will contact you within a week from the time you submit your application or resume planning the initial interview.

This initial conversation may be a telephone interview, a video interview, or a personal interview, depending on your employer’s preference.

When the employer contacts you to arrange an interview, you can begin to prepare by asking for the allocated time for the interview process. This question will tell you what the interviewer expects from the interview.

Interview Proper

The next stage of the interview process comes down to your interview. You should prepare to arrive for the interview at least 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Early arrival shows the interviewer that you respect their time and position. It also highlights your time management skills.

You can also schedule an early arrival for a telephone or video interview. For an online interview, you can enter the conference program in advance and wait for the interviewer to arrive.

In phone conversations, make sure you do not miss the call of the interviewer by increasing your ringing volume and waiting a few minutes before the call.

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How Long Are The Different Types Of Job Interviews?

How Long Do Job Interviews Last?
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Here are the classifications for each type of interview and how long it takes:

Video Or Voice Interview (Phone)

The amount of time you can expect for a telephone or video interview always varies depending on your location and position in the interview process.

Employers and labor professionals often use telephone interviews to contact candidates for the first interview, known as the pre-screen interview. A pre-screen telephone conversation usually lasts 30 minutes or less and involves:

  • An employee verifying the information on their CV.
  • Requesting your preferred start date and salary expectation.
  • Arranging a personal interview.

An employer or labor specialist may also use a pre-screen telephone interview to ask questions that will determine your suitability for the company’s culture and position. If they ask you these questions in addition to discussing general knowledge, you can expect this first phone conversation to last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Interviewers can use video chats for the process. A video interview can be used instead of a pre-screen first telephone interview. Interviewees and hiring managers can use a video interview instead of a personal interview if you live in a different area.

A video interview can last up to 15 minutes, depending on the job position, and it can also last an hour, depending on the interviewer.

Personal Interviews

Individual interviews can last from about 30 minutes to a few hours.

A typical personal interview for an entry-level position will usually last between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, while a personal interview for a professional, medium, or senior position may last longer.

You may be asked to attend a few personal interviews throughout the hiring process. For example, you could have a personal interview with a manager or supervisor and a second-round interview with the head of a department or a senior staff member.

Generally, a second-round interview will be shorter than the first personal interview and will be approximately 15 to 30 minutes long.

An employer will usually use the first interview to see if you are qualified for the position in the company. In contrast, the second-round interview will be a personal interview to discuss salary, benefits, and working hours.

Group Interviews

A group interview involves more than one candidate; thus, these interviews are usually an hour long. Employers use group interviews to negotiate with a selected few at a time.

Conducting interviews in this way allows the employer to observe how candidates respond and associate with others and, importantly, save time. Sometimes interviews will start as a group and then split into discussions with managers and supervisors.

Technical Interviews

Technical interviews require candidates to prove their professional competence and ability to perform any given task, not just apply for a job.

Technical interviews usually last at least an hour and may take more hours depending on the type of technical skill being tested.

Technical interviews can take place during any phase of the negotiation process and are common in engineering, information technology, and software development positions.

During a personal technical interview, the interviewer may ask you to write your answers on paper or on a whiteboard.

You might be asked to complete a technical questionnaire before a personal interview by entering a secure portal where a time limit is set for your answers during the examination.

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How To Make Good Use Of Your Interview Time

How Long Do Job Interviews Last?
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The following steps can help you to increase your time during the interview:

Make Answers To Common Interview Questions

Practicing the answers to common questions that you expect the interviewer to ask may help you plan your time and focus on each answer.

You can adjust the length of your answers by asking a friend or family member to do a practice interview session with you and set a time limit for your answers.

Doing so can also help you estimate how long an interview can last if the employer does not tell you the time scheduled for the interview

Prepare A Follow-Up Question

You should prepare a list of specific topics you want to discuss during the interview and any questions you may have.

Doing this provides a framework to help you move from one topic to another to maximize your time during the interview.

Keep The Conversation Going

When interviewing, you should try to ensure that the conversations you have with the interviewer are always relevant.

While some conversations may be normal or slightly off-topic, you should try to return the conversation to a topic that highlights why you are the best candidate for the job.

Doing this can help you avoid missing out on many valuable things that will make you a better candidate before your time runs out.


Summarily, a job interview can last 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on external and internal factors. Does this article answer your question, how long do job interviews last? We hope so. We wish you success in your interview session.

Good Luck!

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