How To Answer A Job Interview Question “What are You Passionate About”

Going to an interview, you get very enthusiastic and a lot of thoughts run through your head trying to figure out the kind of questions they could ask.

Interview questions need answers that are mind blowing and are really rare, and yes of course, that’s the reason why you were invited in the first place , so you can wow them with your level of knowledge and understanding and sell a piece of your personality to them.

A well answered interview question gives you a 60% chance of getting that job offer, so definitely it’s not something to joke with. One has to be intensely prepared.

Imagine going for an interview that has a whole lot of applicants, you definitely want to sell out your values very well so your chances of getting the job will be higher.

Now most times people answer interview questions forgetting that what the employer is looking for is originality, someone who is able to speak from.their own experiences and express themselves like they would In any situation.

Now most times, interview questions are quite tricky because you never know what to expect. I’d say most people just get lucky that even when they do not answer too accurately they still get the job but the key to getting that job is how well you answer their questions. I’ve penned down some Tips that could help you out. So read this article carefully.

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How To Answer the Question “What Are You Passionate About”

Yes, we talked about originality and from the look of this question “what are you passionate about?”, It is written all over the question that the employer wants to see you express yourself as you can.

Passion is not something that can be hidden. incase you don’t really know your passion yet, I’d suggest you check out for these two things

  • Things that excites you
  • Things that exasperates you

How To Find Your Passion

Things That Excites you:

Most people find their passion through things that excite them. If you have this unexplained excitement towards pictures and photography, that might as well be your passion and the beautiful thing about passion is the fact that you don’t really stress yourself over it. When you decide to pursue your passion you’re more successful because it’s something that excites you , something you long to do.

Things that Exasperates you

Oftentimes, we could find our passion through things that annoys us. Like a problem you keep seeing and you would like to find a solution to it. Definitely your passion could lie around things that Exasperates you because it somehow pushed you to being more creative.

Now After you’ve Figured out your passion, it’s time to express it in words.

The first thing I’d tell you about answering questions like this, is that you have to express yourself the way it is, raw, unfiltered.

If you’re applying for a job in a manufacturing company and you have a passion for photography, don’t try to hide it, like I said before the employer asked for a reason, Because they want originality. Having a particular passion doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive in other areas or you aren’t a perfect person for the job.

Let’s say your passion is related to your work field which is very cool, you could simply relate both in a strategic way and tell them how much you’ve come to enjoy doing them because you’re very passionate about it.

What If You Still Have Trouble Figuring Out Your Passion?

Maybe you have several interests and hobbies, but not one that sticks out as a main focus. Perhaps the things you used to be passionate about don’t excite you as much anymore.

If this sounds like you, then I’d recommend thinking about where your time is more focused. Time is often a reflection of our priorities, and in many cases, our priorities are aligned to our interests and passions  “If you don’t think you have a passion, ask yourself: Where do you spend your time? If you had a free day where you could do anything you wanted, how would you spend that time? That’s a good starting point. 

Tips to Answering the Question “what are you passionate about”?

  • Speak with Confidence:

One of the reasons why most questions are asked in interviews might be just to know your confidence level. So you need to learn to speak confidently. You might be asked a very simple Question, but if you lack confidence in speaking you might not impress your employer. So Even if you know what to say or not , I’d advise you to speak confidently.

  • Express Yourself Freely

Because it’s an interview, you should just go straight to the point and say what is needed. Express yourself richly in as few but strong confident words as possible.

  • Relate Your Passion to Your Productivity.

After telling them about your passion, ensure to relate how your passion can help your productivity in the company and tell them about how beneficial your passion can be to the company or organization.

  • Proffer value:

Make them see reasons that you’re not just here for monetary reasons but you have some values that are very rare and in high demand. And also let them know that productivity is part of you and you are attracted to making things happen and getting things done. Don’t be scared to list the skills that you have that make you unique.

Note: When answering the question “What are you passionate about?” During an interview, remember to always be honest, and express yourself accurately, and when it’s appropriate, clearly relate how your passion would make you an asset to your potential employer. It may feel awkward at first, but don’t be afraid to share a little about yourself. Like I said most employers are looking for originality!.

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